Monday, August 31, 2020

E2TG 8/31/2020 - Music City Monday - Kiss Somebody Mix (Nuclear War Remix)

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Happy Monday.  I am running short on time - so no preliminaries... just on to the music!

Today we cover songs 10-14 of this week's Playlist:

10. "Angel of Montgomery" by Raveis Kole
We start this segment of music off with the Bellingham, Washington based duo of Laura Raveis and Dennis Kole with their take on the John Prine classic. This new cover retains the spirit of the original while adding some fresh musical ideas to the the song. A great way to start this week.
11. "Mercury" by Andrew Leahey & the Homestead
E2TG and East Nashville favorite Andrew Leahey and his band have been steadily releasing new music for much of 2020, and they are back with yet another fantastic song. 
12. "The One You Love" by Rich Krueger
Last week, we had a new single from 2018 E2TG Artist of the Year, now he is back with his brand new album - The Troth Sessions. The Chicago physician turned award-winning folk singer has been garnering some well-deserved National attention. As I felt, when I made him Artist of the Year withing the first year I my having "discovered his music" (an award typically reserved for artists who have been on my radar for some time), Krueger is something special, and this new album just locks that concept into my mind. 
13. "TOS2020 - Single Version" by ReMission International
Next up, we have a remake of The Mission's classic song - from the second regular studio album. Here the song is performed by The Mission front man Wayne Hussey along with  member of The Cure, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Slowdive, Bauhaus / Love and Rockets, The Smiths, The Twilight Sad, Depeche Mode, The Cult, The Wonder Stuff, Gary Numan, Evi Vine, Midge Ure (Ultravox), Spear of Destiny / Theatre Of Hate, Beauty In Chaos, The Soft Cavalry, All About Eve, Guns N' Roses, Nine Inch Nails and Gene Loves Jezebel. The maxi-single is being released in support of front-line workers in the fight against COVID-19.
14. "Wanderer" by Jacob Everett Wallace
We close this segment of music with a new song from this singer-songwriter originally from Texas but now based in Oregon.  Jacob Wallace is currently an internationl travelling minister who is spearheading building a house of prayer in Orgeon. This song was written around a campfire in Oregon. 
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Friday, August 28, 2020

E2TG 8/28/2020 - Featured Friday - Wolf Moon Mix (Shapeshifting Remix)

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Well, it is Friday, and you know what that means... or maybe you don't... but that means it is time for a brand new E2TG Featured Friday Playlist for you listening and music discovery enjoyment. I will repeat my usual disclaimer to please support the artists in what ever way you are able. If you have the means buy music and/or merch - if you aren't in the position to do that share far and wide. 

I reluctantly started using Spotify for this playlist because it is the easiest way for me to do it. Just know that Spotify does not support artist - independent artists in particular. So listen, follow, download - whatever, but to really support the artists do more.   *End of rant*

This week's just is a little shorter than last week, but it is still packed with great music from a wonderful combination of old friends and new discoveries.   We featured the first nine songs down below the jump.  We will feature the rest of the list starting Monday in this space.. 

Until next time, take care of one another, take care and be gentle with your self, wear and mask and practice social distancing and all the recommended precautions. Until we can all safely gather together again and hug. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, August 27, 2020

E2TG 8/27/2020 - Blah Blah Blah - City Hippie Mix (Lower Remix)

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It sure seems like every single day there is something going on in our country that needs to be discussed. I never intended E2TG to be a current events or political blog - I have felt compelled to write about certain things from time to time, but I don't want you to take my silence here for approval or acceptance of the unacceptable. I vacillate between hopeful and hopelessness, and I ponder the path forward with so many people seemingly having dropped even the pretense of common human decency. 

But, it is too easy to let writing about these things overwhelm the blog, and I do not want to do that.  For me, E2TG (and more generally music) has been a refuge from the troubles of the world. Although, I have always loved topical and message songs, even in those cases, the melodies and the instruments, and the beats and all  - are a shelter from the storms of life. 

I have been thinking about my tendency to be a bit of a contrarian but I sometimes wonder if it is intentional or just a part of my DNA or if it matters. Just an example... I have been a fan of roots music of some kind almost as long as I have been interested in music - but I have also had a pretty wide-open attitude toward music.  Especially, over the last five or six years, a lot of "Americana" music has come my way, and many of my favorite artists and bands fall somewhere along the spectrum of sounds that fall under that wide umbrella, however, at the same time I have actively took steps to keep from being pigeon-holded as an Americana music blog. Now, there is this voice that says, maybe if you focused on just Americana you would have a bigger base of readership.  Maybe, I don't know. But, somehow, I think if I had put such limitations on my self, I would have tired of this thing and quit blogging a long time ago.  

The fact is - although I love a good folk song and a great folk song can move me to tears, I need my punk, post-punk darkwave, electronica, hip-hop, rock, hard rock etc. music to s sustain me.  Think of it as a balanced diet.  


Today, we wrap out of recap of this week's Feat. Friday Playlist! Tune in tomorrow for a brand new list... a bunch of new music is on the way... (Songs 30-37 today)

