Tuesday, April 28, 2020

E2TG 4/27/2020 - Post-Normalcy - Coronet Mix (Skeleton House Remix)

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So, first of all, I don't think I know much of anything for sure. I have thoughts and ideas and guesses, but those change almost daily if not more often. It is disturbing to me how even in this time of shared trauma and shared tragedy and shared inconvenience, we are still very much divided.  There are definitely agents of this divide, but this paragraph is not aimed at any one side... why are there even sides except man vs. COVID-19. Once again we are faced with a seemingly insurmountable inability or even willingness to find any common ground.  It is possible for people of good faith and good conscience to disagree on approaches and philosophies, and as I have said many times, I am someone who - though steadfast in my opinions on certain matters - believes there is value in compromise and hearing and listening to opposing viewpoints.

But any such compromise can only be reached - I think by finding common ground and building upon that. And, in the case of COVID-19 the common ground should be obvious, but it is sadly not the case. Even if evidence staring us in the face, we argue and disagree and toss around conspiracy theories...

I don't know if I am making sense. I'm thinking about the whole reopening vs. staying the course. I respect that people have different opinions on this and I don't think most who are pushing to reopen want people to die anymore than I believe most of  those urging caution and slowing down on reopening are purposely trying to wreck the economy. I sincerely hope that the majority of people want everyone to be safe and healthy and also want to minimize the economic impact which many people of all sides are feeling.  But, the problem is we cannot even agree on numbers and facts and what those numbers mean or don't mean. So, we argue and fight and send nasty memes and ridicule and belittle.  There is a small faction that desires chaos and division, and unfortunately, that small faction seems to be winning the day sometimes.

But - I am an optimist. And so, I hope for solutions and resolutions and better judgement to rally.

At the beginning of this pandemic, I used the term "back to normal" wondering how long before we would get back to normal.  But, these days I think more about the new normal. Regardless of party affiliation or personal opinion, what we are striving for us not a return to normal, but rather an push toward the beginning of what comes next - which will be post-normal or a new normal.

Eh.., I will shut up now, and play some music.

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Monday, April 27, 2020

E2TG 4/27/2020 - Music City Monday - Dark Glasses Mix (Cold Remix)

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Time marches on... we are now into the final week of April, and although so the decision to start reopening some things is happening in some areas, we are still a long way off from many music related functions from opening, and that is assuming that we do not have a resurgence in cases.

I know many people and small businesses are suffering. For those us who are faring relatively well, the need can be overwhelming.  My best advice is to support the venues and artists that mean the most to you and do so in a way that makes sense for your situation. I have tried (emphasis on tried) to match my giving to the money I would have been spending if I was able to out. Everyone's situation is different, and so there is no wrong answer here.

Mostly, what I want my readers to hear - is that regardless of the orders and openings in your area, it is important to be safe and to still stay home as much as you can.  No matter which models or philosophies that you chose to believe, it is clear that we are not at the end of this pandemic, and the possibility exists for a comeback. At a minimum follow the guidelines of health officials regarding masks and social distancing. We are all restless and eager to get back to "normal", but to rush this will only delay things and will likely cost people their health and their lives.

Meanwhile, I am going to do my part to feature some new and not so new music here from the comfort of my home.

Time for another Music City Monday!

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Friday, April 24, 2020

E2TG 4/24/2020 - Featured Friday - Emergency Mix (Bad Habit Remix)

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One final reminder to tune into Virtual Festival Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown V tomorrow from Noon to Six O'Clock. Visit the Facebook Event Page - HERE.

In case you missed it, we premiered a brand new video from Anana Kaye this morning.  You can view that HERE

Today is also Friday, so that means we have a brand new Featured Friday Playlist  - check it out below and on Spotify, and if you feel so inclined, please follow!  Thanks for everyone who has followed so far.

Below the jump, I have some short takes on some of this week's songs.  As usual, no video playlist on Friday since you can stream the music here.

Special shout out to our old friend Ugggy who released a stunning new song earlier this week. It is not on Spotify, but you can download and listen here!

