Friday, September 30, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Jump Back Down Mix

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Well, yesterday I wrote about the finale of Mark Robinson's Showband and Rhythm Revue Residency at The 5 Spot.  Well, the show certainly lived up to my expectations (and then some!).  Master levels musicianship, world-class vocalists, and Mark Robinson - who is a consummate bandleader.  Such a fun night.

Well, this week has kind of flown by in a hurry... it is Friday and time for Featured Friday on E2TG.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - So Far Today Mix

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Welcome back to E2TG!  So, last night Amelia White wrapped up her month-long residency at The 5 Spot. As special guest Reckless Johnny Wales said, this means she is now a doctor!  Reckless Johnny sounded fantastic - as usual - backed by Chris Tench on guitar.

Amelia had an incredible band backing her including Robert Mache from Memphis, Parker Hawkins, and Fran Breen. Plus Chris Tench sat in for most of the set. Special guest Julie Christensen added her legendary vocals to some of Amelia's songs plus did a few of her own songs. Surprise guest Tomi Lynn Lunsford joined Christensen to sing background on "Dogs Bark" and then stayed to back up the last song of the night.  A wonderful ending to a fantastic residency.

Tonight: The 5 Spot is once again the place to be. Mark Robinson wraps up his Residency (I guess he will be a doctor now, too) in style.  With an expanded showband with Mark Jordan and Ben Graves joining Daniel Seymour and Rick Schell.  Plus the special guests are two of the finest vocalist Nashville has to offer... Jonell Mosser and Vickie Carrico.  Noted music blog, Ear to the Ground called the Mark Robinson Band one of the best live bands around, and they have certainly lived up to that this month.  Tonight will be one to remember. 6:00pm.

It is Thursday when we throw things back:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Wicked Turns Mix

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Well... We've reached mid-week. The weather in Nashville is spectacular, and I have a ton of songs to get to so, I will make it brief.'

Tonight - The 5 Spot - Amelia White Residency wraps up with Reckless Johnny Wales, Julie Christensen, a killer band, good friends, drinks, food, and fun! 6pm.

Wild Wednesday follows:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Imitation Soul Mix

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After three weeks of having a tooth pulled, having a really bad sinus infection (worst one I have ever had), and then Americana Fest, I did some recording for Double Shot with Sue last night - tonight's agenda is laundry and catching up on stuff.  If you can, you should definitely head over to the High Watt for Brian Ritchey, Jon Latham, and Smoking Flowers.

Looking ahead, Amelia White and Mark Robinson each wrap up their residencies for September on Wednesday and Thursday.  White's guest is Reckless Johnny Wales and in band guest Julie Christensen.   Robinson's has a expanded Showband with amazing vocalists and writers Jonell Mosser and Vickie Carrico.   Both shows are don't miss affairs.

Now, it is Tuesday.  For Trending Tuesday, we are still shuffling from the "New Music" playlist - made up mainly of music I received either directly from artists or through publicists.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Shake Shake Shake Like a Rattlesnake Mix

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Okay... trying to catch my breath after Americana Fest... here is a quick wrap up.  Friday, I did get off work around 2:00 and made it to Drifter's in time to catch the end of Marvin Etzioni's set - which was wonderful.  Next up was Brian Langlinais who absolutely killed it was an amazing band that included Jim Hoke, Jonell Mosser, and Ron Eoff among others. Great swampy - Louisiana/Tennessee music...

After a quick trip to Fanny's House of Music with Jill Kettles and Alexander Wright (2Ton Bridge), I made my way to The 5 Spot to catch the first hour of Tim Carroll Rock and Roll Happy Hour - which started early for AMA.  Off to WNXA to pick up the banner and fliers and ran into my friend Karen and Gabrielle Louise - who I have been posting about - great to get to meet her.   Off to The Station Inn for a magical night - of introducing bands and telling people about WXNA.  My highlight was getting to meet and introduce Syd Straw and to hear her sing some of my favorite songs of hers. "Think Too Hard", "Chasing Vapor Trails", "String of Pearls", and "Golden Dreams"... Another big highlight was hearing Tyler Childers and wondering why I was just discovering this incredible songwriter????  He brought the house down.  Great playing from 10 String Symphony, Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley, and The Lonely Heartstring Band.

