Monday, April 6, 2020

E2TG 4/06/2020 - Music City Monday - Stutter Mix (Perfect World Remix)

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I just want to say that I hope you are all doing as well as you can be. I know many of us are far from okay. Some of us are struggling while simultaneously feeling guilty for struggling as we recognize that there are many who have it far worse than we do.  I just want to say all of that okay.

If you missed it Friday, below you can check out the current Featured Friday Playlist and below you can check out today's Music City Monday Shuffle...

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Friday, April 3, 2020

E2TG 4/03/2020 - Featured Friday - Not Too Hip Mix (Genius Remix)

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It is Friday and that means a brand new Featured Friday Spotify Playlist. You can check it out below or listen and follow the playlist on Spotify.

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

E2TG 4/2/2020 - Check-In - Dark Genius Mix (Holding On Remix)

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How is everyone doing?  Are you staying safe? Just know, if you are staying safe and keeping others safe, you are doing fine. While it is fine to be productive during this time, it is also fine not to be. While it is good to stay informed, it is okay to turn off the news and unplug from social media if it is adding to your anxiety. We are all faced with something new which requires difficult decisions. 
This has been a hard week, and I suspect the upcoming weeks will be even harder. Be gentle with yourselves. 
I suppose I am writing all this for myself as much as for anyone else. 
I did think to mention that I am aware that some artists are postponing releases, so it is possible that a release not on my list below may not be correct. I am trying to update when I get new information, but I don't always get the information. I will say that many releases are going forward, so look for a new Featured Friday Playlist which will go live at midnight.  
Next up, we have a nifty little Thursday shuffle.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

E2TG 4/01/2020 - Happy Birthday D. Boon - In for the Long Haul - L'Ascenseur Mix (I Choose Remix)

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Dennes Dale "D." Boon, who died at age 27 in 1985 would have been 62 years old today. The guitarist, singer, and songwriter with the legendary Minutemen was outspoken, innovative, and is greatly missed.

Double Nickels on the Dime remains a desert island disc for me and one I return to over and over.

The Long Haul
The COVID-19 news yesterday was sobering if not unexpected. The projected death tolls - some of which rely on drastic actions being taken - which in many places are not being taken a- are staggering. 
Like many of you, I suspect, I feel myself growing restless even while knowing this period is just beginning. The great need, I feel, is compassion and care for our fellow man. 
I will not put others at risk to relieve my boredom, restlessness, or to fulfill a want.  When I go out, I will follow the guidelines not only for my own safety but mostly for the safety of others - including loved ones with whom I may come in contact. 
Reach out by phone or electronically if you need help. The next two weeks, at least, are going to be bad and frightening. Hang in there. Talk about your fear and any other feelings with someone safe. 

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Wednesday Morning Shuffle
Rolling along with another short, fun shuffle...

"Sagamore Bridge" by Terry Klein (from Live at KOOP)
A live album released at the end of 2019 by Austin, Texas based songwriter Terry Klein. Acoustic performances recorded for Austin radio station KOOP.
"Julien Dans L'Ascenseur" by Miles Davis (from Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud)
From the soundtrack to the Louis Malle film. If you've seen Birth of the Cool - the Miles Davis documentary - you know that this soundtrack was an artistic achievement of epic proportions. 
"Screen Savior" by Tape Deck Mountain (from 21st Century Loosers: The Best of 2009-2019)
Another track from the retrospective compilation by the Nashville based band.
"When the World Doesn't Love You" by Stuffy Shmitt (from Twelve Songs)
 More goodness from the inimitable Stuffy Shmitt.
"I Choose" by Insane Jane (from A Green Little Pill)
Check out the video playlist for an extended live recording by this seminal Atlanta based rock band.

Recent and Upcoming Releases:

