Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Sasquatch Mix

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First off, I wanted to give out a show alert for tonight.  The late show at The 5 Spot in East Nashville will feature a CD Release show by Erica Blinn for her new album Better Than Gold. You may recall, we premiered her song, "Dance with the One (Who Brought You Here)" last September.

Closing the night will be another local favorites, Andrew Leahey and the Homestead.

Opening the show will be Memphis based and Fat Possum recording artist Liz Brasher - who I read is making her Nashville debut. I may be wrong about that.   Here's some information about Liz Brasher - NPR says, "Good-God-Hallelujah... Brasher shouts, rocks, rolls, and tears it up on stage; her music will dig down deep to touch your soul." A Memphian of Dominican descent who grew up singing in Spanish in the church, Brasher synthesizes the sounds of of '60s garage, girl group sounds, dirty blues, holy roller church music, and Bob Dylan into something completely her own.  And below is a video for her song "Body of Mine"  

Should be a great night of music.

Today is Wednesday so let's get "Wild" and shuffle from all the songs on my phone memory.

I'm am just a bit rushed, so bear with me...

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Foggy Breathing Mix

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Visited the East Room in East Nashville last night.  Saw Cory Taylor Cox for the first time.  Really liked his music. His song "Memphis Kids" (I think that was the title) was great!

Next up was E2TG fave Joanna Barbera. It has been a little while since I saw Joanna perform, and as as always been the case, I loved her music. In addition to her wonderful original songs (included one that was featured in an episode of the show Criminal Minds, she also did a cover of Tom Petty's "Breakdown" that was absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Next up was one of the greatest living songwriters (according to me and NPR), David Dondero. It is always a joy to see him, but perhaps even more so this time. This was the kind of angry folk music that we need more of.  He did an updated version of his song "Pity Party" which was written after Columbine. I didn't realize how much I needed to hear music and message delivered in this way*

One of E2TG's all time favorite artists, Darrin Bradbury closed the night with a set that included some of his newest songs and a couple of old favorites. Some time around four years ago, when I first heard Darrin's music, I wrote that he was one of the best pure songwriters around. Meaning, that once you strip away off the extras that make music awesome, you are left with just the song, and Darrin's songs are among the best. That initial assessment as only grown over time. I am excited to hear his upcoming album with all new songs.

*What I realized listening to David Dondero last night is that I have been suppressing a lot of anger of late. I guess it's in my nature to try to offer a measured response to things, but when kids are being murdered in schools and our leaders do nothing (and/or make the situation worse) and when kids finally have enough and speak out and they are attacked and ridiculed and when we have leaders who openly support and elevate racist and xenophobic conspiracy theories and when a presidential candidate who mocked a man with disabilities becomes a president who strips away rights and protections for people with disabilities, then maybe the time for measured responses is past and maybe it is time for anger and for outrage.

Here's the deal, when this cancer which has attacked our nation us eradicated, then we can have a measured discussion about economic policies etc.  When this disease is defeated, we can deal with the issues within the opposition party. But, wiping out this infection HAS to be our top priority.

Onward... it is Tuesday and let's check out what music is trending on E2TG

Monday, February 26, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - I Don't Even Try Mix

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I haven't been posting too much about current events here. I never wanted or intended to... but as you may be aware since last year, I have felt compelled. When I do make posts like this, I do not consider them political though some might. I believe there is value in all political viewpoints being heard and respected. I do not, however, there are things happening that go far beyond political differences.

I am proud of and support the young people speaking up about the cancer of gun violence which has gripped our country.  I am disgusted by those who attack, threaten or belittle these engaged young people.

On another note, as the Mueller investigation moves forward, we are clearly in uncharted territory as a nation. I don't know how this will end or even how it should end, but it is clear that our nation is and has been under attack and we need to do something.

Personally, I think our democracy is broken and needs to be repaired. I don't know how or if it will be repaired.  These are definitely interesting and troubling time.