Saturday, I had a nice breakfast/brunch with a bunch of fine folks and then made to the Cafe Rooster launch party at Little Harpeth - and to catch some of the festival's MVPs like Darrin Bradbury, Jon Latham, Aaron Lee Tasjan etc. before I had to scoot.  Sad that I was prevented from seeing Jon Latham, but happy of the reports of a packed house and an (as expected) kick ass set.

Final reflections:  The term Americana music  may bring to mind bad pop/rock bands that add a banjitar and don Western wear... Or some other loathsome thing... but my take for this year is that the Americana Music Association opened their doors to some of my favorite people (who also happen to be the best musicially - in my opinion)... The big umbrella seemed a little bit bigger this year, and I had an amazing time - even while missing out on ton of things due to lack of cloning and stuff.. As I posted last week - the festival started with covers of The Who, Blondie, and The Pogues - as it turned out - that beginning did seem to set the tone for a festival with some memorable and rocking moments.

With Americana Fest over, I headed back to The 5 Spot for a more typical East Nashville night at my favorite watering hole... caught the tail end of Sunday Night Soul (which I had heard good things about) and was blown away. Next up, a party put on my the good folks at Cosmic Thug Records (a label formed by super-producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins along with long time E2TG favorite Pony Boy.  In typical East Nashville fashion, the show featured Carey Kotsionis, Lilly Hiatt, Pony Boy, Emma Swift and Robyn Hitchcock, T. Hardy Morris, Tristan, Justin and the Cosmics, and Smoking Flowers.  Everyone was incredible.  Pony Boy and Emma and Robyn each did Dylan covers. Lilly Hiatt was amazing as always, Tristan was next level good plus brought up Caitlin Rose. T. Hardy Morris was incredible guest John McCauley (Deer Tick)... Robbie from Deer Tick played a variety of instruments (keys, bass, drums) with several different artists. Justin and the Cosmics left nothing on or off the stage in an electrifying performance.   Among the people who crowded the club were Bobby Bare Jr., Lucinda Williams, and many more great artists.  Yep - pretty normal night on the East side.

Whew!  On to the shuffle: Music City style!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - The Sun's Alive Mix

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Well - about seven and half hours of live music last night...  Mark Robinson Showband and Rhythm Revue with guests David Olney and RB Morris was as spectacular as I expected.  With bullhorns, Robinson's always amazing guitar playing, and the whole company doing "Stagger Lee"  duet style with Olney (with bullhorn) and Morris trading vocals.

After studying the schedule and weighing the options some of which involved multiple trips across the river and back, I decided to just set down roots at The Basement East for AMA night. I had a little time before that, so I joined some friends to catch Tim Carroll, Luella, Cameron Carrus, with David Strayer on drums.  It was like a partial reunion of the old Fran's Eastside days.

When I finally made my way to The Beast, I ran into more friends and got to meet the one and only Mojo Nixon!  I have heard at Americana to enjoy what you decide to do and not overthink the things you are passing up.. so in that spirit.... Bottle Rockets were incredible and they brought out special guest Eric Ambel for a couple of songs.  Next up was Grant Lee Phillips who I had never seen live before.  I really dug his set.   Next was John Paul White with special guests The Secret Sisters.  I have not really had the chance to dig into White's recent work, but I was really impressed by this set.  I was starting to fade a bit during his set, but it did not have anything to do with the music.

I managed to drink some water and move a little and then moved closer to the stage for Brian Wright's night closing set.  He had Aaron Lee Tasjan playing guitar and a great band backing  him, and it was every bit as good a set as I could ever imagine. His special guests were Ladie Gun Club, and the sit included the band gathered around one mic - like they do on the Opry...  Wright's set closing, "Glory Hallelujah" was everything you want a closing number to be.

So, tonight... I am trying to wrap up things at work - so the shuffle post may be quick... Jill Kettles and Rodney Metroyer are hosting  an unofficial AMA event this afternoon with Marvin Etzioni, Brian Langlinais (remember that name as the shuffle proceeds) and more.  Bloodshot Records is throwing a party in the back yard of The Groove record store - with Lydia Loveless, Bottle Rockets, Robbie Fulks, and Cory Branan.  Plus, Tim Carroll Rock and Roll Happy Hour has been moved up one hour.  But, my night will be centered on The Station Inn. WXNA is hosting tonight's AMA showcases (and tomorrow night, too). Tonight, I will be hanging out with Richie Owens and Howard Yearwood from Wagon Wheel, and one of my tasks is to get to introduce Syd Straw! and talk about WXNA!

