Wednesday, February 10, 2021

E2TG 2/10/2021 - Music Saves - Lost Mix (See Through Remix)

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Time and again, I am reminded of how important music has been in my life. I have found comfort, friendships, and countless joy through music. It may seem like hyperbole to say, "Music saved my life", but honestly, it is difficult to imagine my life without music.  

I am grateful everyday for E2TG and the people I have met and the experiences I have had as a direct or indirect result of what I started almost a decade ago. 

If you are a long-time or first-time reader, my hope is that you will give a listen to the music featured and if you hear something you like - you will find some way to support the artists. 

Featured Friday Playlist Songs 25-31

25. "Don't Mistake" by Brandon Mills
Brandon Mills is a Marine Corp Veteran and poet. He is also an alumni of The Bachelor.  I like this song a lot. 
26. "Here It Comes" by Dan O'Farrell & the Difference Engine
From the album Richard Scarry Lied to Me - we have our first listen to this UK band whose song moves from indie rock to agit folk and beyond. 
27. "2Lovely" by Griff Clawson
Next up, we have the second single from this Southern California singer-songwriter. We featured his debut single previously. 
28. "Stepping Out" by Peter Stampfel
From the ambitious album Peter Stampfel's 20th Century - which features 100 songs spanning the last century - a fine cover of the song that made me a lifelong Joe Jackson fan. 
29. "Something Sweet" by Melting Mallows
Next up, we have the title track from the debut album by this Belgium band - a fine debut. 
30. "Light That Shines" by Bitter Defeat
Next up, we have the lead track from the debut EP by this indie rock band from New Zealand. Cool stuff. 
31. "Slaughterhouse Road" by Miguel Rios 
And we close out this segment of music with the title track from the 2nd album by this Australian singer-songwriter who has Mexican and Yaqui blood. Super proud of this playlist that we are 31 songs deep and have such a wonderful song. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday Morning Shuffle

"Ghetto" by Tito Montana (from Why Not Me? 2.0 - 2017)

First up, we have a track from this independent hip-hop artist from Poughkeepsie, New York.  We featured this album back in 2017.

"9 & 102" by Danny Trashville (from The Great Unknown - 2013)

I met Danny Trashville on the deck at The Basement East one night, and he wrote his bandcamp link on a napkin. I never saw him again, but I dig his album. 

"Lost" by SLD (from Lost - 2020)

SLD stands for Sounds Like Digging. They are based in Brooklyn and make melodic pop rock of the highest caliber. This is a released from the latter part of 2020 and this marks their first appearance in our shuffle. 

"My Life in the Stars" by Susan Anders (from 13 Women - 2021)

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Susan Anders has made a remarkable album about 13 remarkable women - some of whom you may have heard of (Helen Keller, Rosie the Riveter) and some who you may not have - like this song which about Henrietta Swan Leavitt - an astronomer who made major breakthroughs in star mapping and who didn't receive the deserved credit.  The album is due out in March. So the video playlist features the one song which has been released - a song about another Henrietta.  The whole album is wonderful and features a stellar cast of Nashville musicians and singers: Jim Hoke, Mary Rodgers, Kyshona Armstrong, Whit Hill, MJ Bishop, Nancy Terzian, Karen Leipziger and more. 

"See Through" by Joy Cleaner (from You're So Jaded - 2019)

Next up, we have a track from the second album by this New Jersey band - which we featured a couple of years ago. Some of the best power pop I have heard in a while. 

"Howling At The Moon" by The Mohawk Lodge (from Damaged Goods - 2013)

And finally, we dig back into the E2TG archives for a band and album we featured nearly 8 years ago.  The Mohawk Lodge was the project of Canadian artist Ryder Havdale who has most recently released music under his own name and as R Y D E R. A great trip back to the earlier days of E2TG. 