30. "Drunk" by Parker Lee
In typical fashion, we save some cool music to round out our weekly playlist. This segment of music begins with the lead off single ahead of the Scrundle EP due out on September 4 by this indie band from New Yorkshire. I really dig the sound of this track. 
31. "Fire in the Rain" by The Hengles
From the UK, we cross the channel and head to Amsterdam for the new single from The Hengles. The band's members have been active in music since the 80s and 90s. They came together as The Hengles in 2015. "Fire in the Rain" was supposed to be released as the band's eighth single in June, however, with the lockdown, they took the opportunity to strip the song down and basically reinvent the song. For anyone who ever wondered how to set a fire in the rain... 
32. "Moonlight" by Viewfinders
Next up, we have a track from this Denver, Colorado based indie rock band. This was a direct artist submission that caught my attention and my ear. Cool stuff.  
33. "Niin kuin se ennen oli" by Bad Sauna
Bad Sauna are a relatively new rock band from Finland - recently signed to the All That Plazz label. I really like this song a lot. Substantive music that rocks sufficiently. 
34. "Evolution" by Julian Shah-Tayler
Aka The Singularity, Julian Shah-Tayler is based in L.A. by way of Leeds. The music has a fascinating electro rock/new wave sound. The Singularity has had a great deal of success with film and television placements. If you note a touch of Bowie or Depeche Mode or The Cure - it might be becauser Shah-Tayler is part of successful tribute bands to all three artists. He has worked with some huge names as well as co-founding the Art Angeles charity which teaches music to underprivileged kids in Watts. 
35. "Quimeras" by La Cigarra 
Via the Columbian label Discos Infante, we have this relatively new project from the mind of producer Mateo Esquivel.  I know very little about this band/project - translated the information was imaginative and beautiful, and I absolutely love the music. 
36. "Trials - Origin Mix" by Dissonance
Following an only slightly intentional pattern, we close out this week's playlist with some heavier sounds - first we have a track from the Dallas, Texas based darkwave band Dissonance. Dissonance featuring vocalist Cat Hall began in the early 90s and revived in 2015. This is the second of three maxi singles being released by the band this summer. 
37. "Slaves to the System" by The Veer Union; Defending Cain
We close with some socially conscious hard rock from The Veer Union based in Vancouver, B.C. - this is the first single ahead of a quarantine themed EP set for release early next year. Here they team with Defending Cain - a hard rock band from West Virginia. Interesting that we close with darkwave from Dallas and hard rock from West Virginia a good reminder to let go of geographical stereotypes when it comes to music. 
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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

E2TG 8/26/2020 - Powerless - Cocoon Mix (Thanks Remix)

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My power was off for about seven hours yesterday evening - so I didn't get to do my usual prep work for today's post (which you don't really know about but anyway), so time is tight today... bear with me. 

Reminder: All Featured Friday Playlist songs can be heard on our Spotify Playlist (up until the new list goes live - the following Friday).  Most shuffle songs can be heard on the video playlist (substitute songs used if the actual song is not available on that platform - if possible)

Today, we recap the nexr segment of the Featured Friday Playlist (songs 23-29)

23. "Enter the Animal" by Biomechanimal
First up in this segment, we have the latest single from UK based electro-industrial band Biomechanimal. This hard driving song has been a staple of the band's live shows for some tome. 
24. "Start over Again" by Paul Gillings
Former World Harmonica champion and singer-songwriter Paul Gillings with a track from his new electric blues album Invisible Prison.  
25. "Melting" by A Shoreline Dream
Colorado-based shoegaze/post punk band A Shoreline Dream - return to E2TG with the 2nd single and title track from their new album.
26. "Locked in the Panopticon" by Reardon Love
Next up, we have a UK artist with an 80s new wave feel.  Cool stuff.
27. "We Share the Same Stars" by The Sea at Midnight
Next up, we have the recent single from L.A. based The Sea at Midnight - led by Vince Grant.  The band's eponymous album is due later this fall. 
28. "Wake Me Up When This Year's Over" by KC Beck
Austin based singer-songwriter and army veteran KC Beck echoes what many of us are feeling about 2020 - on his new single. 
29. "Prelude To a Dream" by Eito
We close this segment of music with a track from the recent single by Pittsburgh based battle MC Eito - whose music mixes grime, boom bap, and house. A great way addition to the playlist and great wrap up for this segment of music. 

Tomorrow - we wrap up our recap of this week's Playlist with songs 30-37. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

E2TG 8/25/2020 - Some things on My Mind - Pokin' Round Mix (Gloves Remix)

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On my mind... I dedicate a sizable portion of my average day listening to and writing about new music. E2TG is dedicated to featuring new and often underground or lesser known music of various genres. I have long pondered this and myself as an oddity - not necessarily among the people I hang around but is terms of people in general. Many people are content to just listen to the music they already know. Or at most to check out the latest "hot" band according to someone. And, I get it. I was there several years ago, which is part of the reason I started E2TG. 

So, anyway, recently, I created a playlist on Spotify - at first it was going to include a handful of my all time favorite albums - just as a place to gather them. As I went on, I started adding more albums and ultimately, I decided to add as many albums as I could think of - albums that I own or owned and have listened to over and over through the years. My mind kept going down new paths and I kept adding music this playlist and now it is almost 62 hours long. At first, I called it Joe's Faves - but I eventually realized what it really was, and I renamed the Playlist "Comfort Food". When I shuffle songs from this playlist, it is like revisiting an old friend or having fried chicken or whatever at the end of a hard day. Some may bristle at the "Comfort Food" label being applied to some of the albums and artists on the list. But for me, in 2020, that is what they are... and that is not a bad thing at all. These are wonderful albums by wonderful artists across many genres and spanning years. 

Here is the thing, there is nothing wrong with comfort food - but if all I ate was comfort food, I would probably keep getting fatter and have other health issues. Listening to this "comfortable" music is not a bad thing, but for me, it can't be all I listen to... 


Today, we present the next segment of this week's Playlist. Songs 16-22:

16. "Bare" by Matte Blvck
We start off this segment of the playlist with some darkwave, industrial., electronic music from San Diego, California. The trio of musicians have worked together in various incarnations, but decided in 2019 to work together on their own project. Their forthcoming album I'm Waving, Not Drowning was recorded during the COVID-19 shutdown, and this is their debut single. Happy to have more great darkwave music in this week's playlist. 
17. "Television Mister" by Jessica Luise
Next up, we have the new single from UK singer-songwriter Jessica Luise. This is first release with a full-band, and the press release name checked The Beautiful South - so I had to listen, and I this is a cool tune. Check it out!
18. "Dangerous Leon!" by The Aquabats!
Next up! We have the new single from the new album (Kooky Spooky ... In Stereo!) by costumed superhero punks, The Aquabats!  This is a ton of fun and thanks to Crashing Through Publicity for bringing this to my inbox!  Recommended for fans of exclamation points and cool fun music!
19. "Reckless" by Miss Molly Simms
Next up, we have a track from the wonderful new album by St. Louis' Miss Molly Simms. Miss Molly Simms came to prominence in St. Louis as a member of the rockabilly band Bible Belt Sinners. Her solo work has been more stylistically diverse, and with her latest album (her fourth) of which this is the title track, Miss Molly Simms has hit upon something special. The album features members of the Bottle Rockets, Old Souls Revival, and River Kittens.  
20. "Isolation" by Depression, Baby
Next up, we have a quarantine-influences single from North London 5-piece Depression, Baby. It is the follow-up to their earlier single "Home Again".  The band formed in 2019 and were on an upward trajectory heading into 2020. And then 2020 happened. They have focused on releasing music, and this is a song worth a listen. 
21. "Lock & Key" by KnightressM1
Next up, we have some Bay Area metal/rock from this impressive power trio featuring violinist, vocalist, pianist, and composer Emily Palen. The band also features drummer Rob Ahlers (50 FT Wave, Kristin Hersh), and bassist Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake).  I dig the sound and Palen's vocals are awesome. A great injection of metallic variety into the playlist. 
22. "Window" by Eric Bolander
The fertile grounds of Kentucky songwriters seems to be endless, and you can add Eric Bolander to a growing list of talented songwriters emerging from the Bluegrass State (or is it Commonwealth?). As with many of his contemporaries, Bolander brings a deep range of influences to his music that is rooted in the traditions of the folk/country genre. This is his latest single. 