Also, Aaron Lee Tasjan is at Cannery Ballroom, Zach Schmidt is at ACME, and and and....

Featured Friday shuffle ahead...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - Hurricane in My Pocket Mix

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So, Americana Fest 2016 is winding down... what's that? It's just Thursday morning... oh good god!

Night 2:  After work, I made about a fifteen minute pit stop at my home to change clothes and grab a bite before heading to The 5 Spot to catch Renee Wahl and The Sworn Secrets open up Amelia White's Residency. Renee is one my absolute favorites, and I could listen to her all day long.  Next up, Ted Russell Camp played a few and then joined the Blu Souvenirs for Amelia White's set. This week, Amelia was joined by Jon Byrd for several songs, and this is a combination I definitely want to hear more often.

As that show was ending, I headed across the river to The City Winery Nashville. There was a large East Nashville-centric contingent in the audience for Darrin Bradbury's Official Americana Fest Showcase debut. He was backed by a killer band - Derek Hoke, Megan Palmer, Cameron Carrus, and Matty Alger.

If I may... So, Darrin and I often recall the night we first met in person (at Bongo East) - he had just recently moved out of his car and into an apartment (which he would soon have to vacate after coming home from a tour and finding a bullet hole in his wall), and I was entering a new and uncertain phase of my life. But, last night I was recalling and even earlier time.  As I have mentioned, I had written about Darrin's old band - Big Wilson River a couple of year previous to all of this, but they were in the process of breaking up, and I didn't connect with Darrin at that time.  In November of 2013, my friend and fellow music blogger David Horton sent me a message and said that Darrin Bradbury was moving to Nashville, and that I should look out for him. Around that same time, a friend on Facebook posted something about how there weren't any "pure" songwriters like John Prine/Guy Clark etc.... these days... while today, I would have many examples to give him - I just didn't at that time.  But, after David Horton's message, I went on-line and checked out Darrin's music.  One of the first things I listened to was a (now unavailable) collections called The Almost Great Crepes (Demos).  As I listened, I immediate knew that my friends observation was dead wrong. I began writing about Darrin - a lot, and after our initial meeting, in the first six months or so after that, I probably saw him play on average 3 or more times a week. I heard "True Love" and other songs more times than I could count, and I knew I was in the presence of greatness - even when I was watching him with 10 or 12 other people in some sketchy venue.  Yesterday, Darrin played a song at The Country Music Hall of Fame and (finally back to my original post) had an official AMA Showcase at The City Winery (a decidedly unsketchy place), and I watch a whole group of people experience his music for the first time, and you know what, they got it! The same way I got it almost three years before. And they got it because Darrin Bradbury owned the moment - as he usually does regardless of the venue or the number of people).  His performance of "Elmwood Park" was, I think, a watershed moment for him - and all of the record labels that passed on his latest album should be kicking themselves hard.   "Elmwood Park" is the title track to Darrin's latest album which was recently released by Cafe Rooster Records.  I know I am gushing just a little, but I had goosebumps watching the performance last night - even hearing "True Love" for probably the 900th time.

James McMurtry was up next, and he was as incredible live as he has been the other times I have seen him.  "Choctaw Bingo" "Painting By Numbers" etc.  Incredible.

After his set, we headed back across the river and back to The 5 Spot to catch the tail end of Tim Easton's Showcase and to hear his duet with Megan Palmer who also crossed the river.

I am running on fumes today, and I have a full night ahead of me.  It all begins at 5:00pm at The 5 Spot for the fourth week of The Mark Robinson Showband and Rhythm Revue Residency which happens to be an official AMA event this year.  Mark and his incredible band - Daniel Seymour and Rick Schell will be joined by David Olney and RB Morris - two of the absolute best poets/songwriters I have ever heard. I know there is a lot going on - but seriously this is one that I am not going to miss.