2/01 - Glenn Jones - Ready for the Good Times (LP)
2/02 - Karabas Barabas - Degenerate National Anthem (LP)
2/04 - Mayflower Madame - "Vultures" (single)
2/05 - Joseph Mooradian  - "We all Work Too Much"/"Dash My Dreams" (single)
2/07 -  Palm Ghosts -  Wide Awake and Waiting (EP)
2/07 - Emily Zuzik - "Trouble" (single)
2/07 - Chicago Farmer - Flyover Country (LP)
2/07 - Surrija - "Barcelona" (single)
2/07 - The Flyin' A's - No Holds Barred (LP)
2/07 - Christopher Paul Stelling - Best of Luck (LP)
2/07 - HMS Morris - "Babanod" (single)
2/07 - Tiny Fighter- "Strangest Thing" (single)
2/07 - Wynnm - "Fire on the Moon" (single)
2/07 - The Golden Cage Society - Mira (Mini EP)
2/07 - Alienbaby Collective - "Degenerate Moon" (single)
2/07 - Eric and the Anti-Vaxxers - Timeshare Girlfriend (EP)
2/07 - Sammy Brue - "Teenage Mayhem" and "Crash Test Kid" (singles)
2/07 - Lucille - "Kerikeri" (single)
2/07 - Jon Magnusson  - Always a Rebel (Live in Studio Silverräven) (single)
2/07 - Thomas Passon - "Über" (single)
2/07 - BisonBison - "Hover" (single)
2/07 - BisonBison - Hover (LP)
2/13 - Little Triggers - "Bang" (single)
2/14 - Grant Peeples - Bad Wife (LP)
2/14 - The Heliocentrics - Infinity of Now (LP)
2/14 - Johanna Kuvaja - "Back for Good" (single)
2/14 - Sarah Reynolds - "I Need Love" (single)
2/14 - Afterimage - "Six Seconds" (single)
2/14 - Kalee Smyth - "Bring Our Love Down" (single)
2/14 - Harry Stafford - "She Just Blew Me Away" (single)
2/14 - Kid Be Kid - "Blood" (single)
2/14 - Chris Maxwell - New Store No. 2 (LP)
2/18 - David J - "I Only Hear Silence Now" (single)
2/19 - Paisley Fields - "Ride Me Cowboy" (single)
2/19 - Tom Cridland - "The Laws of Success" (single)
2/21 - Sarah Morris - All Mine (LP)
2/21 - Kindergarten - Iphigenia (Reissue) (LP)
2/21 -  Hot Club of L.A.- Cinema Swing (LP)
2/21 - MUUK - Balbuceo (LP)
2/21 - Aaron Beckum - Songs from a Triangle Room (EP)
2/21 - Every 13 Days - Étant Donnés (Reissue) (LP)
2/21 - Seablight - High-Rise Mannequins (EP)
2/21 - Various Artists -Typical Girls Vol. 5 (LP)
2/21 - 12xPretty - 12xPretty (LP)
2/21 - Arkane Skye - "Don't Ask Me Out" (single)
2/21 - Easy - "Crystal Waves" (single)
2/21 - Blue Lucas - "Train Station" (single)
2/21 - Stumbleine - "Supermodels" (single)
2/21 - Jesse Blake Rundle - "The Death of a Soldier" (single)
2/21 - Whitney Shay - Stand Up! (LP)
2/21 - 100 Mile House - "Test the Timber" (single)
2/22 - Charlotte Eagle Sings - Embracing the Old Ways (LP)
2/24 - Jon Magnusson - "Set Me on Fire (Live Silverraven Sessions) (single)
2/28 - Kristen Englenz - Ingenue (LP)
2/28 - Brett Ryan Stewart - "All or None" (single)
2/28 - Close Lobsters - Post Neo Anti... (LP)
2/28 - The Heliocentrics - Infinity of Now (LP)
2/28 - Scenius - "Glass Rain" (single)
2/28 - Jeffrey James - East London (EP)
2/28 - Charmless i - "Long Time Coming" (single)
2/28 - Gallary 47 - "I Wish I Was" (single)
2/28 - Xirita - "Don't Go" (single)
2/28 - Son of David - "Carry On" (single)
2/28 - Harry Stafford - "Painted Ocean" (single)
2/28 - Strange Majik - "World On Fire" (single)
2/28 - MUUK - Balbuceo (LP)
2/29 - Jimmy Who and the Night Creatures - Tinker's Blues (EP)
3/04 - Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion - Chameleon (LP)
3/04 - Iron Mike Norton - "Help Me Make It Through the Night" (single)
3/06 - Surrija - "Sylvette" (single)
3/06 - Dean Fields - While the Baby Was Sleeping (LP)
3/06 - Broads and Milly Hirst - Ollust (LP)
3/06 - The Mastersons - No Time for Love Songs (LP)
3/06 - Ghostwood Development Project (Feat. Kool Keith) - "Gulley" (single)
3/06 - The Mystery Plan - Ballad of JC Quinn (LP)
3/06 - Brian Wright and the Sneakups - "Patrick's Crossing" (single)
3/06 - Jonny Polonsky - Kingdom of Sleep (LP)
3/06 - Tiny Fighter - "Perfect Game" (single)
3/06 - African Head Charge - Drumming is a Language (LP)
3/06 - African Head Charge - Songs of Praise - reissue (LP)
3/06 - African Head Charge - Churchical Chant Of The Iyabinghi (LP)
3/09 - Marco Bonvicini - "Colors" (single)
3/09 - Terry Presume - I Got Nothing to Lose (EP)
3/13 - The Flatmates - The Flatmates (LP)
3/13 - Kleenex Girl Wonder - Ponyoak (20th Anniversary Edition) + BLP (demos and out-takes) (LP)
3/13 - Sandwick - Reconstruct (LP)
3/13 - Foley and the Fire - "Springsteen on the Radio" (single)
3/13 - Kalee Smyth - The Ceiling (EP)
3/13 - Sha Davis - Songs I Wrote When You Left (EP)
3/13 - The Losing Touch - "Through the Night" (single)
3/13 - Gerry Gareau - Feet Off The Brakes (EP)
3/13 - Ayla Brook and the Sound Men - Desolation Sounds (LP)
3/13 - The Academy of Sun - "The Parts That Need Replacing" (single)
3/13 - Sunday Morning - Consequences of Love (EP)
3/13 - Rosemary Fossee - "Tu me manques" (single)
3/13 - BYSTS - "Spread Out" (single)
3/18 - Marco Bonvicini - Colors (EP)
3/20 - Matt Wilson and His Orchestra - When I Was a Writer (LP)
3/20 - Chris Moyse - Bitter Ballads and Cynical Prayers (LP)
3/20 - Samuel Boller - Kingdom of the Sun (LP)
3/20 - The Blam Blams - "Isabella" (single)
3/20 - Jon Hassell - Vernal Equinox (reissue) (LP)
3/20 - Kid Be Kid - Lovely Genders (EP)
3/20 - Toni Sauna - Dead Flour (single)
3/20 - Ender Bender - "Star Killer" (single)
3/20 -  Strange Majik - 20/20 (LP)
3/20 - I YA TOYAH - Code Blue: Reloaded (LP)
3/23 - Sofia Talvik - "Meanwhile in Winnsboro" (single)
3/24 - Mighty Brother - "Naked Winter" (single)
3/27 - Mayflower Madame - Prepared for a Nightmare (LP)
3/27 - The 81s - 2 Things and 118 Others (LP)
3/27 - Mayflower Madame - "Swallow" (single)
3/27 - Alienbaby Collective - F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L (Double EP)
3/27 - Mairena - "Weird All the Time" (single)
3/27 - Lucille - Come on,Fly (LP)
3/27 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "Money" (single)
3/27 - Ben Reel - The Nashville Calling (LP)
3/27 - 100 Mile House - Love and Leave You (LP)
3/27 - Watermelon Slim - Traveling Man (Double Live LP)
3/27 - Lilly Hiatt - Walking Proof (LP)
3/27 - Porcelain Pink - "Sideways" (single)
3/27 - The Ocelots - Started to Wonder (LP)
3/27 - Harry Stafford - Gothic Urban Blues (LP)