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E2TG Video Premiere - Anana Kaye - Anana Kaye - Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) {Bob Dylan Cover}

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Last week, Anana Kaye and her musical and life partner Irakli Gabriel released a cover of Bob Dylan's "Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)" - we included that song as part of last week's Featured Friday Playlist. Now, a week later, they are releasing the accompanying music video, and E2TG is thrilled to be premiering it here this morning.

Natives of Georgia (not the U.S. State, but the former Soviet republic), Anana and Irakli moved to Nashville a couple of years ago and have really taken this town by storm. They have captured the attention and collaborated with some of the most talented folks in town (and this is a town rich with talented folks).

Both musically and visually, they have hit upon something special.  One thing I have observed about Nashville is that it is not just the abundance of talent and the accumulation of that talent, it is a near magical way talented people in this town seem to feed off each other to become better versions of themselves.

To be fair, not everyone who comes to Nashville has that experience, and I cannot say for sure why that is, but in the case of Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel and everyone with whom they have worked, it definitely has worked.

Speaking of this spirit of collaboration, the song features Chris Benelli on drums, Chris Donohue on bass and Fawn Larson on harmonies (all supremely talented musicians).  Anana and Irakli produced the song with Stephen Leiweke doing the mixing.  As for the song, it was the second song on the second side of Dylan's 18th studio album - the somewhat underrated 1978 release Street Legal.  Anana Kaye has stated that she has wanted to cover the song for some time.

Covers in general and Dylan covers in particular can be tricky business. Here, without straying too far from the source material, Anana Kaye manages to make the song her own. But, I will let you judge for yourself.  The video premieres after the jump.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

E2TG 4/23/2020 - Magnolia Roads Virtual Festival (more) - Original Sin Mix (Feeling Good Remix)

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Here are the promised details for the Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown V Virtual Festival:

HOEDOWN IS ON via Virtual Festival
Noon-ish to 6pm on Virtual Festival and Magnolia Roads pages.
In these fluid, crazy times more details to come.
Stock up on some Founders Brewing Co. brews and get ready for a real good time while staying at home.

Magnolia Roads presents the 5th annual American Roots Hoedown, inspired by the music that grew from the roots of America at honky-tonks and dive bars, juke joints and roadhouses, backyards and campfires. It will 15 feature artists, Magnolia Roads family and friends, who epitomize American Roots music through their blend of Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Funk, and Rock n Roll, flavored with the deep grooves of the South and Jam Band psychedelic twirls over 12 hours of live music at The 5 Spot.

It's a family reunion of artists, a love fest and a yang dang doodle good time!

Founders Brewing Co. is sponsoring the event and their brews will be available on draft and in cans both nights.

Nashville local biz, Joelton Hardware is also sponsoring.

In association with Rock The Vote, we'll be having voter registration too!

Saturday, April 25
Nachez Tracers Duo
Lauren Aanderson
David Newbould
Jeff Mix
Jenny Van West
No Oil Paintings
Chris Wilson
Renee Wahl
Andrew Sheppard
Triggers & Slips ~ Morgan Snow
Mike Younger
Rich Mahan
The Truehearts
Lady Couch

We'll be rockin', jammin', dancing and make music history! Hope y'all will join us.
Donations/tips, we're a family and share:
PAYPAL: magnoliaroadsmusic@gmail.com
VENMO: @magnoliaroads

Now, I am running a bit short on time, so let's jump right to today's shuffle! (Below)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

E2TG 4/22/2020 - Virtual Festival Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown V - Road Dog Mix (Freight Train Remix)

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This weekend was supposed to be the Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown V here in Nashville - with a pre-party at Dee's on Friday and the main event all-day Saturday at The 5 Spot. I was going to be a co-emcee and it was going to be an epic good time.

Like so many events, COVID-19 threw a monkey wrench in the plans, but the good folks at Magnolia Roads aren't the type to say "quit", and so they show will go on as a Virtual Festival via the powerful Vertual Festival site.   More details to come, but I will still be co-emceeing virtually via technology that I don't understand.  I guess that means I need to do something with my hair. In any event, stay tuned for more details.

On to the shuffle!  We have a good one!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

E2TG 4/21/2020 - Something to Say - Memphis Loud Mix (Welfare Music Remix)

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Got some new music added to my phone, added some releases to the Release Calendar below, and I got to listen to some submissions last night.  Man, there is some incredible new music out or coming out soon.  Keep listening.  Some E2TG Favorites with new music out or coming soon: Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau, Tate & Silas, Ugggy, Tom Schreck and more. 