After that, my plans are kind of still up in the air - as I am overwhelmed by choices.  I will alert you that Austin Lucas is playing ACME Feed and Seed at 7pm and that Jon Latham will be singing a song or two with him.  Also, Brian Wright showcases at The Basement East at Midnight. After seeing him destroy with ALT and Friends on Tuesday, I am thinking this is going to be an epic night. Green Room Music Source is hosting an AMA Showcase night at the American Legion Post 82.  Tommy Womack is heading a non-official night at Mad Donnas. Other non-official shows at Douglas Corner.  Official shows all over town - including John Moreland, Wanda Jackson and more at 3rd and Lindsley... and far to many other things to mention. Which is why I am overwhelmed.

It's Thursday - let's throw things back with a shuffle that is part Americanaesque and part not Americanaesque.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Gabba Gabba Hey! Mix

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And so it begins... you know, if my Americana 2016 experience ended last night, I think I would be pretty darn satisfied...

I decided not to risk getting shut out of the venue, so I drove straight from work to the Pub at The Basement East and hung out with friends and listened to Terry Rickards and Darrin Bradbury play music by East Nashville musicians.  Then, we joined the line to get into The Basement East.   Caught part of a set by a talented group of students from Nashville School for the Arts.

Later, Chuck Mead led a pretty amazing band with special guests through set that included Mead singing The Who's "Can't Explain", Sarah Gayle Meech singing Blondie's "Heart of Glass", and a cover of a song by The Pogues - plus Patrick Sweany... plus, plus... And that was the "opening act"!

So, I knew that Aaron Lee Tasjan and Friends was going to be epic... I mean, it's ALT and last year's set was epic so...   2014 E2TG Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury kicked things off with a rocking rendition of his classic "Life is Hard (The Ballad of Jack Kerouac, Lenny Bruce, and Daffy Duck)"... Zach Schmidt - one of my favorites - was up next with one of my favorite songs of his, "Company Man", 2015 E2TG Artist of the Year Jon Latham did his song, "Waitressing Sucks" and there were suddenly a bunch of new Jon Latham fans in the house. Brian Wright did a face-meltingly good performance of "Glory Hallelujah" - I mean...  Brian Wright always blows me away, but this was next level good.  He and Aaron Lee have been playing together quite a bit and it really shows because they were incredibly tight throughout the set.  ALT did "Made in America" and "Ready to Die" which were both amazing. There was more, but I'm running short on time... Then, Jon Latham returned to the stage with the great Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites, Dan Baird and Homemade Sin, The Bluefields) and my mind was blown.  I could have just gone home right then and have been satisfied... but I didn't.

Lee Ann Womack was next with an incredible band and a bunch of friends... like Waylon Payne, Brent Cobb, Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller, Amanda Shires, Jason Isbell (who sang Todd Snider's "Play a Train Song"), Patty Griffin, and more.

Kind of sort of as we speak, Darrin Bradbury is joining Margo Price, Aaron Lee Tasjan and others for an NPR segment at The Country Music Hall of Fame.  I don't know if you can even imagine how it feels to have watch the ascension of Darrin Bradbury over the last two plus years. I am beyond proud of him and glad to know him.  I am at work and not able to be at the Hall of Fame, but I will be there when he takes the stage at The City Winery for his official showcase performance before James McMurtry takes the stage.  Other recommendations for tonight: Allen Thompson Band at ACME Feed and Seed at 11pm and Tim Easton at The 5 Spot at midnight.  My night will be begin at The 5 Spot for Amelia White's Residency show with guest Renee Wahl and the Sworn Secrets and an appearance by Jon Byrd. It will be nice to be back in the friendly comfines of The 5 Spot.

Let's get to the shuffle while I still have a few minutes to write... It is Wild Wednesday - let's get Wild!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Girl Mouth Mix

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Well... here we are... I know there were some pre-Americana shows around town last night, but tonight things officially begin.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances yada yada, I will be severely limited in my ability to attend daytime events during the week, and as a caveat as I post recommendations, please understand, I will not necessarily be able to attend every one (although I would like to).  Today - I have two recommendations:  1.  The Green Room Music hosts an AMA Party at Fond Object beginning at 3:30 with some familiar names like Ben de la Cour, Tim Easton, Anne McCue, Amy Speace, Kevin Gordon and more.  If you can make any of that, you should!  2. The Beast hosts Better Together: Americana Fest Eastside Kickoff Party - brought to by the Guitartown and Sin City  (who put on last year's shindig that was for me one of the highlights of the whole fest). Hard to imagine, but they just may have outdone themselves this year.  Aaron Lee Tasjan and Friends (lots of familiar names are friends with ALT), Chuck Mead and Friends (Chuck Mead has some really cool friends, too), and Lee Ann Womack and her All-Star band.  They are holding back some big names, and there are tons of people in town. I really would not recommend missing this if at all possible.  8:00p.m. is the start time, but I would plan to arrive early - this one will reach capacity (I do believe).  Included with Wristband/AMA credentials.  Rumor has it that Darrin Bradbury will be spinning tunes in the Pub before the show along with Basement East booker extraordinaire Terry Rickards.