2/10 - Arrlo - "WFTWTE"/"LSD" (single)
2/12 - Beth Lee - Waiting on You Tonight (LP)
2/12 - Para Lia - Gone With the Flow (LP)
2/12 - The John Michie Collective - High Vibrations (LP)
2/12 - Joyann Parker - Out of the Dark (LP)
2/12 - John Dunbar - Oh Wellness (LP)

2/14 - Madeleine Mayi - love me (LP)
2/14 - Arsenic Tea Party - The Really Not Good Times (EP)
2/14 - Danielle de Picciotto - The Element of Love (LP)
2/14 - Madeleine Mayi - 2/14 (LP)
2/17 - Alpha Cat - Pearl Harbor 2021 (LP)
2/18 - Gracious Losers - "Loath to Leave" (single)
2/19 - Grant Hill & M.O.S. - fly (LP)
2/19 - Keith Mosfet - "Now Your Life's Gone" (single)

2/22 - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult -Sleazy Action (LP)
2/26 - The Red Step - The Red Step (LP)
2/26 - Scott Robert Allen - Scott Robert Allen (LP)
2/26 - The Tummies - 9:30 Girl (LP)
2/26 - Nineteen Thirteen - MCMXIII (LP)
2/26 - Julez & The Rollerz - "In Secure City" (Single)
3/05 - Steve Almaas - Everywhere You've Been (LP)
3/05 - Susan Anders - 13 Women (LP)
3/05 - Elizabeth and the Catapult - sincerely, e (LP)
3/05 - Jacob the Horse - College Party Mixtape, Vol. 1 (LP)
3/12 - Rylan Brooks - If Wishes Were Horses (LP)
3/12 - Lee Taylor - Wild Woman (LP)
3/17 - John McDonough - Second Chances (LP)
3/19 - American Culture - For My Animals (LP)
3/26 - Gracious Losers - Six Road Ends (LP)
3/26 - Cathal Coughlan - Owl in the Parlor (LP)
3/26 - Sunstroke Rain - "To Greta" (single)
3/26 - Modesty Blaise - The Modesty Blaise (LP)
4/02 - Julez & The Rollerz - "Knocks Me On The Floor" (single)
4/09 - Dallas Moore - The Rain (LP)
4/16 - The Brother Brothers - Calla Lily (LP)
4/30 - Nick Hudson - Font of Human Fractures (LP)
4/?? - El No - Nothing is Possible (LP)
5/07 - Manolo Redondo - The Lost and Found EP
5/28 - Sharone - Morbid Illusion (LP)

1/01? - Antonio Lopez - Roots and Wings (LP)
1/01 - TYPIFŸ - "I Am Alternative" (single)
1/01 - Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - "Dead Ringer" (single) 
1/01 - Brett Ryan Stewart - "Dignity" (single)
1/01 - Adam Klein - Little Tiger (EP)
1/04 - Skanker - "A Chance to Count the Cost" (single)
1/05 - Tryingtogetby - "Welcome to the Shitshow" (single)
1/08 - Revelry - "Dirty" (single)
1/08 - Jeremy Parsons - Things to Come (LP)
1/08 - The Lickerish Quartet - Threesome Vol. 2 (EP)
1/11 - Hats off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Feeling Great (EP)
1/11 - Malcolm Galloway - Wasp 76b (EP)
1/11 - Elvis Batchild - Batchild Begins (LP)
1/14 - Cole Scheifele - "All the While" (single)
1/15 - Corey Ledet - Corey Ledet Zydeco (LP)
1/15 - Leah Watts - "We Are All Enough" (single)
1/15 - Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Candy Coated Cannonball (LP)
1/15 - Andrew Toy - Guardrails (LP)
1/15 - Marijuana Johnson - Gem City Kush (LP)
1/15 - Daniel Takes a Train - Last Ticket to Tango (LP)
1/22 - This Frontier Needs Heros - Go With the Flow (LP)
1/22 - The Burnt Pines - The Burnt Pines (LP)
1/29 - Storm Seeker - Guns Don't Cry (LP)
2/02 - Chris Donley - Please Agree (LP)
2/04 - Common Sage - Might As Well Eat The Chicken, We Won't Be Here In The Morning (EP)
2/05 - A.J. Croce - By Request (LP)
2/05 - Zadar - The Upstairs Room (LP)
2/05 - Vlaicu Golcea - HIKIKOMORI OST (LP)
2/05 - The Orchestra of Cardboard - The Antidote (LP)
2/05 - Peter Stampfel - 20th Century (Box Set)
2/05 - Ryan Allen - What a Rip (LP)
2/05 - Melting Mallows - Something Sweet (LP)
2/05 - Oh Ok - The Complete Reissue (LP)
2/05 - Emperor Penguin - Corporation Pop! (LP)
2/05 - Modesty Blaise - "Girls Just Wanna Dance" (single)
2/05 - Miguel Rios - Slaughterhouse Road (LP)

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