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September in East Nashville - Residencies at The 5 Spot

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I make no secret of the fact that The 5 Spot is my absolute favorite venue/club in Nashville. Don't get me wrong, Nashville has many fine venues of various sizes, styles, and purposes. The 5 Spot is not the biggest venue or the fanciest or the most prestigious. To be perfectly honest, some of my reasons for saying The 5 Spot is my favorite are personal. It is a place that I can go, and almost without exception see a bunch of people I know.  Even if it is just the people who are working that night. But, there are plenty of more objective reasons for my opinion. For one, the sound is just about always exceptional. For another, it hosts two of my favorite weekly events: $2 Tuesday which is hosted by Dekek Hoke and Tim Carroll's on-going weekly residency - Rock and Roll Happy Hour.

Another big reason for why I love The 5 Spot so much are the monthly residencies. Over the past couple of years, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some truly amazing shows on Wednesday and Thursday nights - featuring some of absolute best musicians in the world. The cool thing about these early shows is that you can be headed home or out to another show by eight o'clock.  Some highlights of previous residencies:  Kevn Kinney, Kevin Gordon, Fats Kaplin, Jason Ringenberg, Paul Burch, Tim Easton, Aaron Lee Tasjan, David Olney, Rod Picott, Campfire Propaganda, and bunch more that I will probably kick myself for not mentioning...

September 2016 will bring two incredible weekly residencies to the Forest Avenue venue.  Wednesday nights, East Nashville singer-songwriter Amelia White holds things down while with a core band that will feature Dave Coleman, Parker Hawkins, Paul Niehaus, and Fran Breen.  On Thursdays, guitarist, bandleader, and producer extraordinaire, Mark Robinson brings his showband revue. His core band will feature the red hot rhythm section of Dan Seymour and Rick Schell.

Through the luck of the calendar, there are five Thursdays in September, and therefore, Mark Robinson kicks off his Show Band and Rhythm Revue residency on September 1 with a guitar lovers dream show. Heck - just about anytime Mark Robinson plays is a guitar players dream show, but on September first, he will be joined by Richie Owens, Ted Drozdowski, and Nick Kane. This will not be the first time all of those incredible guitar slingers have shared a bill, but it will be the first time that they will share a stage. Chip Clarke will be filling in on drums this week. This will be one for the books. You do not want to miss this show.

Amelia White kicks off her month of Wednesday shows on September 7. Her special guests will be E2TG favorties Jesse and Noah. I always love to see them perform, and it will be great to see them and Amelia on one night (and be home before nine :-))

On Thursday September 8, Mark Robinson Band returns with a couple of Tough Troubadours as guests: Mark Huff and Webb Wilder.  I have just recently become familiar with Mark Huff's music, and I am a huge fan.  I have been listening to Webb Wilder for over thirty years.  This should be a rocking cool show.

September 14, Amelia returns for her second week. Her scheduled guest that night is the one and only Megan Palmer.  Her new CD, What She's Got to Give, is out of this world good.

On September 15, Mark Robinson and his band will will be joined by a couple of wonderful songwriters. Tiffany Huggins Grant, who E2TG readers will remember from her 2015 album Jonquil Child and Davis Raines who has written hits for Kellie Pickler. He also co-wrote the wonderful "Going to Montgomery" which Jon Byrd regularly plays.

Americana Fest week - kicks off - well, I think Wednesday???  The 5 Spot is an official venue this year, but the residencies roll on.

September 21, Amelia White's guest will be Renee Wahl and the Sworn Secrets.  Renee is one of my favorite local writers. Renee's new EP (Part 1 of 2) will be out at end of September. I am really looking forward to this night and hearing some of those new songs live.

September 22,  a special AMA week show will kick off an hour earlier (at 5:00pm), and in the midst of all the AMA madness, this is one you do not want to miss.  Joining the Show Band and Rhythm Revue are a pair of rocking poets who have recently played residencies of their own.  RB Morris was recently named the Poet Laureate of Knoxville, Tennessee, and David Olney will be smack in the middle of his run doing A Comedy of Errors for Shakespeare in the Park.  Seriously, this is a night you won't want to miss, and you can be out the door and off the the official AMA stuff if you want.

Amelia White concludes her month-long series of shows on September 28 when her guest will be another name familiar to E2TG readers - Reckless Johnny Wales.  Reckless Johnny will be joined by Chris Tench and if rumors are correct Julie Christensen.  Reckless Johnny has a new album set for release soon, and I have been lucky enough to get a preview.  I think it is even better than his last, and I loved his last record.

Mark Robinson takes the month out in style with a full-fledged Showband Deluxe show. On that night, his band will be augmented by Ben Graves and Mark T. Jordan and the incredible vocal styling of Vickie Carrico and Jonnell Mosser.  Carrico and Mosser are two of Nashville's finest singers and this is going to be a great party to end the month,

Look, just seeing Amelia White and her fantastic band and Mark Robinson and his band would make it worth your while to show up. The special guests make these must-see nights.  Plus, one great thing about The 5 Spot residencies is that you never know who might show up.  So, when pictures start popping up every Wednesday and Thursday in September, and you are kicking yourself... don't say that I didn't tell you.

Amelia White Residency (Video Playlist by E2TG)

Mark Robinson Showband Residency (Video Playlist by E2TG)

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