Much more to come...

It is Tuesday - let's check out what the ol' shuffle says is trending at E2TG....

Monday, September 19, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Cocaine and Communion Wine Mix

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Whew!  I am back!  After having my work schedule thrown off for a couple of days, I have been laid up with the yucks for the last few days.  Slowly recovering just in time for the madness that is Americana Music Association Festival to begin in Nashville.  AMA Fest is like a normal music week in Nashville on steroids. The impossible choices, the conflicts, the mad dashes from venue to venue hoping you don't get shut out... Lots of E2TG and personal favorites are playing official and unofficial and semi-official shows.  I will try to sort it all out as best I can, but pretty much - the schedule is one line, AMA even has an app, and you are on your own.

I did manage to catch just one show during my convalescence. On Friday, I felt a little better and wandered over to The Family Wash to catch an awesome triple bill.  Ned Hill (of the band Ned Van Go) was backed by Tommy Womack, and it was wonderful.   BARK rocked the house and it was great to see them.  And Alvin Youngblood Hart's Muscle Theory blew me away. Really great southern, bluesy, music.  They were joined by two special guests - Canadian turned Nashvillian Steve Dawson and the always amazing Audley Freed.  Two incredible but very different guitar players.

Coolness today - Jon Latham had a new song premiere on Country Fried Rock.  And Zach Schmidt had a new song premiere at Bluegrass Situation.

Now,  we have a Music City Monday shuffle to get the week off on the right foot...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning (and Afternoon) Shuffle - 5 Long Years Mix

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Reporting in late with a shuffle that began this morning and stretched into this afternoon.

First, some reminders.  Tomorrow do not miss Amelia White with special guests Megan Palmer and Don Gallardo - The 5 Spot at six pm.  Thursday: Mark Robinson Showband with Davis Raines and Tiffany Huggins Grant - same place and same time.  Some alternative suggestions for Thursday:  If you are down Franklin way, be sure to check in to the Legendary Kimbro's Picking Parlor to see a superb line-up with Ben de la Cour and Marvin Etzioni (The Mandolin Man, Lone Justice).   If you are not at Mark Robinson's show or down in Franklin at Kimbro's, I hope it because you at the O.G. Basement to see Beau James and J.R. Wyatt.  Later on, you can head (or stay) at The 5 Spot for Sara Syms, Bird and Bear, and a new band debuting called Bell Dive. Alternatively, you can head over to Phat Bites in Hip Donelson and check out Furious Primates and others for a show that had to be moved due to the surprising and sad news of the abrupt closing of FooBar. Friday: After Tim Carroll Rock and Roll Happy Hour - head up down Main Street to The Family Wash for a triple bill that features E2TG favorites BARK along with Ned Hill of Ned Van Go, and Alvin Youngblood Hart's Muscle Theory.  Whew!  Is the weekend yet?

Let's get to that shuffle....

Monday, September 12, 2016

Music City Monday Shuffle - You Ain't Going Anywhere Mix

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Well.. back to the work week...  For me, listening to cool tunes and then writing about those tunes is a great way to begin my day. So, that is what I do. As regular readers know, Monday's we focus our attention on Music City USA (aka Nashville). The morning shuffle comes from a playlist of artists with some connection to Nashville.  They either live here, used to live here, spent a significant amount of time here etc.  Or else, I somehow thought they had a connection to Nashville when I created the playlist and now I can come up with a convoluted explanation of why they are included here to distract from the fact that I made a mistake.  I don't think we have any in the latter category today, but we shall see.  

Before we begin... posting may be a bit erratic the next couple of days due to some changes in my routine.  In case I do not get the opportunity, Wednesday night at 6:00pm, Amelia White's September Residency continues with special guests Megan Palmer!  and a short solo acoustic set by Don Gallardo!  Plus Ingrid Graudins will be sitting in with the band.  Be there or regret not being there!

