Monday, April 19, 2021

E2TG 4/19/2021 - Music City Monday - Rain Mix (Alabaster Remix)

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Heading into another week.  By the way, the 10th Anniversary of this blog is fast approaching - in May.  I also realized the 10th episode of the Ear to the Ground radio show will happened that same month - so I am planning something special to mark that convergence of events. It is not looking like it may take two weeks.  More to come.  

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Feature Friday Recap (Pt. 11: Songs 17-26):

17. "Light Shines In" by Conor Gains
First up, we are a track from a new EP/single from this Toronto based singers-songwriter who makes music with a wonderful combination of pop, southern soul and more. 
18. "Deshta (Forever)" by Lisa Gerrard; Jules Maxwell
Next up, we have our second single to feature from Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell.  Great stuff. 
19. "The Way Down" by Van Plating
Next up, we have the new single from Florida based  singer/songwriting and musician Van Plating.  It is the follow-up to the her 2019 album which marked her return to music after a decade off. A strong song, and I look forward to hearing more. 
20. "Balearic" by Are We Static
Next, UK indie band Are We Static with a fantastic new song. 
21. "Palms Casino" by Sam Valdez
Next up, a immense sounding new single from L.A. based Sam Valdez - her full length album Take Care is due out May 7.
22. "Where is the Time?" by My Name is Ian (feat. HMS Morris)
Next up, a new single from Welsh band My Name is Ian - ahead of their new album due in June called Fantastic Company.  Here they team up with an other Welsh band we have featured before- HMS Morris. 
23. "Bridges" by Jason Pilling
We have a wonderful new single from UK singer-songwriter Jason Pilling who is originally from Saskatchewan.
24. "Scallywag" by The Lancasters
Next up, a tasty bit of rock 'n' roll which builds upon the classic traditions - especially on some of the great British bands of past decades. The Lancasters are from Italy, and this  great new single is pretty darn cool.  
25. "Upstate" by Shay Martin Lovette
Some lovely and mysterious country folk from this North Carolina artist who worked with members of MIPSO, Mandolin Orange, and Mount Moriah on his forthcoming Scatter & Gather due out May 14.
26. "Fly Wizard Fly" by Mashup & Cozy Condition
And we close this segment of music with some experimental funk from Richmond, Virginia. A great tune to wind up this segment of our playlist. 

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Friday, April 16, 2021

E2TG 4/16/2021 - Featured Friday - Raise a Banner Mix (Lead Balloon Remix)

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A huge Playlist of new and recent music this week... as always several genres and from all over the world.  Check it out on Spotify (and follow if so inclined) and/or follow along here as we recap the playlist down below and through the next week. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, April 15, 2021

E2TG 4/15/2021 - What to Put in this Spot - Tricky Love Mix (Therapy Remix)

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My thoughts today are about the return to "normalcy".  I am happy to have received both doses of the vaccine and I hope more people will reach that stage.  I got to see live in-person, inside music for the first time on Sunday, but to me this is not yet a return to an old normal and to be honest, in some ways, that old normal is not coming back - which is okay - I look forward some new normal but I don't think we are there yet either. This current normal is something that I will have to adapt to I guess. For me, going out to see live music (usually in a smaller venue) was often a spontaneous thing, and I usually went out alone and then always met up with friends.   The current normal seems to demand more planning and in some cases buying "pods" of four seats.  For some, this works really well... for me, again, it will be an adjustment.   

I also have a form a social anxiety which is kicked into high gear what with being away from going out for over a year, the new rules etc. This is something I will have to overcome in order for me to exist in this new normal.  

I was not someone who often went to large gathering type events, so changes there will not affect me.  

My night out Sunday went well - not much advance planning - I think several people were feeling our way around new expectations which helped with my anxiety. I felt more prone to stay rooted in one spot than I used to....  

I always need to acknowledge that some people are not yet ready to go out like I did and some are way ahead of me on that. My general feeling is that the only people who are 100% certain of anything these days are the people who are clearly wrong. The rest of us are trying to do right, feeling our way through, and hoping for grace. 

 And just like that it is time to wrap up this week's Featured Friday Playlist.  As always, we save some cool music to finish off the week (songs 28-32):

28. "Time Crystals" by Coyote Man
First up, we have a recent single from this Chicago-based progressive instrumental band. Cool stuff. 
29. "Noah Mount" by Ben Conley

Next up, we have a bluesy new single from this L.A. based artist. This is my first exposure to his music, and I like it. 
30. "Nosebleed" by ZOLA
Next, we have the first single following a year-long hiatus from San Francisco-based singer-songwriter ZOLA whose indie-pop music often combines French and English lyrics. A great sound on this track. 
31. "HEADLIGHTS" by Sleep Nation
Keeping stateside for one more track, we have the new single from this alternative rock band from right here in Nashville. The powerhouse bluesy song's story is a modernized version of Wayne Cochran's 1961 song "Last Kiss" which was covered in more recent times by Pearl Jam. 
 32. "U Can't Hide" by RUMBLE (feat. Blackout Ja)

And we close things out today and for this week's playlist with our second time featuring the Chinese Man Records artists RUMBLE - who also closed out a playlist last November.  Here they are joined by reggae dancehall legend Blackout Ja.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

E2TG 4/14/2021 - Check-in - Subtle Mix (Annihilation Remix)

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We continue on with our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist - songs 22-27:

