Tuesday, July 14, 2020

E2TG 7/14/2020 - In Praise of The 5 Spot - The Charm Mix (Arrows of Time Remix)

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I am a bit short on time, but here goes. For the last several years, The 5 Spot in East Nashville has been my home away from home. It is simply put, my "Cheers" where everybody knows my name and they are always glad I came... or whatever. The best people, the best music. It is my place, and I am not alone in feeling that,

Back in March, before the mandatory shutdowns and before PPP, The 5 Spot voluntarily decided that to close was in the best interest of their patrons and employees. It was, I am sure, not an easy decision. I contrast this to the venues who are suing the city for being ordered to close and who have operated contrary to current regulations with no regard for the safety of their customers and employees.

Recently, The 5 Spot has unveiled a (in my opinion) top-notched live streaming system. Tim Carroll's Rock n Roll Happy Hour was one of the first.  Last week, they added a liquid light show to the mix. Derek Hoke played a Tuesday set with band - a much needed balm - as I have missed $2 Tuesday so much.

Afton Wolfe also had his release show virtually from The 5 Spot.

To me, the work The 5 Spot has done shows their commitment to the music and to finding a way forward into this uncertain future. Kudos to Todd Sherwood and everyone at The 5 Spot.

Our review of the Featured Friday Playlist continues now with songs 11-15

11. "Summer Road" by Mighty Brother
From the recently released double album The Rabbit. The Owl. Mighty Brother are a indie rock band from New Orleans. This songs has an Avett Brothers feel to it, but the band's music covers a lot of ground. I really like this song. 
12. "Iztac" by Joseph C. Krause
Not to be confused with our old friend, Joseph R. Krauss, Joseph C. Krause is a collaborative media artist from Detroit. This is the title track from his latest EP, and it is about a dreaming snow leopard from the Mexico City Zoo. The EP is filled with electronic music, sound design, and poetry. It is whimsical and fun. Joseph C. Krause is legally blind and gay, and I am a brand new and very big fan. 
13. "The Fever" by Slump Test
Another track from the self-titled debut album album by Nashville punks Slump Test. Ryan Dishen handles the lead vocals on this track. While there has been plenty to be bummed about these last several months, I am sad that we have missed the last three (soon to be four) Decline of Southern Civilization shows. I am very glad, though, that I caught the March show - which ended up being the last in-person The 5 Spot show before the shutdown. 
14. "Wander Feeler" by Easy Love
I love this song so much!  Easy Love is the solo project of Summer Twins drummer Justine Brown. This is the title track to her new album which was recorded in one week in January 2019.
15. "Master of Flow" by Glife
And why not do a sonic 180, and close this segment of music with a veteran hip hop artist from Salt Lake City. I don't know enough about hip hop to vouch for the song title, but this track does seem to flow extremely well.  

I think we covered sufficient musical ground today. Tomorrow Songs 16-20

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, July 13, 2020

E2TG 7/13/2020 - Music City Monday - Stomp and Holler Mix (War All the Time Remix)

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I'm kind of short on time and probably will be this week, so I'm going to skip the preliminaries.  We have some great music to share. Songs 6-10 of this week's Featured Friday Playlist.  Also, if you follow E2TG on Instagram, I will sharing the individual tracks as presented her on my story. Look for today's songs later today.

Also, a note about the Featured Friday Playlist. The ordering of this playlist is a weird combination of planned and arbitrary.  I don't want to go into details, but suffice it so say it should not be considered a ranking in any way, and I definitely sometimes save great songs for the latter part of the playlist. Nevertheless, I have never liked the idea of songs competing against each other.  The playlist is new and recent music that I dig. Period.

Below the jump, we have this week's Music City Monday Shuffle - a random shuffle of the exhaustive (84+ hours) playlist of Nashville-centric music.

