Friday, January 1, 2021

E2TG 1/1/2021 - Featured Friday 2021 #1 - New Way of Life Mix (Feminine Walk Remix)

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Posting the new Featured Friday Playlist and recapping the first ten songs.  

Consider this a bonus post.  The first "real" post of 2021 is coming Monday. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

E2TG 12/30/2020 - The End of 2020 - Waltzing Around Mix (Cookeville Remix)

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Conspicuously absent thus far has been our usual end of year Earie awards and Golden Earie awards.  I thought long and hard about this. 2020 has not been a normal year by any stretch of the imagination. Here at E2TG we have been able to feature more music than ever before including an amazing number of new-to-us artists and bands.  In addition, it has been a busy year for music from some of our long-time favorites. 

We started the Featured Friday Playlist at the beginning of this year, and I am very pleased by the reception so far. We are consistently adding followers. I am also proud of the diversity of mostly independent music we have featured this year. 

Look, some people have definitely kicked ass this year. A unplanned break from touring has given a lot of people the opportunity to explore their heretofore unexplored creativity. Special shout out to Nashville friends like Carrus and Kurtz, Tayls, Year of October, Ghost Town Remedy and so many more who made frequent appearances in our Playlists. 

It should be acknowledged that some people have struggled in 2020 financially, creatively, mentally, and in many other ways. 

So - in that spirit - I am giving this years sole Earie Award to everyone. This is a music blog - so I will limit "everyone" in this context to everyone who has some connection to music. Artists, venue owners, bookers, managers, show-goers, door people, bartenders, promoters, publicists, my fellow music writers, photographers, sound people, touring musicians, studio musicians, and anyone I left out. This one is for you and it comes with a big wish for brighter days ahead.  I can't wait to see you all in front of the stage, at the bar, on the back patio, in line (or on line if you will), discovering great new music, seeing old friends and favorites, sweating, hugging, drinking, and laughing. 

Before we get into our final Featured Friday recap of 2020, I would like to acknowledge the unfathomable losses of this past year. It would take more time and more emotional energy than I have to name everyone and some I may not know - but you do.  For us here at E2TG, 2020 began with the sudden passing our of friend and hero David Olney. I remain humbled and grateful for the opportunities I had to work with him and hear him make his magic on stage. I will never forget his appearance at the E2TG Anniversary Residency a couple of years back. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience -and yet I hoped there would be more. 

We move cautiously into this new year knowing the pandemic is not behind us yet and knowing that some will not be joining us. But we move forward with hope, and we move forward carrying a piece of everyone and everything we said goodbye to in 2020.

Well - here we are. We started recapping this playlist back in December 18 and 61 songs and over four hours of music later, we have reached the end of our final Featured Friday Playlist for 2020. Here are the songs that will take us out - songs number 55-61:

55. "A Song to Special to Sing" by Blink
This is a previously unreleased track from the 1996-1999 era of the Irish band Blink. This our second song to featured.  A full-length release of archival recordings in scheduled for the Spring.
56. "It's Alright (10 Times Better)" by Absolute Phase
Next up, we have the lead track from The Little Black Book - the new album from this Chicago based rock band that formed in 2019. Cool sound.
57. "How Can I" by Paola Proctor
Next up, we have the new single from a Nashville based pop artist. This emotionally powerful break-up song was recorded here in Nashville.
58. "Everything Has Changed" by Souly Us
Next up, we have the new single from Australian country music duo Souly Us. The song was recorded in their home studio while on lock down. 
59. "No More Bets" by Shaking Chains
Next, we have a track from a new AA single from this Manchester art-pop band. A great sound. 
60. "Dreams of a Middle-Aged Man" by Mauri Dark
We always like to save some of the most interesting music to close out our playlists.  The penultimate track from this Playlist comes in the form of a nearly 8 minute title track to the new album by Finnish singer-songwriter Mauri Dark. The song has an epic quality and a deep emotional resonance. I love this song. 
61. "Stranger" by KissDoomFate 
And we close this long playlist out with the return of French electro-pop band KissDoomFate - and the lead track from their 3 song b-side collection called Dead of Winter Beats.  A deliciously chilly song to bring us into the heart of winter and to get us ready for a brand new year of music. 
See you on the otherside....
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

E2TG 12/29/2020 - A Wrap-Up - Sing Mix (Give Me Love Remix)

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So - this is the second to the last post of 2020. I don't think anyone needs to recap what a horrible year this has been.  I certainly know that things will not magically get better at Midnight on January 1, but I do hope that arbitrary milestone does prove to mark the beginning of a new phase. 

Tomorrow, I will wrap up some unfinished business from this year and then I will be ready to move forward - bringing only the lessons learned, the goodness and light, and the memories of those lost with me (okay - maybe I will bring more, but you get my meaning).