The near constant barrage of information is overwhelming. I believe there is a concerted effort to instill a sense of chaos and confusion to keep American's back on their heels. I, for one, need to find solid ground.

As always, I turn to music as a solace.

I am super excited to announce that E2TG will be back at The 5 Spot every Thursday in June. We will be celebrating our seventh anniversary in style with a different awesome line up every week. I am currently finalizing acts and dates, but expect further announcements soon!

Now, it's Monday, and as you may know, on Monday, we shuffle up songs from Nashville's past and present.  We call it Music City Monday. Since the beginning of the new year, we have been shuffling up a special Spotify playlist made up of some of the awesome people who have called Nashville home.

If you want to explore the playlist at your own leisure, you do so HERE.  As always, when I post from Spotify, I remind you that if you hear music you love, go ahead and purchase it. Spotify is a tool for hearing music, but it does not, unfortunately pay artists well. Saving or downloading music on that site is not the same as buying the music.

Anyway, we have a cool list today - so let's shuffle!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Tougher than Tough Mix

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FRIDAY!  First off, I have some big news!  Last year, E2TG hosted a month-long residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville to celebrate our sixth anniversary. Well, we are doing it again this year for seven!  Mark your calendars for Thursday evenings in JUNE!  If you attended any of last year's shows, you know you will not want to miss this!  Details are still being worked out, but we have some awesome music in store for you.

Stay tuned for more details.

Now, it is Friday and every Friday, we focus in on the music we are currently featuring on E2TG. (Okay to be honest, the playlist is the same for Trending Tuesday and Thursday and for Featured Friday, but humor me).  We have an incredibly wide selection of songs in that playlist (almost 500 tracks), and it is always interesting to see what comes up.

Let's shuffle!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Before and After Temple Mix

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Fun night last night checking out The Coal Men and The Truehearts at The 5 Spot.  Both are top-notch bands who have deservedly achieved a great reputation in this music city. This was evidenced by the stellar musicians and songwriters in attendance.

It is Thursday and time to dive headlong into the "New Music" playlist for this "Trending Tuesday".  All of these tracks are (more or less) recent additions to my collection, and artists/albums that I waited to feature here at E2TG.

Let's shuffle!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Things U Do Mix

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Well, it's mid-week, and it's a rainy day in Nashville.  I had a good time last night. I checked out a showcase at The Basement with an incredible songwriter - Angie Aparo. He was playing with a full band. Great songs, a great voice, and some very original arrangements.

After that, I ended up at $2 Tuesday again.  Saw greats sets from Ayleen O, Wade Sapp, and Trisha Ivy plus an extended late set from host Derek Hoke and his always amazing band that this week included pedal steel great Paul Niehaus.

Well it is Wednesday, and on Wednesday - we shuffle from all of the songs in my phone's memory. We call it Wild Wednesday - because it like a wild card - you can expect anything: new music, classic tunes, E2TG favorites from blogs posts gone by, and other tunes that made their way through various routes on my phone memory card.

The results.... well, let's just say that you are unlikely to find this combination of songs/artists anywhere but E2TG.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Repeat Me Mix

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Alright. Well, I'm back with a regular shuffle... songs listened to and written about on the same day.

By the way, I added a bunch of music to my New Music playlist.  Last week, it was down to just below 400 songs, now it is over 500 again. We have a pretty eclectic shuffle today - including a few "first listens"

Let's go ahead and shuffle!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Stone Cold Mix

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Okay, I'm off work today, and truth be told this was a shuffle that I started three weeks ago - right before I went out for a several days, but I never finished.  But it is a Music City Monday shuffle and it is Monday, so I thought I would go ahead and finish and post this today.

I'll probably be brief....

Friday, February 16, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Bright Castle Mix

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Woo hoo!  It's Friday!  And I have a three day weekend!   Don't be surprised if, despite my being off work, there is a Music City Monday shuffle on Monday.  Don't be surprised if there is not...