First out, we continue our review of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 6-10

6. "The Hills" by Leland Sundries
We start things off with a new release from an E2TG favorite.  Leland Sundries - now based in Memphis came back with a garage rock cover of a song by The Weeknd.  A fresh take on the song. 
7. "Missing the Missing" by Andrew Leahey & The Homestead
Another new single from Andrew Leahey & The Homestead. Leahey started recording the song in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia and finished in Nashville. It was inspired by the music he heard growing up.
8. "You're the Only One (Who Breaks my Heart)" by Ben Arthur
Long time, E2TG favorite Ben Arthur is back with a new single and also new episodes of his Song/Writer Podcast. I really love this song. 
9. "Good Life" by Hurricane Ruth
Up next, we have the title track from the brand new album by blues vocal powerhouse Hurricane Ruth.  The song co-written by Hurricane Ruth stems from a conversation she had with her mother about a year before the elder woman passed away. It is an emotionally gripping song of perseverance, hard work, pain, and strength. 
10. "Hey Child" by Margo Price
From the words of mother at the end of her life, to the words of a mother to a child near the beginning of their life. This is a track from That's How Rumors Get Started - the highly anticipated new album from Nashville's own Margo Price. Although Price, at this point, doesn't really need me to help spread the word, I included her because of her long and continued role in the Nashville music community I love. From Buffalo Clover to her band The Price Tags, Margo Price, in her success, has continued to champion the music of this community. I have fond memories of her playing drums for Darrin Bradbury during a show (or two) at The Basement East. 

Tomorrow songs 11-15 (or so)
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, July 10, 2020

E2TG 7/10/2020 - Featured Friday Playlist - Stabby Mike Mix (Mystery Writer Remix)

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It is Friday, and that means a brand new Featured Friday Playlist.  You can check it out below and follow along on Spotify and/or you can read our song by song review over the next week - here at E2TG.  The review starts after the jump with songs 1-5.

I wanted to highlight a couple of new and recent releases which are not on Spotify.

First up:  Bananas by Pussycat Doghouse.  Pussycat Doghouse is a pop-punk/ska punk/indie pop band from Nashville.  We were made familiar with the band through their bass played Bill Bois -who we first met from Eight O'Five Jive a few years back.  Digging this album - more to come. The album was released on July 1.

The other album was released back in June.  It is from the fine folks at Music Maker Relief Foundation.  The album is called Amazing Grace and it contains a dozen unique interpretations of the spiritual standard.

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, July 9, 2020

E2TG 7/9/2020 - Not Sure What to Say - Aegis of Song Mix (Halloween Remix)

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Way too much on my mind... I long for a simpler, quieter time, but now, it all seems so cacophonous and loud. People are shouting in righteous anger - some are shouting for justice and rights which have been denied for decades or centuries.  Others are shouting for other reasons - less clearly justified to me, but nonetheless, there is a lot of shouting.  Every day brings at least one new "breaking" atrocity from the current president. And, we are all - justifiably (I think) angry.

In Nashville, there wee 688 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours - another new record. Cases are on the rise in several states, and yet, I see people who seem to be living their lives as if nothing is going on. And, so, for those us who are taking this seriously, there seems to be no end in sight. There is a void of leadership on this issue and apathy if not outright disdain for taking precautions  from the masses.

I don't know - I think I need to listen to some music... let's go!

And, we have reached the end of our review of the Featured Friday Playlist from 7/3/2020. A brand new playlist will be up tomorrow.  You can still check out this week's playlist until the new one posts.  We have the final three songs to review. Songs 17-19.  As usual, I saved some of our best music for the end.  Also, please follow E2TG Featured Friday Playlist on Spotify so you don't miss anything!

17. "Laura Jones" by Matthew Frederick
We start things off with a wonderful song by a singer-songwriter from Wales. Frederick fronts the band Climbing Trees.  This is his brand new single. 
18. "Typhoon" by Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards
Next, we have the second Featured Friday appearance for Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards - it is the latest single ahead of the July 17th release of their new album Bitter Better. Cortese is now  based in Belgium, and the album was recorded ahead of the quarantine. 
19. "Contradictions" by Petter Carlsen
And we close out this segment and the playlist with another returning artist. The Norwegian singer-songwriter is back with another track from his forthcoming new album The Sum of Every Shade.  

I hope you enjoyed listening to this week's playlist at least as much as I love bringing it to you.  Tune in tomorrow for a brand new list.  We already have 36 minutes of music on deck - and that is before tomorrow's new releases and any last minute adds. It looks like next week's list could be a long one!

