Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Top Sider Clad Mix

Thank goodness for second wind...  I think I may survive this week after all.  On another note, the temperature is about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time - welcome to winter in Nashville. I attended my first show at 3rd and Lindsley as a correspondent for No Depression/ND Roots.  My review should be up soon, I will post links on my Facebook page - so follow me there.

We have a pretty sweet shuffle to close out the week, so let's get to it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - For Penalty and Repentance Mix

I'm kind of running on fumes on this Thursday morning, so I am going to try another three word Thursday and see if I can get out and get some caffeine to help get me through the afternoon. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Pretty as a Prayer Book Mix

In the midst of a busy week of music.  Had the opportunity to hang out with some friends, watch some talented friends make music, and be introduced to some music I haven't heard before. Tonight, it is Darrin Bradbury playing at the Stone Fox on the west side of Nashville.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Honey Honey Mix

I am honestly at loss for what to write about in this introduction.  I am scheduled to see a bunch a good music including taking in my first 3rd and Lindsley show for No Depression. At the rate things are going, I may not even make it to East Nashville until Friday - which is highly unusual.

Today's shuffle is a pretty balanced mix of current (or at least recent) music along with some of my all-time favorites....  Let us see what is in store....

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - I'm Not Down Mix

Every other Sunday Night, an amazing cultural exchange program takes place in Nashville.  The East Side Invasion at Bobby's Idle Hour features some of East Nashville's best songwriters holding court at the legendary Music Row watering hole.  Curated and hosted by performing songwriter Lindsay Ellyn, the typical evening includes two songwriter rounds, a set from a featured artist, and a show closer by Darrin Bradbury. The night is a casual, laid-back affair that happens to include some of the best songwriters Nashville (East or West) has to offer. Plus, I'm usually home before eleven to get ready to face Monday morning.  Come on out sometime. The next East Side Invasion is February 8.

In the shuffle today, we have some great songs by some of my heroes, another awesome track from a new Alt-Rock band that we have been featuring, plus something completely different... let's dig in!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Morning Music Shuffle -

I wanted to share some news with all of my Ear to the Ground readers.  I am going to begin covering live shows at awesome Nashville venue 3rd and Lindsley for No Depression. Don't worry, #E2TG will continue to be the same hot mess that it always is, and you will also be able to read my reviews over at and see that I can actually clean up when it is required (I hope).  Seriously, I am excited about this opportunity and I know that all of you have helped me to reach this place. So, thanks!  Hot Mess of Cool Tunes follows....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Another Magic Mart Mix

Kiely Schlesinger, Lindsay Ellyn, and Jon Latham at Two Old Hippies 1/21/2015

Had a great time watching three of my favorite songwriters trade songs yesterday evening in The Gulch.

Reminder, TONIGHT: Darrin Bradbury and the Fran's Eastside Super High Band will be starting off a great night of music at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  Be there! 9:00p.m. $5.00.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Pants on Fire Mix

Last night, I hung out at this wonderful weekly East Nashville happening, Derek Hoke's $2 Tuesday at The 5 Spot. It was a great time with some great music. Host Derek Hoke played an awesomely perfect Western Swingish version of Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy, and the night ended with a great full-band set by J.R. Wyatt who I have featured on this blog.

If you are in Nashville on Thursday, you have your next non-Fran's chance to see Ear to the Ground 2014 Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury. The show is also at The 5 Spot beginning around 9:00.  Mention Ear to the Ground and you will get some odd looks, but what the heck, mention us anyway.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Talking inYour Sleep Mix

I had a technical glitch which prevented me from going back to review the songs in this morning's shuffle, so I did the best I could from memory.  I realize that no one would know the difference, but I felt the need to be honest about that.  I think I came pretty close (possible some songs out of order)...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Dream Too Much Mix

Had a great time last night on my first visit to the (relatively) new City Winery Nashville.  The first ever Nashville Nights featured Darrin Bradbury and Tim Easton with Megan Palmer with special guest Amy Speace.  It's a gorgeous building and the music sounded great.

A bit short on time.  As I do every year on this date, I begin the Video Playlist with a song (not part of the shuffle) by Cracker from their self-titled debut.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - If You Don't Know Mix

Getting back on schedule...

ICYMI:  Check out my review of Dale Watson and Rosie Flores at Exit/In.

If you are in Nashville this evening, head on over to City Winery Nashville. A great night of music is on tap with #E2TG Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury kicking things off at 8:00 sharp so don't be late. $5.00 to hear some really great people make really cool music.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dale Watson and the Lonestars with Rosie Flores – Exit/In Nashville 1/9/2015

It’s been a particularly interesting week to live in Nashville and be someone who writes about music.  This week, a mashup of six top Country songs went viral.  The songs were virtually identical besides not being very good. It was concrete proof of what many of us know already that mainstream (so called) Country music is in a pitiful state. So, maybe it is fitting that I ended my week at the legendary Exit/In for the opening night of the Baddest of the Bad Tour which included the return of Dale Watson to the same Music City that over 20 years ago told him he was "Too Country for Country."

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Gonna Use My Fingers Mix

I am late and I don't have much time, so I will just leave you with a long mix of music and very little in the way of narration,,,,  enjoy

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - All for Show Mix

Note to myself: just because it is not 4 degrees, the 20s are still pretty cold.

I wonder if I am the only person who upon encountering an unpleasant odor while out walking, thinks that I need to push the "inside air" button...

Ah, ignore me. It Friday - the end of the first full week of work in what seems like forever.

We close out the week a shuffle that includes a couple of recent tunes mixed in with some songs that I have loved for a long time....

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - The Motel Angels Sing Mix

Temperatures started plunging yesterday in Nashville, but your favorite music blogger didn't let that stop him from exploring some of the city's mid-week music offerings.  And neither did I.  Here's the scorecard: 1. Hanging out with one of my favorite musician's managers and a top notch Nashville singer/songwriter and watching the granddaughter of an outlaw country music legend rock the house. 2. Meeting said granddaughter and some of her band. 3. Watching three of the absolute best songwriters around kick off their tour. 4. Making triumphant return to Fran's Eastside (first time since December 17?) and hanging with some cool folks and hearing some amazing music from some of my insanely talented friends.  Yeah!

This morning, it was as cold as... well you'll have to come up with your own saying, I'm still too cold to think straight.  Here are the songs that valiantly tried to keep me warm... well they sure made being cold more tolerable.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Sunflower/Locomotive Mix

I am not a morning person.  It seems important to say that because I post a daily Morning Shuffle which features music I listen to between 6:45 a.m. (or so) and 7:15 a.m. (or so).  I just wanted you to know that I don't do a morning shuffle because I am a morning person, but rather by current necessity, I have to be up and about by this time, and being a non-morning person, I need a soundtrack of cool music to keep me moving....  This is my soundtrack for Monday morning January 5, 2015.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Please to Meet You... Mix

2015.  A new year, a new start... it's seems right to begin again with an introduction. My name is Joe, and I write this music blog called Ear to the Ground.  In this particular corner of the internet, I hope to introduce you to music you've not yet heard.  Some of it is brand new, some of it is very old... I decide what does into the playlist to be shuffled and the magical mystery shuffle function decides the mix.  Anything can happen.  We some awesome things in store for you, dear reader, in the coming year, but I won't tell you what they are in case we don't do them.  You never know... life is funny that way...

Well, the year isn't getting any younger, so let's dive in....