To the shuffle!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Impossible Mix

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And just like that it is Friday!

Well, week 2 of Mark Robinson's Showband and Rhythm Revue Residency at The 5 Spot sure lived up to my expectations!

The core band of Robinson, Daniel Seymour, and Rich Schell were phenomenal. They powered through original and classic tunes.  I really dug guest #1, Mark Huff.  Great songs and that Beatles cover was so good!  Guest #2 was the legendary Webb Wilder.  Wilder played songs from the last couple of albums plus some really interesting and wonderful cover selections. I first saw Webb Wilder play live close to 30 years ago, and it great to see him still making great music and here backed by this incredible showband.  Robinson's run continues next Thursday with the one and only Davis Raines and the awesome singer/songwriter Tiffany Huggins Grant.

Let's just right into Feature Friday Shuffle - from the special "New Music" playlist.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Skinny Jeans and Bad Hair Mix

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Okay... here we go. The good thing about starting you work week on Wednesday is that you suddenly find yourself at Thursday!  First things first.

Really enjoyed night one of Amelia White's September Residency at The 5 Spot.  Jesse and Noah opened with some new songs, some old songs, and a nifty Donovan cover. Amelia White and the Blue Souvenirs were awesome as always - Parker Hawkins, Fran Breen, Paul Neihaus, and Dave Coleman. We really are spoiled here in Nashville by all the great players. Amelia debuted some new songs in addition to playing some of my favorites. She threw in an awesome cover of "Silver Wings" - a song by the late Merle Haggard that I was introduced to by The Knitters.

Tonight, Mark Robinson's September Residency at The 5 Spot continues.  The band will include Rick Schell and Daniel Seymour, and the special guests will be Mark Huff and Webb Wilder!  Seriously, do not miss this show if at all possible!

Since, I missed Trending Tuesday, and since I have an overabundance of "new music", I am going to forgo Throwback Thursday for this week only and present a rare Trending Thursday shuffle... enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Fake French Cafe Mix

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Well, I am back after an extra extended weekend. I was supposed to be back yesterday, but I had to see a man about a tooth. OUCH!

First a quick recap - the incredible run of live music last week continued: Friday: Erin Rae, Tim Easton, and Ariel Bui.  Saturday: Ted Drozdowski, Gina Sicilia, and Jon Langford.

Back at the live music tonight as Amelia White's Residency kicks off with Jesse and Noah opening, and an awesome band backing Amelia White - that is at The 5 Spot.  ICYMI- here is a link to my preview of the September Residencies at The 5 Spot.

Later at The 5 Spot - Broads and Brews Comedy Show benefiting Thistle Farms with tarot card readings, comedy, and music by Joanna Barbera and more.

On to the Wild Wednesday shuffle (shortened by technological glitches)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Viva La Vita Mix

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Let's recap last night in live music (or at least the part I took in):  The Mark Robinson Showband Residency got off to a stellar start.  Mark Robinson is truly one of my favorite performers to see live. He delivers every single time.  Guests Ted Drozdowski, Richie Owens, and Nick Kane were amazing, and when all four took the stage together, I thought the stage was either going to levitate or explode from all of the great guitar. I even added assistant guitar tech to my resume. Okay, all I did was hold a light for Richie Owens, but who doesn't embellish on resumes?

After the show ended, a group of us headed a few blocks over to The Basement East for the Louisiana Flood Benefit.  Lot's of awesome Louisiana music performed by an extraordinary line-up of musicians.  Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra was the first act I saw (I missed the first act of the night).  Better Than Ezra (the long-running New Orleans band has a foundation that does tons of amazing things in the Pelican State.  All proceeds from last night's show went to that foundation to be earmarked for flood relief.  Details about the foundation can be found here.  Chuck Mead lead an all-star band (including Fats Kaplin on accordion) including the Cajun music standards "Diggy Liggy Lo" and "Joli Blon" plus the "faux" but essential Cajun song by Hank Williams "Jambalaya". Next, the phenomenal Will Kimbrough who as then joined by Emmylou Harris!!!!!  Emmylou sounded soooo good.  Next up was Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift. I've been seeing Robyn around the neighborhood a bunch recently (which feels really weird to say), but this was the first time I have seen him perform in a while. Fantastic stuff!   Next up Chase McGillis with a band billed as The Mini Meters.  Doing Meters covers which had everyone moving.  Patrick Sweany was up next, and he was as incredible as always. He brought up Kevin Gordon for a couple of songs and then gave up the stage  for Gordon and his band to close out the night in fine style. The vibe and the people and the music were all incredible and made for a magical night.