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

E2TG 7/8/2020 - More Thoughts - Gin and Gasoline Mix (Chemical Remix)

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I think there is much larger discussion in regards to what I wrote about yesterday.  I think may friend Sue said it best, many of us need to learn or re-learn the concept of nuance. And, especially on the left, we need to recognize that zealotry is not our best look - even if we feel it is righteous zealotry. 

I don't really have time for to cover this subject more, but it is definitely something we, as a society, need to address. I think, in some ways, this is part and parcel of the issue I previously talked about of those pushing for extremism at the expense of building coalitions that are capable of leading to concrete albeit sometimes painfully slow change.

 In the days and weeks following the murder of George Floyd, I observed people beginning to speak up who had heretofore been silent. Read: potential new allies in a quest to remove the stain on the presidency. I feel like it was (and maybe still is) a golden opportunity to come together and force some much needed changes. At the same time, however, I observed some trying to push the envelope farther and farther left (of which I do not object) and in the process criticizing and alienating some of these new potential allies for their left extreme positions. 

It is, for sure, a complicated matter, and I need to emphasize that I am talking mostly in terms of political movement. Any white person, speaking up for black lives needs to be open to feedback from black people and other people of color as to the way we are acting - even if that feedback is or seems laced with bitterness. People who have been subject to systemic discrimination and bias for their whole lives and for generations are allowed to be bitter. But, the people I am primarily addressing in the prior paragraph are primarily white people and I am thinking more generally political and ideological.

As the Minutemen once said... "Maybe Partying Will Help"

Today, we continue our review of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 13-16. We will conclude our review tomorrow with the final three songs.

13. "Dig In" by I LIKE TRAINS
We kick off this segment with the latest single from Leed's based band I LIKE TRAINS from their forthcoming album KOMPROMAT .  Hard hitting and really cool music.  
14. "Madness" by Homeboy Loves You
Next up, we have the b-side of the second single from Nashville based Homeboy Loves You - The a-side is a cover of John Prine's Summer's End. The band features Scottie Prudhoe, Preston Cochran, Chase Ballenger, and more. Awesome stuff. 
15. "Tyrant" by Pozzi
Next, we have a timely and pointed track from L.A. based singer-songwriter Pozzi.  I really dig this tune. 
16. "Always Gone - Jamie Hince Remix" by The Holy Knives
We close this segment of our Playlist with The Holy Knives - who are two brothers originally from New Orleans and now based in San Antonio. This is a remix of their song by Jamie Hince of The Kills. An awesome way to close out this segment of music. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday Morning Shuffle

"Gin" by Dylan Lee Johnston (from Dylan Lee Johnston)
FIrst up in today's shuffle - a New Orleans based singer-songwriter originally from Alaska from his self-titled album from a few years back. 
'Love and Gasoline" by Jenny Reynolds (from Any Kind of Angel)
Next up, have a track from the recently released album by the Austin based singer-songwriter. 
"Love Be Gentle" by Tom House (Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore)
We go back a few years to our old friend Tom House from his wonderful Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore album. 
"Everything Twice" by Mariachi El Bronx (from Mariachi El Bronx (III))
The alter-ego of the L.A. punk band The Bronx - who incorporate Latin influences into their music.  From the third release by the side project.  The Bronx formed in 2002.
"Chemical Friends" by Puppet Rebellion (from Chemical Friends EP)
Next up, we have the title track from a release we featured when it was released (2013 I believe). Puppet Rebellion were based in Mancchester, and they broke up late in 2018. 