Tomorrow 7 or so more songs...  

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, August 24, 2020

E2TG 8/24/2020 - Music City Monday - Brightest Star Mix (Rain Remix)

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This morning, we send love and light to the family and friends of Justin Townes Earle who passed away yesterday at the age of 38.  I know some of my friends knew him well and worked with him over the years, and along with his family, they are especially on my mind and in my heart today....

Today, we review the next group of songs from this week's Playlist (songs 9-15):

9. "Precious Cargo" by Ben Arthur
We start off this segment of music with another new song from E2TG favorite Ben Arthur (singer-songwriter, podcaster, and award-winning host of Songcraft Presents). This is, I suppose, another track from his forth-coming new album.  The new season of his Song-Writer Podcast is streaming now most places you listen to podcasts. 
10. "Free Advice" by Cindy
Next up, we have the title track to the new album by San Francisco band Cindy. The album is out on Mount Saint Mountain Records. Cool sound. I dig it.
11. "Married Man" by Gina Sicilia
Next up, we have a brand new single from East Nashville favorite Gina Sicilia. The song was produced and co-written by Cody Dickinson. The horns and strings were recorded in Memphis, and the vocals were recorded in Nashville by Dave Coleman. Wonderful song. 
12. "Soy un Clon" by Drollery
Next up, we have some punk rock sounds from south-east Spain. The EP CAERBANNOG is the band's debut, and it falls into the punk 'n' roll genre that is gaining in popularity in Spain - with the sound and energy of punk rock with attention to musicality than some traditional punk. 
13. "In My Own City" by Pozzi
 We have been featuring Pozzi in recent Playlists, and his album Tyrant is finally out. This track really hit a note with me. Although, he is singing about his city, Los Angeles, I sometimes feel like a tourist in my city - Nashville. 
14. "Sum Total of Insolent Blank" by Santa Sprees
Santa Sprees is an Anglo-Japanese band who have nine releases under their belt. The latest, of which this is the title track, is a 43 track album, to be honest, I am still figuring this band out, but I am really digging everything I have heart. A great addition to the shuffle. 
15. "Pass By (Stripped) [Live]" by Swim
A stripped-down acoustic take on one of the singles by this New York band.  A wonderful song and a great way to close out this segment of music. 

We'll be back tomorrow with the next segment of this week's Featured  Friday Playlist.  

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, August 21, 2020

E2TG 8/21/2020 - Featured Friday - Lizard Brain Mix (Holding On Remix)

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As predicted, this week's playlist is over 2 hours and contains 38 new and recent songs from across the musical spectrum and from all around the world. The first eight songs are highlighted below.  We will highlight the rest of the Playlist over the next week in this space. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, August 20, 2020

E2TG 8/20/20 - Something to Say - Life's a Beach Mix (Birmingham Remix)

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I feel like I should always say something...But, I played Benchmark's new song "Our Finest Hour" this morning on my radio show, and one line stuck with me - "Right now, I know I still need to listen, before I speak."  It seems like there is a lot of talking and a lot of shouting and not nearly enough listening.

Look after nearly four years of the Trump regime, I think it is clear to most sane people, that he is an existential threat to this nation. I am not saying I need to listen to MAGA heads to see if they will convince me of anything. I guess I am thinking of some of the more nuanced debates (or which should be nuanced debates) between different factions of the left side of the proverbial aisle. I think social media SEEMS TO demand that everyone jump into every conversation and contribute something - so you see at lot of posts like - well, I don't know much about that but, here is what I think... 

Anyway, we have a Featured Friday Playlist to wrap up and a shuffle to get to... let's go... 

Today, we wrap up this week's Featured Friday Playlist, and we prepare the way for a whole new list. Here are the final four songs, and as usual, we save some good ones to wrap up the list.. songs 18-21:

18. "How to Fall in Love - Take 7, Acoustic" by Michael McArthur
Florida singer-songwriter Michael McArthur makes a return visit to the Playlist with the title track of his brand new EP. We previously featured his stunning cover of "Purple Rain" - here he is singing his own songs and the results are equally stunning. The plaintive opening harmonica and sparse acoustic instrumentation catches ones attention, and then his rich vocals come in and carry the listener away.  
19. "Dark Slopes Away" by Mt. Doubt
Next up, we have the new single from Scottish indie rock band Mt. Doubt. It is the first taste of their new album Doubtlands due out September 25. The song has a cool vibe that I really dig. 
20. "Firewood" by Saronde (Feat. Idd Aziz)
Next up, we have some wonderful Afro-funk - via Saronde - a Kenyan duo who founded Beating Hearts Music. The track borrows from a 50’s Kikuyu all female acapella sung by young unmarried girls as they collect or carry back home firewood and features noted African singer and musician Idd Aziz. As someone who has a deep - if shamefully underexplored affinity and connection to African music, this track struck a chord with me. Wonderful!
21. "Sauce (Took Off)" by SLiCE Bellefante 
We close out this segment of music and this week's Playlist with a little bit of hip hop from New Jersey. I don't have a lot of information on the artist, but I dig the vibe and I'm happy to have this track closing out our playlist. 