This Week:
4/01 - HMS Morris - "Poetry" (single)
4/02 - I Am A Rocketship - "My Nature" (single)
4/03 - Chip and the Charge Ups - Lightning in Our Veins (LP)
4/03 - Surrija - Surrija (LP)
4/03 - Stumbleine - Sink Into the Ether (LP)
4/03 - Neutrals - Rent Your House (EP)
4/03 - Clwb Fuzz - "No Heaven" (single)

4/08 - Zilverbacks - The Dark Hores; At A Time When Time Was Irrelevant (LP)
4/09 - Ellison - "Sing" (single)
4/10 - Eliza Gilkyson - 2020 (LP)
4/10 - Dan Montgomery - Smoke and Mirrors (a phonographic memory) (LP)
4/10 - Pokey LaFarge - Rock Bottom Rhapsody (LP)
4/10 - The Dream Syndicate - The Universal Inside (LP)
4/13 - Pilotcan - No More Shan Goodbye (LP)
4/17 - Paul Burch and WPA Ballclub - Light Sensitive (LP)
4/16 - Destijl - Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (LP)
4/17 - Aimee Stevens - "Hell is a Teenaged Girl" (single)
4/24 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "I'm Gonna Break Your Heart" (single)
4/24 - Ben Bostick - Among the Faceless Crowd (LP)
4/24 - Kyle Lalone - Somewhere In Between (EP)
4/?? - I Am A Rocketship - Ghost Stories (LP)
4/01? - Ten Penny Gypsy - Fugitive Heart (LP)
5/01 - BOAT - Tread Lightly (LP)
5/01 - Laura Cortese and the Dance Card - Bitter Better (LP)
5/08 - Brian Wright and the Sneak-Ups - Lapse of Luxury
5/20 - Town Meeting - Make Things Better (LP)
5/22 - Victor Wainwright and the Train - Memphis Loud (LP)
5/31 - Debra Power - That's How I Roll (LP)
6/05 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "None of Your Business" (single)
6/05 - People Without Shows and Inkswell - Plasma Platter (LP)
6/12 - Sammy Brue - Crash Test Kid (LP)
6/19 - Darlin' Brando - Also Too... (LP)
6/?? - Mighty Brother - The Rabbit. The Owl (Double LP)
7/03 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - None of Your Business (EP)
7/?? - Tawny Ellis - Love Life (LP)