Well, the Tennessee Governor is going to end his Safer at Home order effective May 1, however, in Nashville it will be extended a bit. I am now working from home until at least May 1. As much as I want life to return to normal, I am not in a hurry. From what I have seen, we are not yet ready and a premature re-opening will likely result in a spike in cases and deaths.  I sincerely hope I am wrong.

I hope everyone - no matter what your state or federal government says will do what you can to stay safe. If you are reading this, you are important to me.

I know I am among the lucky ones, and I am starting to dive into some creativity.

Anyway, we have a nifty little shuffle today, so check it out below!

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Monday, April 20, 2020

E2TG 4/20/2020 - Music City Monday - Crooked Road Mix (Precious Time Remix)

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Okay, I'm kind of frustrated...  I managed to mess up my Friday blog post.  I know exactly how it happened, but I don't think I can get the entry back... which is a bummer - because it contained some information about this week's Featured Friday Playlist.

I don't really have time to recreate the post, but you can still checkout the playlist below and on Spotify and you can follow it on Spotify if you are so inclined.  If you need more information about any of the artists on the list, shoot me a message and I will hook you up.

Anyway, we are moving into another week of quarantine. Today, I am thinking about friends and family who have been especially hit hard by this pandemic. Most especially those who have lost loved ones, those in the medical field who have been working tirelessly, and those whose livelihoods have been taken away.  I admire those who are looking for creative solutions to these unprecedented times - while still following the advice of health officials to try to lessen the impact and scope of the virus.

I am not sure what to think about a President who in encouraging those who are breaking the rules his own government officials have laid out - and stoking  the fires of dissent and paranoid conspiracies.

Eh... we got some cool Nashville music to help get us through all of the madness!

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

E2TG 4/16/2020 - Are We There Yet? - Yip Mix ( No Tomorrow Remix)

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Are we there yet?  I find myself asking the question - not necessarily of anyone in particular, but more and more I find the answer contains another question. Where is there?

Words like "phased reboot" are being used and while no one can seem to agree on the right timeline, it seems as if in the future - near or far - we will begin to ease into a different phase of life. I avoided saying "back" because more and more it seems as if whatever comes next will be different than what we have known.

I do not have answers to any of the questions. I read enough to feel somewhat informed but not enough to go stark raving mad.  It does seem if we restart things too soon that we will very likely have a second wave of the virus.

But as for how soon is too soon or any of that, I do not feel qualified to answer.

Personally, I am doing well, but I know some people are suffering both from the ravages of the disease and the impacts of the shut downs/quarantines.

Final thought, we are all going through something traumatic. While it may be true that our particular situation is comparatively better than someone else's, the fact remains that trauma is trauma, and it is okay to react to that trauma. No one needs to apologize for their reaction. I go back again to the circles of grief. When deciding who to talk to about our struggles (and we should talk to someone), consider the other person's situation. For example, someone who has lost a loved one is probably not the right person to unload to about economic insecurities or struggles.  But, do unburden yourself with someone.

We have a nifty little shuffle today, and don't forget - a new Featured Friday Playlist debuts sometime after midnight (or in the morning if I fall asleep).

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

E2TG 4/15/2020 - Mid-Week Stuff - Slow Learner Mix (My Medicine Remix)

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Well, we are square in the middle of another week in quarantine. I haven't left my apartment since Friday around this time - when I went to pick up groceries. Haven't really seen anyone in person - except the grocery person through my car window in a week and a half. My work is into a routine - with some busy days and some not as busy - like normal.  Some things take longer at home.

I heard some excellent unreleased music last night - some creative work from before and during this time.

Working on some creative things of my own - slowly.

My Greetings from Nashville radio show will be on the air tomorrow. I will be playing Nashville music that spans about 34 years - from friends and favorites.

Well, let's dive into the Wednesday shuffle....

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

E2TG 4/14/2020 - Today's Content - Let's Get Happy Mix (Stigmata Remix)

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Well, here we are day whatever of this quarantine.  It is amazing to me how something so strange and unexpected has come to feel almost normal. There seems to be some disagreement about what will happen next and when. I think many of our torn - ready to get on with things but not wanting matters to be worse or to extend the recovery process.