By way of a preview-  The new Featured Friday Playlist is already at 15 songs and over an hour of music and there are several new releases scheduled for tomorrow. So, look for the list to be much larger than this week's list. Already, I am digging the variety of the music, and we already have some favorites on board. Until then... we have another daily shuffle down below....  

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

E2TG 8/19/2020 - Setting Course - Holy Mess Mix (72 Oz. Steak Remix)

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Whew... this week has been on a fast track for me. I realized that I never wrote my thoughts yesterday and now, I'm not sure what they were.. today, I am thinking about life as a journey and how I tend to be a bit aimless at times. But, I think it is good to have a destination in mind and to start off with a course set- it is just that along the way life happens and your course my change (and that change may be permanent) but that when that change happens it is good to reset your course - even if that means picking a new destination.  I don't think it is good to remain bound by decisions made at an earlier time when a person, their world, the world might have been different. 

I am saying this mostly for my self.  I tend to spend too much time overthinking and re-thinking my decisions, and I sometimes ask myself what would 18 year old (or whatever age) Joe think about where I am now, but I am here today to tell myself that that isn't a fair question. 18 year old Joe didn't have the experiences I have, he didn't know the state of the world in 2020 vs. 1984.  The fairer question is what does 54 year old Joe think about where I am in my life, and if he isn't happy with something - what can I do to change it? 

Today, we recap four more songs from this week's Featured Friday Playlist: Songs 14-17

14. "What More Could I Say?" by Ivan Moult
Welsh singer-songwriter Ivan Moult just released two new songs - two years after his Longest Shadow LP.  The airy track served as a great introduction of his music to me, and a great addition to our playlist. The other new song is called "Toxic".
15. "As a Matter of Fact" by The Furious Seasons
Next up, we have our first listen to La Fonda - the new album from Los Angeles folk rock trio, The Furious Seasons - led by singer-songwriter David Steinhart. This is a stunning song, and a great reminder of my why I do what I do - this is new-to-me music with decades of experience behind it, and it serves as a reminder of how much great music is left to be "discovered".
16. "Bikers" by Neighborhood Texture Jam
Thanks to a short Playlist this week, I was able to indulge myself and include this track celebrating the release of Funeral Mountain on streaming services. It is the debut album by the incendiary Memphis band - known for having a member dedicated to providing "texture" via 55 gallon oil drums, hubcaps and more. The album was released in 1990, and I can't remember if I had heard of the band during my short time in Memphis or if the cover/title/band name just caught my attention in the record store... but I do know that I was not prepared for what I was to hear. The band had the attitude and energy of punk, but there was so much more going on here. The lyrics were crass, offensive, shocking - at times funny but always dark, and I loved very minute of the album. 
17. "Never Die" by Soft Set 
I hope the extremely sharp turn didn't give anyone whiplash... we wrap up this segment of music with one side of the new 7" single from this Toronto melodic indie rock duo. The songs were  produced by Mark Gardener of Ride. This is their debut single. 
Tomorrow, we wrap up this week's Playlist with songs 18-21....
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

E2TG 8/18/2020 - For Every Action (and Don't Forget It) - Pride Mix (Grief Remix)

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Today we continue our recap of this week's list with songs 10-13:

10. "Ode to Rannva" by Mark W. Georgsson
First up today, we have a singer-songwriter from Scotland - whose music combines Celtic and Nordic influences into the realm of country, Americana, and folk. Nashville readers will appreciate he opened for Chance McCoy of Old Crow Medicine Show in Glasgow. 
11. "Keep Dancing" by Sylvie Simmons
Next up, we have the opening track from Blue on Blue - the long-awaited new album by singer-songwriter and author Sylvie Simmons. The album was produced by Howe Gelb. Simmons is the author of the Leonard Cohen bio, I'm Your Man. This track is extraordinary. 
12. "Inventing Sports" by Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms
Next up, we have a quarantine album by Detroit singer-songwriter Ryan Allen of the band Extra Arms. Song Snacks Vol. 1 is the name of this surprise release. The album was written, sung, played, recorded and mixed by Allen. The songs are short and to the point. Great stuff. 
13. "Manbird" by Anton Barbeau
We close out this segment of music with the title track from the forthcoming double album from this psychedelic singer-songwriter who was raised in Sacramento and is now based in Berlin. The album was recorded in Berlin, Oxford, Paris, and California, and Barbeau tried to work with as many Sacramento musicians as possible including Michael Urbano and Larry Tagg who were the rhythm section of Bourgeois Tagg.  A great way to close out this segment of our playlist. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, August 17, 2020

E2TG 8/17/2020 - Music City Monday - Take a Boat Mix (Little Lion Remix)

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Another Monday on the the side of the looking glass or in the upside down or wherever it is we now reside. The nation is under attack from within and an entire political party is complicit either through their actions or inaction.  Not only that, but a sizable portion of the population is complicit either through ignorance or acceptance of this attack. Science is under attack, the rule of law is under attack, the constitution is under attack, and the election process is under attack - on several different fronts. 

We live in a very fractured and broken society. People are angry and yelling at each other in person and over social media, and honestly, I am not sure all that yelling is doing any good. This is not a statement about protests which is a different thing and historically effective in many cases. This is people yelling at other people and never stopping to listen. 

All too often, I make the mistake of reading the comment section of articles and posts, and they are always the same. Someone jumps in and makes a wild claim with no proof. People jump on that and demand proof of the statement.  The person who originally makes the claim - either states that they don't have to prove it or they ignore the request for proof or they post a sketchy YouTube clip or an out of date news article or an article from a sketchy, biased source, or they just start name-calling and soon people on both sides are name-calling.... 

I feel like a part of me dies when I read the comment section, but it is a bit like turning your head as you pass a car accident - you know you shouldn't, but well traffic is slowing and...

I vacillate between hope and despair. I am uncertain of the future when it comes to COVID-19 - but it seems like many people are just pretending it is all over, and to me we are just barely emerging from the first wave, and I fear the second wave will be worse and I am not sure that another shut-down will happen. 

Ah, but music - we have more from this week's Featured Friday Playlist and today's Music City Monday Shuffle.  