We've reached the penultimate recap post of this extended Featured Friday Playlist.  Today we have songs 48-54:

48. "Song for Ella" by Cap'n Marble 
Our second time featuring this indie pop duo from Southern California. I love this song. 
49. "So Far From Home" by BUN
Next up, we have the sixth single in eight months from Belgian artist BUN. Brecht - the musician behind BUN started in an instrumental post-metal band called Miava which had developed a good following. Unfortunately, the band's drummer and Brecht's best friend was killed in a hit and run accident. Brecht eventually returned as BUN - as a project to celebrate life. This is my first listen and I dig it. 
50. "Area 51"  by The Star Prairie Project
Next up, we have our second Featured track from Nolen R. Chew Jr. from Star Prairie, Wisconsin who collaborates with musicians and producers from LA to London as The Star Prairie Project. 
51. "Yellowed Pages" by Glenn Morrow's Cry for Help
Next up, we have the lead track from the second album (appropriately named '2') from this New Jersey based band.  This track laments the loss of intimacy of the modern age of communication. 
52. "Gwir" by Tacsidermi
A lot of interesting music coming our way from Wales. This duo came to fruition during and because of the lock down. 
53. "Social Distancing" by Fear Rua
Next up, we have a track from Rhode Island based experimental artist Dylan Murphy aka Fear Rua.  Great ambient, psychedelic vibe. Very cool. 
54. "Fall Away" by Glostik Willy
And we close this segment of music with the new single from Indiana-based hippy metal band Glostik Willy.  I am going to admit I don't really know what hippy metal is - I do know that heavy metal originally emerged from the hippy subculture so... anyway, this is a cool song and a nice way to close out another diverse segment of music. 
Tomorrow - we bring this extra long Playlist recap to a close with songs 55-61
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, December 28, 2020

E2TG 12/28/2020 - Music City Monday, Music City Strong - High Feeling Mix (Always Will Remix)

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The 2020 hits keep coming - and not in the good sense of hits.  By now, most of you not from Nashville have read or heard about the Christmas morning bombing in downtown Nashville. The good news is that I and everyone I know is okay. The bad news is the damage and destruction to historical buildings and buildings where people live and work. Temporarily, a lot of people were cut off from technology and communications.  

There is a lot not known. It appears to be the work of one man. His motive is the stuff of speculation but regardless - the city must once again try to come together and get through this.  

Now, we return to our recap of the Featured Friday Shuffle with songs 41-47:

41. "The Infinity Line" by of1000faces
of1000faces returns to the E2TG playlist with the title track from the new album. This is the solo recording project of Chicago based Matt Walker (drummer and producer) whose credits include Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, and Filter. 

42. "Can't Let It Go" by No Trombones (feat. Sakari)
Next up, we have the new single from Montreal based No Trombones featuring vocals by Chicago native and L.A. based Sakari. A great addition to the playlist.
43. "Our Year" by Jane and John
Next up, we have a single from this UK based duo that formed during quarantine. Jane and John are the middle names of C.J. Wadsworth who had never been in a band before and M.J. Hibbett who claims to be an "international rock star" who is best known for "Hey Hey 16K" which was a number one hit in IT departments if not on the charts. 
44. "Shame" by Tristan Wood
Next up, we have the title track from the new EP from this emerging singer-songwriter based in Seattle. Tristan was part of the HIGHSCHOOL Nation tour in 2018.
45. "it's u not me" by Dafna
Next up, we have opening track from I LOVE YOU - the new album from this Boulder, Colorado based singer-songwriter. I dig the sound.
46. "The Power of Love" by The Autumn Killers
How about a cover?  Up next, we have a cover of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit via this rock band from South Wales. The  track is included in Acoustic and Autumnised - the new EP which features new arrangements of all the songs from the band's debut EP Dance Floor Mayhem plus this track. 
47. "Blue" by Fellow Hollow 
And, we close this segment of music with the opening track from Violet Paper Wings by this Columbus, Ohio based duo of Andrew Gavin Williams and Luke Elliot Fleeman.  A great tune to close out this part of our Playlist. 
Tomorrow - our penultimate recap post for this week songs 48-54
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

E2TG 12/23/2020 - Eve Eve - Grateful for Christmas Mix (Be it Heaven or Hell Remix)

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Our last post before Christmas.  I hope no matter what or how you celebrate (or don't) that they coming days, weeks, months, and year are filled with better days, new opportunities, love, joy, and peace. 

Our Featured Friday Recap moves along with songs 33-40:

33. "Methadone Guy" by Hadnot Creek
First up, we have the opening track from Hard World by this Charlottesville based folk-rock band.  Wonderful song. 
34. "I Won't Change My Mind" by Remington Super 60
Next up, we have the return of this Norwegian band to the Playlist with their latest single. 
35. "Drifter" by Jessye DeSilva
Next up, we have the new single from this Boston-based singer-songwriter. As the writer of a novel called The Drift - this song title caught my attention, but the song itself kept it.  This is a wonderful song by a new-to-me artist that I look forward to finding out more about. 
36. "Rule #13 - Waterfall" by Fish in a Birdcage
Fish in a Birdcage is Dustan Townsend a young musical virtuoso originally from Red Deer, Alberta and currently in the midst of a two-year long busking adventure through Europe (currently in Spain). The name of his third album is Waterfall and this is the lead and title track. 
37. "Harmless" by Phriendly Phoes
Next up, we have the title track from the debut album by this psychedelic funk/hip-hop duo from Lewiston, New York. Really cool stuff.
38. "2 AM (Let's Do It)" by J'seann
Next up, we have a track from an up and coming rapper from Chicago.  This was a direct artist submission that caught my attention. Check it out. 
39. "Under the Skin" by Seven Red Lions
Next up, some indie rock from London. This latest single was inspired by the pre-Hispanic cultures of South America. 
40. "I Like You" by Hook
We close out this segment of music with the latest single from the new wave/indie band from Dublin, Ireland. The band formed in 2019 and released their debut album in March of 2020.  A nice way to close things out.
We are going to take a holiday break and regroup on Monday with the continuation of this extended Playlist as we head into the new year. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