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

E2TG 3/31/2020 - Here We Are, Now What? - Trail Riding Mix (Amor Puro Remix)

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The reality has really begun to set in for me that we are still in the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis here in the U.S. The idea that even the best guesses mean that we have longer to go under these present conditions than we have experienced so far. Temporary no longer seems like the right word, but this is temporary - just longer-term temporary.
One question on many of our minds is what will the world and our worlds look like at the end of this crisis. That things will change no longer seems the question but rather how will they change. In some ways, I can look upon this change as a good thing - although change - especially radical change - is by its nature frightening. I mean, we have been given this time, and it behooves us all to take the time for deep reflection of what is important and how we might live to best reflect our priorities. Being forced to slow down, to not go out has provided a clarity on somethings.
I already see myself considering things and deciding on some level that they aren't really that important to me, and on the other hand considering my past hesitation to step out boldly on other things - and wondering why I ever let fear stand in my way. 
For now, E2TG is still important to me, and I hope it is to some of you. At the beginning of this year, I changed some things about E2TG to better utilize my time. Now, I have been given a chance to reflect upon those changes and see what is working and what isn't. So, expect more changes. 
What will not change, for as long as I continue to write E2TG, is my commitment to featuring music that crosses genres with a focus on independent artists and bands. More to come, I am sure... 
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Monday, March 30, 2020

E2TG 3/30/2020 - Music City Monday - The Castle Mix (End of the Day Remix)

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Yesterday, the news came out that John Prine was hospitalized and his condition critical with symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. This was after his wife Fiona had been previously diagnosed with the virus.  Today, an update: Fiona has recovered from the virus and John is stable. I continue to send all good thought and love to them and to all who are suffering.

Country music artist Joe Diffie passed away yesterday, the day before it was Alan Merrill who wrote, "I Love Rock and Roll" (among other songs).

There still seems to be a disconnect in taking the virus seriously enough. I went to the grocery yesterday, and I observed people in masks but also people who let their young children run around and touch everything within reach. Many churches have stopped holding services, but a few mega churches are defying the requests to do so.

Some people are mostly self-isolating but then getting bored and visiting friends and not staying 6 feet apart.

It appears that we are just in the early stages of this - as bad as it has been - and we face a long couple of weeks before we reach the peak and an even longer couple of months before this ends.  I urge everyone reading this to stay safe and take care of each other at a distance as best you can. We live in a hyper-connected world - technologically speaking. Rather than using that technology to spread contention and dissent, use it to spread love and light.  If you hear bad information being spread (whether by an individual or a government entity) combat by sharing good information.

The economic impact is very real and is affecting people of all kinds. But, protecting lives, I think must come first. Err on the side of caution. I don't think any of us will regret that.

Yesterday, E2TG band of the year, Ryan Sobb and the Dead Mall released an incredible video for their song, "Still Waiting".  The video was directed by the insanely talented Maxwell Sebastian.
Enjoy!  Then, check out the Music City Monday shuffle for even more Ryan Sobb.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

E2TG 3/27/2020 - RIP Popa Tunes - Featured Friday - Weird All the Time Mix (Money Remix)

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David J. Horton, aka, Popa Tunes was an early supporter to E2TG.  At a time when I was struggling to find my voice and my purpose in doing this blog, he encouraged me, sent me great music, and I honestly don't think E2TG as you know it today, would exist without his influence and inspiration.

Some of you may know his name from my stories of meeting Darrin Bradbury. David sent me a private message on Facebook in November 2013 to alert me that Darrin Bradbury, who had been the leader of Big Wilson River - a New Jersey band, was moving to Nashville, and he asked me to keep an out on Darrin. I believe I did an okay job discharging those duties.

If I can say a bit more about Popa Tunes... David J Horton was how I first heard about The Foresters when their average age was 10 3/4.

In the early days of E2TG, I joked about being the premiere New York/ New Jersey music blog based in Nashville. That was almost thanks to Popa and the bands and artists he championed and introduced to me - The End Men, The Dead Exs, and more.

He was also the person who introduced me to Couch-By Couchwest , the wonderful on-line music fest that eclipsed the parody aspect to become a real community. I forged friendships through CXCW that remain to this day. And, I was introduced to musical artists that I still follow, some of whom are friends in real life. And. I credit that to David.

And, my story is far from the exception.

David Horton passed away earlier this month after a brief battle with cancer.

David's legacy is in the people he brought together who collective mourn his passing and celebrate his life.

I loaded up a new Featured Friday Playlist - you can check it out below - with more information after the jump.  Please consider following the Playlist on Spotify.  The list is refreshed every week

    Featured Friday Playlist