We continue our recap of our Featured Friday Playlist with Song numbers 6-9:

6. "Are We Having a Good Time Yet?" by Bikini Test Failure
We start of this segment of music with a new single from the Manchester band that is the recording project of James Hill. It is a newly re-multitracked, newly mixed, and newly mastered song from the first Bikini Test Failure album Another Day, Another Fat Pile of Cash which was released in 2004. I missed this band and this song the first time around, but I dig it. 
7. "Two Step de St. Anne" by Goldman Thibodeaux and the Lawtell Playboys
Next up, we have a track the first album in 13 years by pre-Zydeco legends Goldman Thibodeaux and the Lawtell Playboys. The album was recorded live at the Thibodeaux family reunion last year. The Lawtell Playboys formed in 1946. I could use more time to explore the shared roots of Cajun and Zydeco music in the very segregated Louisiana of the mid-twentieth century - suffice it to say this music speaks to a deep place in my Cajun soul. 
8. "Veronica" by Brandon Phillips & the Condition
Next up, we have a wonderful piano ballad from this Kansas City band that features members of several well-known Kansas City bands like The Architects and The Gadjits.  This is a great song.  
9. "Dose" by The Danbury Lie 
Our old friend, The Danbury Lie returns to the Playlist with another track from his new release, Mist. Man, I love hearing new music from Rob, and it has been so much fun to follow his musical and literal journey for much of the existence of E2TG. A great end to this segment of music.  
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, August 14, 2020

E2TG 8/14/2020 - Featured Friday - Opening Night Mix (Roses Remix)

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It is Friday, and that means it is time for another Featured Friday Playlist!  This week's list is slightly shorter than recent weeks but it is jam packed with wonderful music - as usual, our selections come from all over the world, cross almost every conceivable genre.  Because the list was short, there are some special treats in this week's list that might otherwise not have made the list. I hope you enjoy and please follow the list on Spotify if you are so moved. 

We recap the first six songs after the jump, and we will recap the rest of the list all next week in this space. 

Peace out!
    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, August 13, 2020

E2TG 8/13/2020 - Setting Sights - First Schism Mix (Rollin' Remix)

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Well, I wrote an extended bit below the Featured Friday Playlist - so I will just say... tune in tomorrow for a new Featured Friday and find your joy where you can!

And today, we wrap up our recap of the week's Featured Friday Playlist - just in time for tomorrow's unveiling of a whole new playlist. Songs 24-28

24. "Dyfodol" by Ci Gofod; Lloyd Bastian
As always, we like to  end the weekly playlist on a high and interesting note, and this last segment sure starts us off in the right direction. Ci Gofod is a bedroom recording project based in Wales. Although he grew up in Wales, Ci Gofod (real name Jack) had never learned the Welsh language. He decided to learn using songwriting as a tool to learn the language. Dyfodol is his first Welsh language release - with more to come. Dyfodol means "future" and the song reflects the anxiety most of us feel about it.   

25. "In the Unknown" by Nelss
Nelss was born in Portugal and now lives in Paris, France. He recorded this single - ahead of an EP called Moonlight in his home-studio in the City of Lights. The music falls into the synth-pop/disco area successfully blending genres to create a unique sound. 
26. "A Feel" by Drumagick
Drumagick is considered Brazil's kings of drum 'n' bossa. This tragic brings some intergalactic vibes, and it is a great addition to our playlist.  
27. "Coup de grace" by PXPRS
Next up, we have the debut single by this Bristol-London based trio. This is the rocking side of electronic music. It is jammed packed with noise and sounds that captured by attention.  Look for a full album later this year.  
28. "Baggage" by Phillip La Rosa
We close out this segment of music and this week's playlist with a song that packs a powerful emotional punch. Phillip La Rosa is a singer-songwriter based in Perth, Australia. The song is about broken people connecting by unpacking their baggage. A great ending to the playlist. 

A final word.  I hope everyone is enjoying our Featured Friday Playlist. I put a lot of thought and energy into putting the list together and then sharing a little bit about each song. First and foremost, if any of the music piques your curiosity, follow the artists on social media, share about the songs you like, if you are able buy some merch and/or physical copies of the music. 

As I have shared before, the list in ordered in a way that is a little bit intentional (that word again) and a little bit arbitrary. Personally, I recommend you listen to the playlist on shuffle. The list is diverse enough that although not many people will dig everything on the list, there should be something there that anyone will like. 

I don't know how to impart this, but my wish is that everyone will develop open minds and open hearts toward music. There is so much wonderful new music being made, and of course, we all have our all-time favorites that we go back to. I have always envisioned E2TG as a place for anyone interested to discover new music that is not driven by algorithms telling you what you might like. I enjoy stepping outside my comfort zone each week. Okay, after over nine years at this, my comfort zone when it comes to music is pretty darn big, but I am always looking to be challenged and to find something new. 

Something I have said before, I cannot say that I like every artist or style of music that I feature equally, but I do believe it all has merit and deserves a chance to be heard.  Along the way, I feature music that may already have a sizable following, but if you haven't heard it - then it is new and unknown to you (and me). 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

E2TG 8/12/2020 - Remember When... - Desert Rain Mix (Rag Mama Remix)

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The picture above is the full picture from which the E2TG logo/avatar was taken.  Some background, the original was created/inspired by a novel I was/am trying to write. It is meant to be the self-portrait of one of the main characters named Kevin.  I used colored pencils and did layers using color photocopies to created the finished work. Twelve years ago, I scanned and uploaded the picture to my Facebook account.  At some point, I set the cropped version as my profile picture on my personal Facebook account.  When I created E2TG - originally on a now defunct site called Posterous, I needed an avatar/profile pic, so I chose the one I had been using on Facebook, and I guess the rest his history.  As for the novel, I have been making progress over the years, but it is by far the longest thing I have ever attempted, and it has proven to be a bear to get handle on - in terms of editing. Plus, if I am being honest, although the plot is entirely fictional, many of the emotions are quite personal - which has also proven a challenge. But, I am pressing on... 

Today, we feature songs 19-23 from this week's Playlist.  