E2TG 12/22/2020 - Longer Days - Almost Pure Mix (Takes Time Remix)

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Just a reminder - due to the holidays, we are stretching this week's Featured Friday recap over the next two weeks (Monday-Wednesday each week) - which is good- because this week's Playlist is jam packed with music.   Today - songs 25-32:

25. "Ritual" by Genus Ordinis Dei
First up today, we have the opening track from Glare of Deliverance - the new concept album from this Italian symphonic death metal band. The album tells the story of Eleanor - a young woman persecuted for crimes of witchcraft by the Holy Inquisition. 
26. "Long Cold Night Walk" by Victor Jones
Next up, we have our second listen and the title track from the new album by this L.A. based chamber rock artist. A really lovely song - perfect for the longest night of the year.
27. "Screaming Through the Noise" by The Room
Next up, we have something special.  This is a live recording of a song which was originally included on the 2012 debut album Open Fire - by this melodic rock band from the Southeast of the UK.  The song was written about vocalist Martin Wilson's son Josh and his struggles with childhood cancer. Sadly, Josh recently passed away at age 20, and the band have released this recording (from a 2018 performance in France) as a tribute.  All proceeds from the song will go to Phillis Tuckwell Hospice who cared for Josh. You can download the song - here
28. "Snollygoster Goon" by The Lickerish Quartet
Next up, we have the first single from the upcoming 2nd EP by this band that features band members of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Slash’s Snake Pit, Finn Brothers, Alice Cooper, Air & Beck - and all formerly of Jellyfish. 
29. "Thin Disguise" by Davy Williamson
Next up, we have the debut single from this Wilmington, NC based hard rock multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. The song deals with Williamson's personal demons and is offered as a message of healing and hope.
30. "Keeping My Distance" by Rylan Brooks
Next up, we have the first single from If Wishes Were Horses (due in March) from the outlaw country duo of Nate Rylan and Chris Brooks.  The album was recorded in Nashville with an all-star line-up that includes Guthrie Trapp, Eddie Bayers, and Michael Spriggs to name just three - the band was directed by Dean Miller. 
31. "A Modern Man's Way to Improve" by Royal Horses
Next up, we have the title track from the debut album by this band from South Mississippi. The album is a love letter to the music that defined the New South.  The album was an official Record Store Day release and is now available on streaming platforms. 
32. "A Range of Light" by Forester
And we close with the title track from the second album by L.A. based electronic indie band Forester. A lovely song and a great way to close out this diverse set of music. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, December 21, 2020

E2TG 12/21/2020 - Music City Monday - Hungry Fires Mix (Great Tornado Remix)

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Our Featured Friday Playlist Recap picks back up with songs 17-24:

17. "Nocturnal" by Black Needle Noise (feat. Helena Mamich)
First up today - we have the latest single from legendary producer John Fryer's Black Needle Noise project - here he is joined by Croatian-Australian soprano Helena Mamich.
18. "The Man" by Society 1 (feat. DMC)
Next up, we have a collaboration between L.A. band Society 1 (led by Lord Zane) with special guest DMC (as in Run DMC).  This hard hitting track sounds like a match made in...well - maybe heaven isn't the right word here... but this is damn good.
19. "Working Class Hero" by MANCHO
Chicago musician, producer, and music educator Marshall Greenhouse records as MANCHO, and he just released his cover of the classic John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album - which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. MANCHO calls his version Plastic Oh No (2020).
20. "44HH" by Makoto San
French label Chinese Man Records introduced a new series of releases meant to highlight new artists.  The series is called DIG IT! and the first single came out earlier this month, and this is it.  Cool stuff.  The second is out now as well.
21. "All Right" by The Sacred
Next up, we have some hard rock from Nashville! The Sacred are a four-piece band - this was my introduction to them, and I dig it. The band have been crowd-sourcing their debut album.
22. "Mercury in Retrograde" by Departure Lounge
Next up, we have the first single from the forthcoming reunion album by this UK band - whose initial run was from 1998-2002. Peter Buck of R.E.M. plays on the new album Transmeridian which is due out next year.
23. "Cancel Cult" by Pushing Veronica
L.A. band Pushing Veronica believe rock and roll should have a message and that the message should be loud. This new single features a video that includes imagery from A Clockwork Orange. 
24. "Save My Heart" by Madisyn Whajne
And we close out this segment of music with the title track from the debut album by this Canadian First Nations singer-songwriter. An impressive debut, and a great sounding record.

    Featured Friday Playlist