Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Imitation Soul Mix

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After three weeks of having a tooth pulled, having a really bad sinus infection (worst one I have ever had), and then Americana Fest, I did some recording for Double Shot with Sue last night - tonight's agenda is laundry and catching up on stuff.  If you can, you should definitely head over to the High Watt for Brian Ritchey, Jon Latham, and Smoking Flowers.

Looking ahead, Amelia White and Mark Robinson each wrap up their residencies for September on Wednesday and Thursday.  White's guest is Reckless Johnny Wales and in band guest Julie Christensen.   Robinson's has a expanded Showband with amazing vocalists and writers Jonell Mosser and Vickie Carrico.   Both shows are don't miss affairs.

Now, it is Tuesday.  For Trending Tuesday, we are still shuffling from the "New Music" playlist - made up mainly of music I received either directly from artists or through publicists.

"Oh Lord" by Elouise

First up, another song from the phenomenal debut album (Deep Water) by brand new California "blackgrass" band Elouise.  

"Kansas Saturday Night" by Clark Paterson
"Hillbilly Shit" by Clark Paterson

We celebrate the recent wedding of Clark Paterson and his bride with a twofer of songs from Paterson's Final Tradition album.  Highly recommended album from a great Nashville artist. 

"Be With Me" by McNary

Speaking of great Nashville artists.  This is the opening track from Above the Trees.  Tim McNary has been on the E2TG radar for a few years now, and I think his latest is the best he has done. What an amazing voice. 

"In My Sleep" by Conrad Y Skordalia

And another from the new/forthcoming album by New York/Nashville duo Conrad Y Skordalia. I was intrigued and captivated by the lyrics to this song. Really deep and wonderful. 

"Ballad of Everything" by The Slang

Next - another from Night and Day.  Loving the latest from this band from Ohio. 

"Soul I Sold" by The Vondrukes

The Vondrukes have really captured my attention - great rock and roll sound. The album is called On this Ride Together.  "The Soul I Sold was an imitation".... 

"Eyes of Angry Men" by Charles Hager

And we close with another important and timely song from American Saga by Nashville singer-songwriter Charles Hager. From Charlie Hager's website... "Eyes of Angry Men-after watching an upper middle class couple displaying their disdain for a homeless female on the streets."


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