It is Friday!!!!!!  Tonight, Tim Easton is celebrating the release of his new album American Fork with an outdoor show at Fond Object (6:00pm). The weather is about perfect.  Ariel Bui and Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles open the night.

Time for some featured Friday music:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - Ride Sally Ride Mix

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Okay! I have a lot of ground to cover, and I am really, really tired... so let's get to it!

Last night, I spent almost exactly seven hours at The 5 Spot listening to live music, and what a night it was.  David Olney wrapped up his August Residency in fine fashion.  Drawing from his immense catalog of songs, Olney - backed by a great band (Daniel Seymour, Justin Amaral, and Ward Stout) - was fiery, passionate, and powerful.  Great moments: his song, "Titanic" (told from the point of view of the iceberg flowed into a Dylan Thomas poem.  "Deeper Well" flowed into "Kubla Khan" and then "Who Do You Love?" (Bo Diddly) before finding its way back home.

Later, The Burning Peppermints, from Birmingham, Alabama tore up the stage with a high energy, high volume sonic assault.  Next, Jon Latham reminded once again why I named him Artist of the Year for 2015. Playing a mixture of old and new songs, Latham goes to some higher plane when he performs, and he takes the audience with him.  If you think this is hyperbole, then you have never seen Jon Latham perform.  Following Jon Latham is not easy, but Don Gallardo and How Far West came armed with incredible songs and the ability to play them very well. It is always a treat to see Gallardo play. Last night was no exception.  The night ended in the early hours of this morning with Stuffy Shmitt and an awesome band that included Sergio Webb on guitar. Shmitt moved to Nashville from New York a while back, and this was my first opportunity to see him live.  It was a wonderful set of music - quirky lyrics, solid music, humor, courageousness. I hope to see him play again really soon!

Tonight:  Well, tonight. First of all there is a ton of amazing live music going on tonight (and every night) in Nashville. I could probably write a daily blog just on the live music scene, and I still couldn't cover everything.  Tonight alone, I can off the top of my head think of five or six shows that I could attend - everything from a huge free downtown outdoor festival to a more intimate house show.  Where I will be: Starting at 6:00p.m., Mark Robinson begins his month-long Showband Residency with a stacked deck of incredible guitar players - Richie Owens, Ted Drozdowski, and Nick Kane sharing a stage with Mark Robinson is a sight I cannot wait to see. In about 5 and 1/2 hours (as I am writing this), I will be able to experience it. Nashville is known as guitar town and this quartet of players are the cream of the crop.

After that show, a bunch of us will be headed to The Basement East for an star-studded tribute/benefit for Louisiana flood victims. Proceeds from the show which features folks like Kevin Gordon, Will Kimbrough, Grimey, members of Better Than Ezra, and certain Red Dirt Girl will go to the Better Than Ezra Foundation and go toward supplies for victims of the devastating floods.  Great music will also be happening at The 5 Spot and The Basement - both those shows featuring artists I love. Oh for a cloning machine or a time machine...

One last thing before we get to the Throwback Shuffle... and certainly not the least!!!!!!!

I am so happy to announce the upcoming release (September 9) of the long awaited Darrin Bradbury album, Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook  presented by Cafe Rooster Records.  Here is the best news, as of this morning. you can pre-order the album and receive new recordings of two classic Darrin Bradbury tunes: "Life is Hard" and "True Love".  If you pre-order, the rest of the album will magically appear in your inbox on September 9.  The album was recorded at Eastside Manor Studios and produced by Gabe Masterson. It features an impressive list of players adding their musical magic to Bradbury's funny, tragic, sad, and uplifting songs.  Musicians include, Laur Joamets (Sturgill Simpson's band), Tim Easton, Brian Wright, Megan Palmer, Jay Rutherford (Los Colognes), and many more.   If you want to pre-order (and yes, you do want to pre-order), you can do so via the embedded widget thingy below. And then, after the jump, you can read about today's shuffle...