Had another fine reminder of Nashville's embarrassment  of riches when it comes to great musicians.  I attended the Joe Pisapia Love-In at The 5 Spot. When I first heard of Joe's music, it was in the 90s Nashville band, Joe Marc's Brother.  Joe's brother Marc was also in the band last night along with James Haggerty, Jim Hoke, Austin Hoke, Sam Smith, and Martin Lynds. They will be back at The 5 Spot next week, and I highly recommend it. As usual the show sounded great, thanks in large part to Eric - who was working his last night running sound at the East Nashville bar. He will be missed.

Let's get this weekend started with a Featured Friday shuffle...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - The Nothing Party Mix

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My two cents... actual value may vary... End Citizen's United (doublespeak if I've ever heard doublespeak - and I have).   Vote against any candidate who accepts money from the NRA or the gun lobby. Pass and enforce common-sense gun control.  Increase funding for our children. More teachers, more counselors.  Begin to have conversations about the role of guns in our society. The change in culture will take time and it will not be easy.

If you want to offer "thoughts and prayers" for the victims and their families, that is fine, but add some thoughts and prayers for effective and meaningful change in law and attitudes.

These are just ideas. What we are (and are not) doing is clearly not working. Shouting at each other on social media every time there is a mass shooting is clearly not working.   Protecting the lives of our children should not be partisan or divisive issue. How we go about doing that may be, but surely there is common ground.

I don't know... I'm once again heartbroken and numb and angry and frustrated. I've read that 80% of Americans - across party lines - support some kind of reform of gun laws. But our lawmakers ignore the 80% in favor of large donors who represent the gun lobby. That's why I think electoral reform - beginning with an end to Citizen's United is the place to start. Corporations are not people. People are people.  People are fallible, flawed entities, but in the end, I think most people want to keep our children safe. Corporations, by definition, only want to increase the profits of the corporation. That is their purpose.

Okay I'm done....

It's Thursday - Let's see what's "Trending" at E2TG. As I left for work, I hit shuffle on the "New Music" playlist of my phone's music player. Here is what happened next...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Super Awkward Mix

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Had a good night out seeing live music last night.  Starting at The Local to see a Ben de la Cour plus a wonderful set from the legendary Jon Dee Graham. I picked up a copy of Graham's CD Knoxville Skyline which features E2TG favorites Tim and Susan Bauer Lee.

After that, I headed to $2 Tuesday at The 5 Spot. I usual, I stayed up too late and had a very good time. Also as usual, I saw some great bands.  First up was Nashville band Volk - that I saw for the first time and really enjoyed.  Next was E2TG favorite Andrew Adkins with a superb band. As always it was a treat.  Next was Derek Hoke playing as a trio with Mark Robertson of the Legendary Shakeshakers and great Nashville drummer Steve Latanation (formerly of the band Agent Orange). One of my favorite local songwriters, Chris Moyse, closed the night with a band that featured Sean Quinn and Erin Nelson of Nelson, Zimmerman, and Quinn.

So, I guess it's Happy Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day, if you prefer, or Happy Wednesday, if you prefer that.  It is Wednesday, and every Wednesday, things get a little wilder than usual here at E2TG. We call it Wild Wednesday, and it is the day we shuffle up all the songs currently saved to my phone and see what comes up.

Only six songs in today's shuffle... the last track is over 9 minutes long. Let's shuffle!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - To Good to Be True Mix

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Moving along.  In case you missed by Facebook post, the #E2TG Facebook Page (see link above), just reached 1,200 "Likes". I'm grateful for everyone who reads E2TG. You are reading this and are not yet following us, I would like to personally invite you to hit that "Like" button.

Anyway, it's Tuesday and time to shuffle up the "New Music" playlist. I have a ton of new music I still need to add to my phone memory, but I also have a ton of music already in the "New Music" playlist.

Let's shuffle:

Monday, February 12, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - In the Mail Mix

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Okay! It is Monday, and it's time for the first Music City Monday in a few weeks. Since it has been a while, I'll explain.  Unlike the other shuffles I post (which come from music saved to my phone0, Music City Monday comes from a constantly in progress  Spotify Playlist that I created. The purpose is to showcase music from Nashville's past and present, and to cover the many genres and styles of music that have originated in Nashville. It is not at all complete, and I am regularly making additions to the playlist.