19. "Driving Me Insane" by Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps
First up today, we have a track from the new EP from Finnish singer-songwriter Tom Tikka formerly of the band Carmen Gray and more recently of The Impersonators - who are on a six-month hiatus.  The release is a follow-up to his debut solo EP -released earlier this year.
20. "The MiSFIT" by Erin Coburn
Next up, we have the new single from Kentucky-based rock singer-songwriter and guitar phenom Erin Coburn.  It is a song for all who never quite seem to fit in. 
21. "Savages" by DALMAS Emmanuel
Next up, we have a track from this hip-hop rapper and composer from the south west part of France. The song hits hard. 
22. "If I'd Never Let Go" by Joshua
Next up, we have a single from this 15 year old singer from Ireland who has been competing on The Voice Kids UK.  It is a pretty sweet pop song. 
23. "The Godfather" by Are We Static
We close with a nifty bit of indie music from England from the upcoming LP Accepting the Universe.  A nice ending to this segment of music which has been especially diverse, I think. 
Tomorrow, we wrap up this week's playlist as we prepare the way for next week's list. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

E2TG 8/11/2020 - Intention - Bitter End Mix (Vacancy Remix)

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I said something on my radio show last week about being intentional and related that to the excuse I sometimes hear (and sometimes have used) when I feel I have fallen short in some way... "Well, it was intentional".  We say that as if it excuses our action or inaction. As if it makes everything okay... but to me it should be considered an admission rather than an excuse - as in, I was not being intentional in my actions and so I (fill in the blank).  To me, this realization is a wake-up call to be more intentional in how I live my life, I am not going to lie - this is not easy - the habit of floating through life with out thought or concern - is hard to break. And such a life may even be appealing. 

I mean, who doesn't want a life of ease and not worries - I think there is a song from The Lion King about it... "every time that I farted...".   But, here is the deal, as I see it, we are seeing a reckoning coming for some long-term injustices and transgressions. Whether it is  "Me, Too" or Black Lives Matter or LGBTQ+ rights or something else... if some has ingrained bad habits surrounding any of these things - in the words we use, in the way we act - then unless we act with intention, we will continue to follow these bad habits and the "excuse" - "It was not intentional" will no longer be an excuse but a confession that we have fallen short of what we could be if we took the time and effort to be intentional. 

Now, we have songs 14-18 of this week's Featured Friday Playlist... 

14. "Lonely Without You" by Cayucas
First up today, we have a new single from this band from Santa Monica - whose name comes from a sleepy little down in San Luis Obispo County. It was released ahead of their new album Blue Summer which is due out in September. 
15. "Creole Girl" by Vincent Cross
Next up, we have a track from an amazing new album by Irish born, New York based singer-songwriter Vincent Cross.  The album is called The Life and Time of James "The Rooster" Corcoran - which is a biographical album about a colorful ancestor of Cross' who was a gang leader and champion of the Irish working class in 19th century Manhattan. Musically, the album draws on the music of the time place of Corcoran's life. 
16. "Cryin' Eyes" by Steven Bruce
Next up, we have a track from Same Time, Same Place, Same Station - the debut album by this singer-songwriter from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Bruce was a founding member of Whiskey Revival. This is a stunning debut, and I look forward to hearing much more from him. 
17. "You Turn Me On - Jim Sclavunos Remix" by Jonny Polonsky 
We have featured Chicago-born, New York based artist Jonny Polonsky before. Here he gets the remix treatment from No Wave legend Jim Sclavunos - who has been a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds since 1994 and was a member of Teenage Jesus & the Jerks. Sclavunos was also an early member of Sonic Youth for their first album and a one-time member of The Cramps.  
18. "King of Suburbia" by Polymer 
We close out this segment of music with the new single from Sydney-based rock band Polymer - from their forthcoming debut album Zealot's Box. A great way to close out this part of the playlist. 
Tomorrow songs 19-23... 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, August 10, 2020

E2TG 8/10/2020 - Music City Monday - Here 4 U Now Mix (Oh My My Remix)

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Something that has come up recently on my mind and in the things I have been reading (In ways I don't understand and certainly can't explain, I believe that when ideas or artists or whatever keep showing up in my mind and in my life, then I should stop and listen and see what I need to hear):

With the recent news, that the current administration may want to put an end to Social Security and/or Medicare, it occurred to me that this MIGHT be the catalyst for some supports of  the current administration to finally reconsider that support. (I know, I may be optimistic - but hear me out). If this should come about, I was thinking about the instinct to shame those people for taking too long or for not making the decision for a less selfish reason, and how maybe, we need to fight against that instinct and instead support them in what must be a difficult decision and admission.  Anyway, this was my incomplete and unexplored thought. 

Then, today, I read an article where the author tried to get to an understanding of the "anti-maskers", and their reasons for their position were all the ones you have heard and would expect - a combination of conspiracy theories, anti-science bias, misguided ideas of personal freedom etc.  But, one part of the article was a caution to pro-maskers not to shame the anti-maskers and how that is an ineffective tool in trying to sway someone's opinion.  

What is funny, is my gut reaction to this advise is to think about the aggressive anti-maskers who spit on people who are wearing masks or who behave boorishly to merchants or others or who like to use the phrase, "F**k your feelings". And, I felt a guttural instinct to reject this advise and continue to remind these people how their actions are harming others. 

Then, it occurred to me that the advise given in the article is probably sound, and not only that is very similar to my own thoughts on a different issue. 

So, I don't have an answer, but I do need to stop and check out my gut-level reactions. It is not easy... if someone fails to show a modicum of respect and sensitivity to you, why shouldn't you treat them the same?  But, that is a vicious cycle, and the only way to break a vicious cycle is change behavior.... 

Anyway, something for me to think about.. Onward! 