22. "All I'm About" by Arden Lanes
First up today, we have a track from the debut release by this Seattle band which whose members bring a wealth of experience and an impressive lineage. A great way to open this segment of music.
23. "Here's To the Down & Out" by Steven Faulkner
Next up, we have the recent single from this UK based singer-songwriter who often deals with topical issues. 
24. "Sugar Bones" by Cameron Alexander
Next up, we have the latest single from this singer-songwriter from Perth, Western Australia and his band. A great sounding song.
25. "Tumbleweed" by Harri Larkin
Next up, we have a new track - the second single from a couple of EPs which are being released in front of the UK band's upcoming full-length debut. 
26. "Perch Privileges" by Nature's Neighbor
Our second track to feature from this Chicago based indie alternative band is an excellent pandemic song. 
27. "just friends" by kidgloves
And we close this segment of music with the 4th single from this emerging L.A. based artist.  Great stuff. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

E2TG 4/13/2021 - Words Fail - Voter Suppression Mix (Hope Remix)

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Another day, another (several) shootings, another person of color being killed by police during a routine (if not questionable traffic stop).  We are on the brink of getting the pandemic under control here, but stubbornness and ignorance look like  they could derail that. We seem to be as divided politically as we ever have AND everything is potentially political - which means we aren't just divided politically but potentially divided over every aspect of life. 

And, I did not mean to gloss over the police killings.  For this to happen in the same city as the trial from another killing is taking place (I killing everyone witnessed and yet one which still is requiring a multi-day trial....   

But, yeah words fail... it is so easy to lose hope and to surrender to despair... But, I don't feel like I can or at least that I should because for me to give up seems like a benefit of my privilege. 

And, the mass shootings continue unbated...

And, we, as a nation, cannot even seem to agree that cops killing black people is bad or that mass shootings are bad.   Or, at least, we cannot even try to work toward a solution. 

Our Featured Friday Recap rolls on: Today songs 17-21:

17. "Sun & Moon" by Ben Schenberg
First up today, we have a single from Kansas City singer-songwriter Ben Schenberg that was released on April 1.  I dig it.
18. "It's Time" by The Licata Brothers
The Licata Brothers are an inspirational rock duo from L.A.  Their recent single reflects on how materialism distracts us from fighting for justice. A valuable and important message for our times or any times. 
19. "Pray Like You Mean It" by Nilsen's Southern Harmony
Next up, another timely new single from songwriters Bjoern Nilsen and Austin Church.  Nilsen has worked with Joe Sun, had songs used in movies and television, and had songs recorded by Linda Gail Lewis, Dallas Moore  (yes the time Dallas Moore we featured yesterday) and more. Austin Church's credits include work with Jimmy Buffet, Lyle Lovett and more).
20. "Blackbird's Refrain" by Swift Silver
Anna Kline and John Looney are Swift Silver from Kentucky and they play a new breed of Southern soul music. Check this song out.
21. "Back Then" by Cole Scheifele
We close this segment of music with a new single from this Colorado based folk singer-songwriter.  A lovely song. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, April 12, 2021

E2TG 4/12/2021 - Music City Monday and More - I Was Sleeping Mix (Star-Crossed Remix)

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Onward into another week....

Last night, I took in my first indoor live music in 13 months. At Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge, checking out Mark Robinson Band.  It was a good time.  My decision to go was based upon my vaccination status and the safety protocols which I know Dee's follows.  I fully understand those who are not yet ready to get out like that. I can report that it was great hearing live music in-person from a great band. I can also report that navigating the new reality is strange and different.  Ultimately, I am sure I will do it again, but I am still not sure about larger gatherings.

Our Featured Friday Recap continues now with songs 11-16:

11. "California Highway" by Dallas Moore
The Rain - the new album from outlaw country artist Dallas Moore is out now.  We featured one or two of the pre-release singles.  This album cut stands as evidence that this is a song album front to back.  
12. "Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key" by Cole Quest and The City Pickers
I fell in love this this song when it was released on Mermaid Avenue - a couple of decades ago????. Music by and performed by  Billy Bragg with lyrics from Woody Guthrie.  This fantastic new cover features the  late folk singers grandson backed by a band of great musicians. The album Self (En) Titled is due out this Friday.   
13. "Spirits (Having Flown)" by Coke Belda
I am unabashedly a fan of the songs of the brothers Gibb.  This is from 5: A Tribute to the Bee Gees Vol. 2 from this Pittsburgh artist.  The song was the title track to the 1979 album which was the immediate follow-up to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.  
14. "Juniper Jones" by David Wax Museum
The 8th album from Boston-based duo David Wax Museum is out this Friday. This is the first single, and I like it a lot. 
15. "Broken" by Whiskey Fixx
Next up, we have the new single from this relatively new country band from Detroit, Michigan. 
16. "Simulation Theory" by B. B. Palmer
We close with a song I just completely fell in love with - it is the recent single from this cosmic country band based in Alabama.  It is the second single from their forthcoming Krishna Country album due out later this year.  Check it out. 
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Friday, April 9, 2021

E2TG 4/9/2021 - Featured Friday - Deanna, Deanna Mix (My Price Remix)

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It is Friday and time for another E2TG Featured Friday Playlist.  As usual, it will take us through next week to recap the playlist for you... We kick off with the first 10 songs below the jump.  You can check out the Playlist on Spotify - where you can follow the Playlist if so inclined. 

My usual disclaimer: Supporting artists means paying for music to the extent  you are able: sites like Bandcamp provide many opportunities to support the artists you love. Spotify is a great way to share and discover music, but they do not adequately support artists. 

    Featured Friday Playlist