Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Wicked Turns Mix

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Well... We've reached mid-week. The weather in Nashville is spectacular, and I have a ton of songs to get to so, I will make it brief.'

Tonight - The 5 Spot - Amelia White Residency wraps up with Reckless Johnny Wales, Julie Christensen, a killer band, good friends, drinks, food, and fun! 6pm.

Wild Wednesday follows:

"You Don't Even Know Me" by Al Stewart

Lead off track from Al Stewarts 4th album released in 1972 - featured a pre-Attractions Bruce Thomas on bass.

"The Graveyard Ballet" by Gabrielle Louise

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how much I love If the Static Clears.  The crowdfunding was successful. Look for the album soon and get it!  I was lucky enough to run into Gabrielle during Americana Fest, and it was good to meet her in person. 

"Swans" by Weird.

From the 2012 album A Long Period of Blindness. Weird. is a band from Rome. Noisy, alternative, shoegazey stuff. Cool... 

"Hurricane" by Elouise

And another from Deep Water by California blackgrass band Elouise. 

"Jump" by Van Halen

From the album 1984.  Okay, okay.. when Sue and I originally discussed our Covers show - we talked about playing the original and then the cover before scrapping the idea. I added "Jump" so that I could play Aztec Camera's cover. 

"Every Port in The Storm" by Joey Kneiser

The Wildness is the outstanding latest album by Glossary's Joey Kneiser. 

"The Blue Highways" by Darrin Bradbury

One of my all-time favorite Darrin Bradbury songs. From his latest album, Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audio Book. 
"Get Up" by Dirty Basement Blues

Awesome blues rock from Michigan.

"Somethin' Else" by Little Richard and Tanya Tucker

An Eddie Cochran song -  by a rock and roll legend and a country music icon. From Rhythm Country and Blues - a 1994 album which paired country music artists with rhythm and blues artists. 

"Did I Get It? (U Think U Got It)" by Circus Propaganda

Another one from Botany by the now defunct Circus Propaganda. An early release on Dord Records Group. 

"Lincoln Logs" by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper

From the 1987 album Bo-Day-Shus!!! In honor of meeting Mojo Nixon last week, but this song was written and sung by Skid Roper. 

"VINES" by Ugggy (prod. PCK)

More greatness from Legends of the SmoKe - this time featuring production by PCK (Patrick of Valued Customer).

"Infinite Cities" by The Bright Light Social Hour

Got this from a Noisetrade compilation for Sloss Fest. From the album Space Is Still the Place. 

"Count on Me" by Si Cranstoun

More Old School grooves from this this noted UK Artist.. 

"If I Don't Win" by Clark Paterson

Another from Final Tradition. Amazing Nashville songwriter. 

"Eunice Two-Step" by Beausoliel

We close this shuffle with some cajun, two-step music. From the mighty Beausoliel, from a World Cafe recording. 


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