Today, we recap the next five songs in this week's playlist - songs 9-13:

9. "Whisper Away" by Jason Molina
We start off with something I was very happy to get in my inbox a few months back - the last collection of solo studio recordings by the late great Jason Molina. I know that fans are excited about this release, and I can tell you - it sounds amazing. Molina's life was cut way to short, which makes any new material that much more sweet.
10. "A Steady Hand" by I LIKE TRAINS
Next up, we have the return of Leeds band I Like Trains to the Playlist- with the latest single ahead of their KOMPROMAT album which is due in a couple of weeks. I am digging their sound.
11. "Time to Run" by Smile 
Now, this is the way E2TG is supposed to work. I write about an artist and another artist finds out about me and sends me their music, and it is so amazing. Smile is an Italian band whose sound features the kind of jangle pop I grew up listening to, and so strikes a warm spot with me. This track really stood out to me. Great stuff!
12. "Joskus mä pelkään" by Gim Kordon 
Next up, we have some long-awaited new music from Helsinki-based indie rock band Gim Kordon. The title of this song means "Sometimes I Fear". The band played their first gig at a festival in 2012 which was headlined by Sonic Youth featuring Kim Gordon - whose name inspired the band name. They got to give Gordon one of their pins at the festival.
13. "Drip a Drop" by The Flat Five
And, we close things out with a supergroup from Chicago.  The Flat Five features members who have and do play with artists like The Decemberists, NRBQ, JD McPherson, Neko Case, Andrew Bird, Cactus Blossoms, Mavis Staples, Brian Wilson and more). The music features out of this world vocal harmonies in a wonderful sunshiny sound. A great way to close out this segment of music.

Tomorrow the next five songs (14-18)! 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, August 7, 2020

E2TG 8/07/2020 - Featured Friday -

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 By way of a Featured Friday Bonus Track, we have the previously unreleased solo demo of the title track to East Nashville poet-laureate (I believe it is an unofficial title, but damn well should be official) Kevin Gordon's landmark Down to the Well album. The album version of this track features the one and only Lucinda Williams.  Here is the song, stripped down to his majesty.  The whole album is available exclusively on Bandcamp - which makes it a good time to remind you that Bandcamp is waiving revenue sharing today, so that all purchases benefit the artists.  You can access the Bandcamp page for the album via the embedded player below. 


Another Friday, means a brand new Featured Friday Playlist.  This week's list is most excellent, and it about the same length as last week. Recap the first 8 songs below. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, August 6, 2020

E2TG 8/06/2020 - Glimmer - Love Life Mix (Whippoorwill Remix)

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Looking for a glimmer of hope where I can find it.. There is nothing wrong with hope, but hope cannot be a passive thing. Hold on to hope, as you face a daunting task and work against the odds. 

Lately, it seems like every glimmer of hope is quickly dashed by some bit of bad news. Or maybe, I look for trouble... maybe hope scares me because to hope is to risk being disappointed. Maybe... but, man, living in a negative, fearful, resigned, defeated place is tiring and unsustainable... so hope is a reprieve even if it is temporary.  

"It will all work out in the end..."  I am sure I have used those words and heard those words which are meant to offer comfort. But, in my more cynical moods, I wonder - what does "work out" mean, when is "in the end".  Does "in the end" possibly refer to come afterlife or heaven?  Does "it will all work out" really promised anything?  Work out - how? for who?  The other expression is everything happens for a reason - I used to say that,too, but I have amended that to "there is a way to find meaning in everything that happens"

Music time!

Well, we've reached the end of this week's Featured Friday Playlist, and as we like to do, we go out on a high note with five more great songs.  I have started building next week's list, and so far it is shaping up to be a good one. You can follow the E2TG Featured Friday Playlist on Spotify. If you follow E2TG Joe on Instagram, I usually add a story around midnight indicating that the new list is available.  But, before all that, here are songs 23-27 of this week's list.  If you are reading this on Thursday August 6, you can check out this week's list now -otherwise, scroll back through posts to read about the songs featured. 

23. "Little Things" by Sunny Gable
First up today, we have a lovely track from the self-produced EP by Colorado singer-songwriter Sunny Gable. The EP was made during quarantine, and it sounds fantastic.
24. "Vampire's Ball" by Sluka
Next up, we have a single from San Diego art rock band Sluka -led by Christopher Sluka - who was released eleven albums.  His career began in New York in the 1980s, and he has a large following all over the world. 
25. "Uncovered" by Max Helgemo
Next up, we have the new single from Nashville based singer-songwriter Max Helgemo. The song represents Helgemo's introduction to his new city - an imagined naked run through the streets representing his desire to open himself up as an artist. 
26. "Mr. Rain" by The Kondoors
Next up, we have the return of UK husband and wife duo, The Kondoors to the Featured Friday Shuffle. Their latest single was just released. The Kondoors is Gavin Conder and Jessica Greenfield (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds). The song is a powerhouse rock duet - and stands in contrast to "Good Times" the first song by the duo we featured. 
27. "Our Moment" by Adrift
And, we close out this segment and this week's playlist with a wonderful new track from Toronto based producer and artist Adrift. The song is electronic based indie rock with a positive vibe. A very cool way to close out this week of music. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

E2TG 8/05/2020 - Mid-week Blues and Greens - The Eye Openeth Mix (Memphis Remix)

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We have reached the mid-point of this work week. We are well into August. Here in Nashville, COVID-19 stats are improving, but for some reason this makes me anxious - because I fear that the increased precautions we have been in recent weeks (with some high-profile exceptions) will start slacking off and we will then see a resurgence, but I guess time will tell.  For me, it seems like it will be status quo for some time. 

There are things that excite and please me. There has been quite a bit new music released this year so far, and much of it is excellent.  Just looking back at the year so far at E2TG is evidence of that, but even outside the scope of this blog - there is a lot to be excited about. 

I also see many artists and venues being creative in dealing with the new reality, and I hope this continues. It will take thinking out side of the box to keep things going. 

I am excited about the state of activism - especially among the young - my hope is that even in a deep red state like Tennessee, the next generation of voters can help turn the tide. I have seen some demographics that bare out this hope. I hope we call find a sustainable way to keep up the fight for justice and human rights for all people. 

The November election fills me with equal parts hope and dread. I am not sure what I am going to do to survive election night... 

Finally, before we turn back to the music, a word about Spotify.  I join many in condemning the recent comments by the CEO of Spotify - his words were tone deaf and harmful. I have said this before, I held off a long-time before using Spotify extensively for this blog. I do think the platform is currently the best way to share music and a great way to discover music - if you know how - otherwise, you are just a tool of the machine.  Nevertheless, the platforms business model does not support independent artists well at all. 