As I have previously concluded, I do not think the world after the quarantine will be the same as the world before. For one thing, we've lost John Prine and Hal Wilner and so many more. Unfortunately, I am not sure that all businesses that closed will be able to reopen. I think big crowds will make some people uneasy for some time to come.

On the plus side, many of us are learning new skills or practicing old skills that had become rusty. I know I am learning to appreciate things that I may have previously taken for granted - simple things. There seems to still be so much we don't know and it is unclear what the future looks like until a vaccine is developed. Even if this quarantine ends, do we face another in the fall?

Music has been my solace for as long as I can remember, and that is still the case. I updated some releases last night, and I downloaded a ton of new music. I don't think any of new songs came up in today's shuffle, but many of them are added to the release list below and others will be in the next Featured Friday Playlist.

Let's get to today's shuffle!

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday Morning Shuffle
An interesting and very excellent shuffle today...
"Diggin' A Stigmata" by Benjamin Jason Douglas (from First World Blues)
Perhaps a little taste of Slump Test in this song from Ben Douglas's album First World Blues which came out a couple of years ago.  Slump Test was one of the two last bands I saw live before this began. I hope there is a Decline of Southern Civilization in all of our futures.
"Promised Land" by Beth McKee (from Sugarcane Revival)
Florida singer-songwriter Beth McKee was referred to me by Tim and Susan Bauer Lee of Bark, and I am so glad to have been made aware of her music and her work. Beth was a member of the country music band Evangeline in the late 80s and early 90s.
"Let's Get Happy" by The Buddies (from The Buddies)
Always good when a song by The Buddies comes up in the shuffle. And some good advice for any time but now in particular. Maybe not really advice, but more an exhortation.  The Buddies started in Nashville - where half the members still live (The Collins Family). The rest live in Michigan, Chicago, and Missouri (Coley Kennedy, Pete Javier, and Jeremy Barrett).
"No Recover" by Eric Bachmann (from No Recover)
Next up, we have the title track from the 2018 album by Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers and Archers of Loaf).  He was born in North Carolina, currently lives in Athens, Georgia and has lived many places including Nashville, Tennessee.
"Cane River Blues" by Adam Carroll
We close with a track from the 1998 debut album South of Town by the singer-songwriter from Texas. A great finish to the shuffle. 


Recent and Upcoming Releases:

2/29 - Jimmy Who and the Night Creatures - Tinker's Blues (EP)
3/04 - Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion - Chameleon (LP)
3/04 - Iron Mike Norton - "Help Me Make It Through the Night" (single)
3/06 - Surrija - "Sylvette" (single)
3/06 - Dean Fields - While the Baby Was Sleeping (LP)
3/06 - Broads and Milly Hirst - Ollust (LP)
3/06 - The Mastersons - No Time for Love Songs (LP)
3/06 - Ghostwood Development Project (Feat. Kool Keith) - "Gulley" (single)
3/06 - The Mystery Plan - Ballad of JC Quinn (LP)
3/06 - Brian Wright and the Sneakups - "Patrick's Crossing" (single)
3/06 - Jonny Polonsky - Kingdom of Sleep (LP)
3/06 - Tiny Fighter - "Perfect Game" (single)
3/06 - African Head Charge - Drumming is a Language (LP)
3/06 - African Head Charge - Songs of Praise - reissue (LP)
3/06 - African Head Charge - Churchical Chant Of The Iyabinghi (LP)
3/06 - Baby Chaos- Ape Confronts Cosmos (LP)
3/09 - Marco Bonvicini - "Colors" (single)
3/09 - Terry Presume - I Got Nothing to Lose (EP)
3/13 - The Flatmates - The Flatmates (LP)
3/13 - Kleenex Girl Wonder - Ponyoak (20th Anniversary Edition) + BLP (demos and out-takes) (LP)
3/13 - Sandwick - Reconstruct (LP)
3/13 - Foley and the Fire - "Springsteen on the Radio" (single)
3/13 - Kalee Smyth - The Ceiling (EP)
3/13 - Sha Davis - Songs I Wrote When You Left (EP)
3/13 - The Losing Touch - "Through the Night" (single)
3/13 - Gerry Gareau - Feet Off The Brakes (EP)
3/13 - Ayla Brook and the Sound Men - Desolation Sounds (LP)
3/13 - The Academy of Sun - "The Parts That Need Replacing" (single)
3/13 - Sunday Morning - Consequences of Love (EP)
3/13 - Rosemary Fossee - "Tu me manques" (single)
3/13 - BYSTS - "Spread Out" (single)
3/18 - Marco Bonvicini - Colors (EP)
3/19 - Victor DeLorenzo - Tranceaphone (EP)
3/20 - Matt Wilson and His Orchestra - When I Was a Writer (LP)
3/20 - Chris Moyse - Bitter Ballads and Cynical Prayers (LP)
3/20 - Samuel Boller - Kingdom of the Sun (LP)
3/20 - The Blam Blams - "Isabella" (single)
3/20 - Jon Hassell - Vernal Equinox (reissue) (LP)
3/20 - Kid Be Kid - Lovely Genders (EP)
3/20 - Toni Sauna - Dead Flour (single)
3/20 - Ender Bender - "Star Killer" (single)
3/20 -  Strange Majik - 20/20 (LP)
3/20 - I YA TOYAH - Code Blue: Reloaded (LP)
3/23 - Sofia Talvik - "Meanwhile in Winnsboro" (single)
3/23 - Horace Green - Live from the Algoma Club (EP)
3/24 - Mighty Brother - "Naked Winter" (single)
3/24 - Eye Said So - "Blue Sunday" (single)
3/27 - Mayflower Madame - Prepared for a Nightmare (LP)
3/27 - The 81s - 2 Things and 118 Others (LP)
3/27 - Mayflower Madame - "Swallow" (single)
3/27 - Alienbaby Collective - F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L (Double EP)
3/27 - Mairena - "Weird All the Time" (single)
3/27 - Lucille - Come on,Fly (LP)
3/27 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "Money" (single)
3/27 - Ben Reel - The Nashville Calling (LP)
3/27 - 100 Mile House - Love and Leave You (LP)
3/27 - Watermelon Slim - Traveling Man (Double Live LP)
3/27 - Lilly Hiatt - Walking Proof (LP)
3/27 - Porcelain Pink - "Sideways" (single)
3/27 - The Ocelots - Started to Wonder (LP)
3/27 - Harry Stafford - Gothic Urban Blues (LP)
4/01 - HMS Morris - "Poetry" (single)
4/02 - I Am A Rocketship - "My Nature" (single)
4/02 - Steve Forbert - "Rand" (Pandemic song) (single)
4/03 - Chip and the Charge Ups - Lightning in Our Veins (LP)
4/03 - Surrija - Surrija (LP)
4/03 - Stumbleine - Sink Into the Ether (LP)
4/03 - Neutrals - Rent Your House (EP)
4/03 - Clwb Fuzz - "No Heaven" (single)
4/03 - Weeks Island - Droste (EP)  
4/03 - The Mystery Plan - Zsa Zsa (LP)
4/03 - Tiny Fighter - Going Home (LP)
4/03 - Hallows - Subtle (EP)
4/03 - Ferdous - "Counting Stars" (single)
4/03 - Stick Crickets - "Eternal Suck" (single)
4/08 - Zilverbacks - The Dark Horse; At A Time When Time Was Irrelevant (LP)
4/06 - Sean Alan - "The Day That Brought the Whole World to Its Knees (single)
4/08 - ex-mothers - arrhythmia (EP)
4/09 - Ellison - "Sing" (single)
4/10 - Eliza Gilkyson - 2020 (LP)
4/10 - Dan Montgomery - Smoke and Mirrors (a phonographic memory) (LP)
4/10 - Pokey LaFarge - Rock Bottom Rhapsody (LP)
4/10 - The Dream Syndicate - The Universal Inside (LP)
4/10 - Nikavo - "Yummy Miami" (single)
4/10 - Soul Creole - "Trois Rangs" (single and dub mix)
4/10 - Lady Moon & the Eclipse - "Relationship" (single)
4/10 - Jovi Skyler - Jovi Skyler (EP) and "Gia" (single)