This Week
7/07 - Afton Wolfe - Petronius' Last Meal (EP)
7/10 - Hurricane Ruth - Good Life (LP)
7/10 - Fintan McKahey - "Platinum" (single)
7/10 - Nocona - Los Dos (LP)
7/10 - Easy Love - Wander Feeler (LP)
7/10 - Ten Penny Gypsy - Fugitive Heart (LP)
7/10 - Andy Baker - North Country Sky (LP)
7/11 -Rev. J. Mikhael Smith and the Brimstone Miracle - "10:18" (single) 

Last Week
7/01 - Pussycat Doghouse - Bananas (LP)
7/01 - Monsieur Minimal - "Easteria" single
7/03 - The Vignatis - Red, White & Blue - Gypsybilly Vol. 4 (LP)
7/03 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - None of Your Business (EP)
7/03 - Paul Nelson - Birmingham Woman (LP)
7/03 - Matthew Frederick - "Laura Jones" (single)
7/03 - Year of October - "Black Widow" (single)
7/03 - Michael McArthur - Oh, Sedona (EP)
7/03 - Petter Carlsen - "Contradictions" (single)
7/03 - Divine Horsemen - "Mystery Writers" (single)
7/03 - Mayflower Madame - "Sacred Core" (single)
7/03 - Andrew Adkins - One Evening In Brooklyn: Live! (EP)
7/03 - Angela Easterling - "Home" (single)
7/03 - Felixity - Love Sick Remixed (LP)
7/04 - Jackson Capps - "Yesterday's Makeup" (single)

Next Week:
7/?? -  Learn to Fly - "Cherished Ruins" (single)
7/17 - The Bobby Lees - new album (LP)
7/17 - Soft Set - "Never Die" (single)
7/17 - Michot's Melody Makers - Cosmic Cajuns from Saturn (LP)
7/17 - Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards - Bitter Better (LP)
7/17 - Graham Bramblett - The Great Inbetween (LP)
7/17 - ElJay - Champion (EP)
7/17 - Sienne - "Side by Side" (single)
7/18 - Union Kain - Black Dawn (EP)

7/24 - Tawny Ellis - Love Life (LP)
7/24 - Lee Gallagher - L.A. Yesterday (LP)
7/24 - Even As We Speak - Adelphi (LP)
7/24 - The Wild Blue - Anonymous Future (EP)
7/24 - The Danberrys - Shine (LP)
7/24 - Ted Russell Kamp - Down in the Den (LP)
7/24 - A Shoreline Dream - "Seek to Hide" (single)
7/24 - Rev. J. Mikhael Smith and the Brimstone Miracle - Dogwood Winter (EP)
7/26 - Herb Barclay Project- "Gusta" (single)
7/31 - The Jason Daniels Band - Downloads from the Universe (LP)
7/31 - Shishi - Mafitishei (LP)
7/31 - Vee VV - "Ugly Freedom (Toka Remix)" (single)
8/07 - The Furious Seasons - La Fonda (LP)
8/07 - Jason Molina - Eight Gates (LP)
8/07 - Steven Bruce - Same Time, Same Place, Same Station (LP)
8/07 - Vincent Cross - The Life & Times of James ‘The Rooster’ Corcoran (LP)
8/14 - Michael McArthur - How to Fall in Love (EP)
8/14 - Sylvie Simmons - Blue on Blue (LP)
8/21 - Eric Bolander - "Window" (single)
8/21 - A Shoreline Dream - The Melting (LP)
8/21 - Liar,Flower - Geiger Counter (LP)
8/21 - Xanthe Alexis - The Offering (LP)
8/28 - The Northern Belle - We Wither, We Bloom (LP)
8/28 - Special Moves - Little Help (LP)
8/28 - Debbie Lagrange - "La chanson des moustiques" (single)
8/28 - Molly Tuttle - ...but I'd rather be with you (LP)
8/31 - Andre Salvador & the Von Kings  - Last Night From Glasgow (LP)
9/04 - India Ramey - Shallow Graves (LP)
9/25 - Buildings and Food - Up Down Strange Charm (LP)
10/09 - Year of October - Wastelands (LP)
10/16 - Malin Pettersen - Wildhorse (LP)