I will once again say, if want to support musicians - you can like and follow and save etc on Spotify, but also buy physical copies and merch and tip at virtual or (when possible) at live shows. Help spread the word and encourage your fellow music lovers to support artists in a meaningful way.  

Buy through Bandcamp on the first Friday of every month when the waive fees. 

Time for today's recap of our weekly Featured Friday Playlist - today, we have a good one, songs 18-22:

18. "Adrenaline" by Above Snakes
Out of the gate, today, we have some hard hitting metal - a single ahead of the forthcoming debut EP by this Boston based band. I am not that familiar with all the genres listed in the e-mail, I got about this - the danger of having wide-open musical tastes I guess, but this sounds great and like I said, it hits hard. 
19. "Mafitishei" by shishi
Here at E2TG, we cover all kinds of music from all over the world. Today, we have a fantastic track - our first listen to this surf/punk/whatever band from Lithuania. Seriously, I really love this track. It is the title track to their recent album. 
20. "If I Were a Dinosaur" by Arlan Feiles
A shuffle with some New Orleans flavored piano.  Feiles is based in New Jersey - by way of Miami and Los Angeles. This is a track from his recent album What Kind of World?  I am very happy to have this song in our playlist. 
21. "Do You Want to Buy a Guitar" by Bob Nanna
Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes, The City on Film, Lifted Bells) with a track from his recently released Celebrations States album - his debut full-length under this new name. The album - all-acoustic - was recorded all on September 7, 2019 on what would have been his wedding anniversary.  It is a highly personal album, and I highly recommend you give it I listen. 
22. "Exploding Head" by R.E. Seraphin
We close out this segment of music with another debut under a new moniker. R.E. (Ray) Seraphin recently returned to his Bay Area hometown after having lived in Austin. He recruited some local musicians - included the bass player of Neutrals - who we have featured before. Seraphin was previously of the band Talkies.  The music here has elements of paisley pop and post-punk, and it is truly a great sound. Check it out. 

Tomorrow we wrap up our recap with songs 23-27...  
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

E2TG 8/4/2020 - Keep on Keeping On - Transparent Girls Mix (Close to Nature Remix)

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Right now, today, this week, I am just pushing forward... that is it.  It is taking all my energy not to loe hope, but I can't afford to lose hope.  So, I push forward and try to find joy when I can. 

I have no idea how any of this will end - so I stay in most of the time, wear a mask - to protect others - when I go out, I watch as many, many people attend large gatherings without masks - and travel and visit without limitations...

I see a President who can barely put together a coherent sentence and who lies almost as often has he speaks, and I see a large number of people who praise him and believe every word he says - even if what he says changes from moment to moment. 

I am not someone who is a political junkie.  I try to be as knowledgeable as I can about what is going on, but I don't live and breathe by the back and forth of Washington or even State Capitol goings on. I long for the time when weeks could go by without the latest "breaking news" dominating everything. 

I am staying busy with music - as much as I can.  So, let me tell you what is on my mind today when it comes to that. 

Today, we have five more songs to feature from this week's playlist:

13. "Ugly Freedom - Toka Remix" by Vee VV
Vee VV formed in 1981 in Blackpool from the ashes of Factory Records band Tunnelvision.  Toka formed Bosh Records in 1998. Vee VV specialize in infectious post-punk, Toka is an esteemed DJ and producer.  This is a powerhouse track, and a great addition to the playlist.
14."Hunger" by Inhaler Collective
Inhaler Collective is a soul/jazz/pop outfit from Liverpool and London who have some great sounds. This is the title track from their new release.
15. "Gusta" by Herb Barclay Project
Herb Barclay is a DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who blurs genre lines. This track as some great Latin/op sounds. 
16. "Breaking Free" by Leon Gill
Next up, we have a track from Master of None - a solo album from UK musician and songwriter - Leon Gill. 
17. "Live Your Dreams" by Painkillers
We close this segment of the playlist with a track from Italian punk band Painkillers. A great way to close out  this segment of music. 

Tomorrow, we will be back with the next 5 songs. Below the jump, we have today''s morning shuffle.  

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, August 3, 2020

E2TG 8/03/2020 - Music City Monday - An Elephant Mix (Good Stuff Remix)

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Here is to everyone fighting the good fight - whether that fight is for equal justice and rights for all people or just a fight to stay afloat and alive during these challenging times.  Whether the fight is one of words and action against injustice or one of personal internal struggles in the face of unprecedented challenges.  

You are not alone, and there are those of us who may not on the front-lines everyday, but please know that we have your back.  

At times, I am overwhelmed by the evil and indifference, apathy, and even acceptance of evil. But, I am okay, and so I must push through those feelings - acknowledge them sure - but push through. 

I don't always know exactly what to do or say in every situation and surely these are complicated times.. but standing for what is right and what is just in never complicated (unpopular and dangerous sometimes - sure - but never complicated).  

Recapping this week's Featured Friday Playlist: Today, we have songs 8-12:

8.  "Don't Wanna Let You Down" by Jon Worthy
A true story of the first month of the pandemic. This new single is Worthy's first self-produced and self-mixed single. A great song.
9. "Moons of Titan" by Jon Hassell
Next up, we have the jazz pioneer - trumpet player and composer - who worked to integrate ethnic traditions with electronic music.  His new album - Seeing Through Sound - is a follow-up to his 2018 Listening to Pictures album - considered part 2 of his pentimento series.
10. "Pieces of Me" by Ben Arthur
Next up, we have the latest single from long-time E2TG favorite Ben Arthur - who kicked off our 2019 8th Anniversary Residency. He is host and creator of the Song/Writer podcast which features a prose story followed by a song written in response to the story. 
11. "Lovely Melancholy" by Ten Penny Gypsy
Next, we have another track from the new album Fugitive Heart - by award-winning Arkansas country duo Ten Penny Gypsy.  This album - like their last was produced by Anthony Crawford.
12. "Hold on Hope" by Tayls 
We close out this segment of music with the latest single from Nashville's Tayls - led by Taylor Cole (former front man of Chilaxy and current drummer of Creature Comfort).  The next in a series of cover singles - this is their take on the 1999 Guided by Voices song.
Tomorrow - songs 13-17...

    Featured Friday Playlist