If you want to check out the playlist for yourself, HERE IS A LINK

Let's just get to the music....

Friday, February 9, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Mother Earth Mix

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I feel like the week is just starting and now it is over. :-)

I still have a ton of submissions to dig through, but I already have a large "New Music Playlist". So, let's knock some songs off that list.

Just some housecleaning/reminders:  Most days, the shuffle comes from MP3s of songs I have saved on my phone. It's what I listen to on my way to work.  (Monday - I used a special Music City-centric Spotify playlist.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are dedicated to featuring songs from my "New Music" playlist. These are almost always music that was sent to me through various channels (directly from artists, through publicists, etc).

I do not often do album reviews (I would love to, but time ends up being an issue).  By featuring music like I do through shuffles - it gives me a chance to write about albums in-depth over time. It's kind of my thing.

I do, on occasion, do video and song premiers - when opportunities and time allows.

I'm not super picky about submission methods. I accept CDs and/or downloadable links/files. MP3 (320) would be my preference for electronic submissions.  The problem I have with WAVs is that either have to convert them to MP3 or I don't have complete meta data, and I end up with files I can't identify.

I am located in Nashville, Tennessee - and in recent years, there is a definite Nashville leaning but I welcome submissions from anywhere, and I try to be as diverse as possible - so I have no limits on genres or styles. Over the years, I have covered about every genre I know of and a few I didn't even know about. And I love hearing new things.

Here you will find a fair amount of "Americanaish" music - roots-influenced, blues, folk, country. But, you will also hear punk, metal, experimental, hip-hop, shoegaze, shitgaze, power pop, rock (of various flavors), electronic music, instrumental music (of various flavors), and more.

I believe in connections - both obvious and obscure.  I tend to focus on more under-the-radar type artists. Lately, I have had the good fortune to get some new music from higher-profile artists (at least in my limited realm).

Oh, and I create a YouTube playlist to match each day's shuffle.  The purpose is not specifically to showcase music videos, but it provides a simple for readers to stream the music they are reading about.  I used to be able to embed the Video Playlist directly into my post, but You Tube "improved" that feature away, so now I provide a link.

When I cannot find a video for the specific song featured, I try to substitute a relevant video by the same artist.  When possible, if a video for the song is not found, but I can find a link to stream the song being featured, I will include that in my post (like I did today) 

That's enough... let's shuffle!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Duplex Castle Mix

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I AM  BACK!  Thanks everyone for your patience.  I should be back to a normal posting schedule now.

I am a bit behind on adding new music to my playlist and answering e-mails, but we'll get there. 

In the meantime, after today's post, there are still 428 tracks in my New Music playlist including some awesome songs that haven't popped up yet in a shuffle- so stay tuned! 

Last night, at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge - the amazing Kevn Kinney (Drivin' n Cryin') played a awesome set of music backed by the equally amazing Laur Joamets (aka Little Joe - previously from Sturgill Simpson's band and currently of Drivin' n Cryin').  As an added bonus/surprise, due to Mr. Kinney being delayed by car troubles, Jon Latham played a set that included two covers - "Thirteen" by Big Star and "My Hometown" by Springsteen.  Plus of course, some of his great songs from Real Bad News and his current album Lifers.  Dee's co-owner, Daniel Walker led a wonderful house band who rounded out the night.

Now, let's jump right into this Trending Thursday Shuffle!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Rare Saturday Shuffle - Heart of a Saturday Afternoon Mix

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Well, it's been a little while. Thanks for bearing with me during my brief time away. I will be back to regular posting on Thursday, but I thought I would take a few minutes on this Saturday to listen to some songs from my "New Music Playlist".  I shuffled up the playlist while I did some errands, and I ended up with 17 tracks. I will be rather brief, but if you hear or read about something you like - be sure to dig deeper and shoot me a line if you have any questions.