This Week:
4/13 - Pilotcan - No More Shan Goodbye (LP)
4/15 - Je'Melody - Jaded (EP)4/17 - Paul Burch and WPA Ballclub - Light Sensitive (LP)
4/17 - Le String Noise - Live Album (title ???) (LP)
4/16 - Destijl - Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (LP)
4/17 - Aimee Steven - "Hell is a Teenaged Girl" (single)

4/24 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "I'm Gonna Break Your Heart" (single)
4/24 - Ben Bostick - Among the Faceless Crowd (LP)
4/24 - Kyle Lalone - Somewhere In Between (EP)
4/24 - Lazaris Pit - "You Don't Tag Me in Memes Anymore" (single)
4/24 - Goldman Thibodeaux and the Lawtell Playboys - title unknown (LP)
4/24 - Petter Carlsen - "Dogs" (single) 
4/28 - Savannah Pope - "He Sees Me" (single)
4/?? - I Am A Rocketship - Ghost Stories (LP)
4/01? - Ten Penny Gypsy - Fugitive Heart (LP)
5/01 - BOAT - Tread Lightly (LP)
5/01 - Laura Cortese and the Dance Card - Bitter Better (LP)
5/01 - Cut Beetlez vs Nice Guys - CBNG (LP)
5/01 - Grenon - "Imaginary Friends" (single)
5/08 - Brian Wright and the Sneak-Ups - Lapse of Luxury
5/15 - Special Consensus - Chicago Barn Dance (LP)
5/20 - Town Meeting - Make Things Better (LP)
5/22 - Victor Wainwright and the Train - Memphis Loud (LP)
5/22 - Lazaris Pit - Conifers (LP) 
5/29 - Mick Hayes - My Claim to FAME (LP)
5/31 - Debra Power - That's How I Roll (LP)
6/05 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "None of Your Business" (single)
6/05 - People Without Shows and Inkswell - Plasma Platter (LP)
6/12 - Sammy Brue - Crash Test Kid (LP)
6/19 - Darlin' Brando - Also Too... (LP)
6/26 - The Special Pillow - World's Finest (EP)
6/?? - Mighty Brother - The Rabbit. The Owl (Double LP)
7/03 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - None of Your Business (EP)
7/?? - Tawny Ellis - Love Life (LP)

Monday, April 13, 2020

E2TG 4/13/2020 - Music City Monday - Oh Deep Water Mix (Bluebird Remix)

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And, I am back. I am fortunate to still be working my day job, so my typical weekday daytime is pretty much the same as before - except for the fact that I am working from home now - which come to think of it is quite different than before...

My weekends are much different and to be honest, I haven't not been one of those hyper-productive people during this time. For me, often just getting through and getting by is all I can achieve.  I have been cooking more than before.

Anyway, it is Monday which is the day we dig into my massive Music City Monday playlist and see what comes up.  It is always interesting how the random shuffles I do turn out. I am not an expert on randomness or on the particular methods used by programs to simulate randomness. I do know that patterns sometimes seem to emerge from random occurrences. Random shuffle have been a big part of E2TG since before the beginning actually. Sometimes, I wish some newer song would come up or feel that a particular album or artists comes up too much or not enough, but overall, I believe in the concept of letting the random shuffle determine the playlist for the day....

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, April 10, 2020

E2TG 4/10/2020 - Featured Friday - Apropos of Nothing Mix (Make a Memory Remix)

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Well, it is Good Friday, and I am off work. I usually don't post when I am off work, but it also time for a new Featured Friday playlist. I posted the link earlier today on the E2TG Facebook page, but I wanted to do an official blog post.

4/10 - Dan Montgomery - Smoke and Mirrors (a phonographic memory) (LP)

Shout out to our old friend Dan Montgomery who just released his latest album Smoke and Mirrors (a phonographic memory).  The album is not currently on Spotify, so I couldn't include it in the playlist, but I wanted to bring it to your attention. 

Thanks to everyone who has followed the E2TG Featured Friday Playlist. I hope you are enjoying my eclectic mix of new and recently released music from artists of all kind and from all kinds of place.

As per our new usual, I listened to the Playlist in full and in order this morning. No "shuffle" today and no video playlist, but you can listen to the Featured Friday Playlist below.

   Featured Friday Playlist