6/01 - Bessie Smith - Get in Union (LP) (from the Alan Lomax Archives)
6/01 - Darwin - "Dance Alone" (single)
6/04 - Benedict Sinister - "Your Parents (Dancing with the Stars)" (single)
6/05 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "None of Your Business" (single)
6/05 - People Without Shoes and Inkswell - Plasma Platter (LP)
6/05 - Short Haired Domestic - "A Song in Latin... A Song in Hindi..." (single)
6/05 - Turkeyfoot - Promise of Tomorrow (LP)
6/05 - Delta Maid - Katie (LP)
6/05 - KissDoomFate - "Innocence" (single)
6/05 - Lacey Williams - "Cut N' Curl" (single)
6/05 - Johnny Irion and Friends - "Inside the Endless OM" (single)
6/05 - Skanger - "Condolences" (single)
6/05 - Good Foxy - "Dust" (single)
6/05 - Merv Pinny - "I Feel Like a Prisoner" (single)
6/05 - Carrus & Kurtz - The Genius of Carrus & Kurtz Vol 1-There are No Words (LP)
6/05 - Bands Against Brutality - Bands Against Brutality (LP)
6/05 - Various Artists - Mix for a Movement (LP)
6/05 - Eric Bolander - "Magic Moon" (single)
6/05 - Crooked Heart - Perpetual Twilight (LP)
6/05 - Steven Bruce - "Cryin' Eyes" (single)
6/05 - Ghost Town Remedy - "Therapy" (single)
6/08 - Learn to Fly - "Broken Nation" (single)
6/09 - Kevin Herig - Barcelona (Memoryy Remix)
6/10 - Mile Me Deaf - Ecco (LP)
6/10 - The Vignatis - “Red, White & Blue” (single)
6/11 - Luciano Illuminati - Terra Vision 2020 (LP)
6/12 - Sammy Brue - Crash Test Kid (LP)
6/12 - Andrea & Mud - Bad News Darlin' (LP)
6/12 - Teghan Devon - Little Lion (EP)
6/12 - Culture Vultures - "Reflection (ft Hollie Singer & Dai Pump$)" (single)
6/12 - India Ramey - "King of Ashes" (single)
6/12 - Nate Lee - Wings of a Jetliner (LP)
6/12 - Eli Gauden - Call My Name (EP)
6/13 - Ja-Mali - "Codeine Veins" (single)
6/15 - The Bustermoon - Mareena Roots (LP)
6/16 - Carlos Severe Marcelin - Impressionist (LP)
6/17 - DIVES - "100 Times" (single)
6/18 - Monsieur Minimal - "Release Me (Easteria Remix)" (single)
6/19 - Darlin' Brando - Also Too... (LP)
6/19 - Dolour - The Royal We (LP)
6/19 - The Microdance - Our Love Noire (LP)
6/19 - Mendoza Line - We're All In This Alone (reissue) (LP)
6/19 - Jenny Reynolds - Any Kind of Angel (LP)
6/19 - DeLeo - Mythomania (EP)
6/19 - Buildings and Food - "Streetlights" (single)
6/19 - Maria Matiss - "More Than Heaven" (single)
6/19 - Leon Majcen - Back 'Til I'm Gone (LP)
6/19 - Raveis Kole - “Help One Another (We All Can)” (single)
6/19 - Kids Love Surf - "Oyo" (single)
6/19 - Sylvettte - "Kelpius" (single)
6/19 - Patrick Ames - "Reawakened" (single)
6/19 - The Asteroid No. 4 - "The After Glow" (single)
6/19 - The Academy of Sun - The Quiet Earth (LP)
6/19 - Brett Ryan Stewart - "It's Alright to Grow Old" (single)
6/19 - WeWantMore - "Heartbreak" (single)
6/19 - The Neville Staple Band - "Lockdown" (single)
6/19 - Michael McArthur - "Purple Rain" (single)
6/19 - Highway Women - "Shake the Dust" (single)
6/19 - Pozzi - "Tyrant" (single)
6/19 - Lady Couch - "Foolish and Blue" (single)
6/20 - Alpha Pegasi - "Summertime (Doin' Time)" (single)
6/20 - David Starling - "Cowards" (single)
6/22 - Remington Super 60 - "Still Near" (single)
6/24 - I Like Trains - "Dig In" (single)
6/26 - The Special Pillow - World's Finest (EP)
6/26 - Dedicated Men of Zion - Can't Turn Me Around (LP)
6/26 - Serratone - "Groovy Lucy" (single)
6/26 - 8 Floors Up - "Roman Bones Make Good Glue" (single)
6/26 - The Speed of Sound - "Glide on By" (single)
6/26 - Fellow Hollow - "Where can I buy fresh berries at night?" (single)
6/26 - Scenius - "Darkest Lines" (single)
6/26 - Melissa D. - Little Girl (EP)
6/26-  TJ George - Fragmented Soul Vol 2 (EP)
6/26 - Dead Method - "Babylon" (single)
6/26 - Indie Dog - "Moving On" (single)
6/26 - Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards - "Typhoon" (single)
6/26 - Molly Tuttle - "Fake Empire" (National cover) (single)
6/26 - Holy Knives - "Always Gone" (Jamie Hince Remix) (single)
6/27 - Joseph C. Krause - Iztac (EP)
6/29 - Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged (LP)
6/?? - Mighty Brother - The Rabbit. The Owl (Double LP)

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

E2TG 7/7/2020 - Thoughts on Progress - Wind Swept Mix (Leave Remix)

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Look, I hate when people use "political correctness" is a derogatory way. In general, this seems to be done when someone is called out for being a bigot of some kind.

But, there are some things which are bothering me... I hesitate to write this, but I feel like I have something to say, and I hope my words are taken in the spirit in which they are offered.  So called Cancel Culture is getting a lot of attention these days. This is taking place a variety of levels for a variety of reasons. Now, my concerns are in the area of growth, change, and progress.

I consider myself a progressive. I believe we are moving toward a better, more enlightened future. Sometimes the progress is revolutionary and fast and sometimes it is painfully slow. And, in my view, on principal, there are people who oppose this progress.  My job, as I see it, is to be a force for that change and that includes growing and changing myself.

So, what I have observed of late, is actions and works that happened in a past time being judged by today's standards. Now, I do believe right and wrong are fixed, but our cultures understanding of those fixed points is evolving.  For example, the television show Soap, in the late 1970s was considered progressive in the ideas it discussed - albeit in a farcical manner.  But, let's take Billy Crystal's character Jodie. One of the earliest depictions of an openly gay man on television. But, Jodie was played by a straight man and he - as I recall - displayed many stereotypical characteristics. These issues would be problematic if presented today. But, in context, they were part of the cultural shift that has led to the extent that LBGT+ individuals are represented in the media and in our culture. Under Cancel Culture, as I have seen it used, would Soap be "cancelled"?  I wonder.

Another issue, individuals are being cancelled for actions they took in the past - an insensitive or offensive tweet or picture. While, I think it is appropriate to call such actions out - but I wonder - where in this process there is room for people to change and grow and repent (used here in a general or secular sense). Sometimes, it seems like - "nope sorry, you did something stupid or offensive in your teens or early twenties - game over". 

None of that, in my view, is how progress works and this trend is - I fear dangerous to the progressive movement.

Just some thoughts...  I have more, but I am out of time...

Today, we recap the next four songs in our Featured Friday Playlist (songs 9-12)

9. "Holy Hangover" by Ghost Town Remedy
Our prolific friends, Ghost Town Remedy are back with a rocking and catchy track - their latest single. Digging the direction(s) this band is going.
10. "Bop, Hop & Roll" by The Vignatis
Next up, we have a track from Red White & Blue: Gyspybilly, Vol. 4 - the new album from L.A. based duo The Vignatis. Playing a delightful potpurri of unique musical styles.  The band manages to create something new out of fragments of other things. Which I think is the definition of rock and roll (and for that matter American music in general) or at least it should be. Groovy stuff!
11. "Keep Moving Along" by Jon Worthy (feat. Cody Fedeler)
Next up, we have a new single from E2TG favorite Jon Worthy - here teamed with Cody Fedeler. A wonderful song.
12. "Oh, Sedona - Take 4, Acoustic" by Michael McArthur
We featured Michael McArthur's cover of "Purple Rain" last week - I think. With the release of his new EP (the first of two in the coming months) - I thought we would feature one of his own compositions. This is the title track from the EP, and I am wondering why I am just now discovering his music. 
Tomorrow - four more songs...

    Featured Friday Playlist