Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Self Confidence Mix

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Well, after talking about all of the consecutive nights I went out to hear live music, it all kind of caught up with me... I started feeling a little not great, so I decided to stay in last night and just rest. But, it did give me time to reflect on the incredible place in time and life and the world where I find myself.  The incredible talented people I interact with on a regular basis - some well-known, some not, but all talented. As a long-time fan of music, I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded.

Well, it is Tuesday and time to dig back into the New Music playlist and see what is "Trending" on E2TG....

"Self Confidence" by Discount Ravioli

The shuffle first pulls up Discount Ravioli singing about the importance of self-confidence. And also about  banning oranges... WTF?

"The Desert in Your Heart" by The Telescopes

Next up, we have a first listen to the UK band The Telescopes and their album Stone Tape which was released near the end of 2017.  The Telescopes were formed in 1987 by Stephen Lawrie - influenced by bands such as Suicide, Velvet Underground, and 13th Floor Elevators and more. Digging this new music, and I am glad to have the opportunity to hear and feature this.   Thanks again to Shauna and Shameless PR for sending me consistently awesome and diverse musical offerings. 

"Good Day" by Renfree Isaacs

If ever a song was written for my morning music shuffle - it is "Good Day" from the self-titled album by Nashville trio Renfree Isaacs.  I don't mean to imply that they wrote the song for me or for E2TG but the words just fit so perfectly for my morning drive. 

"From Harrison" by The Foresters

The parent group of Discount Ravioli and most of the other Dord Music Group bands is the veteran band The Foresters. As you may recall, they were name E2TG Band of the Year (non-Nashville) for 2017.  It was a richly reserved award. This is another track from their 2017 album House Stories. The band's sound has evolved from their early pop-punk days. House Stories is a hook-laden indie-pop delight. 

"Shake It Off" by Amilia K. Spicer

This is NOT a Taylor Swift cover. It IS a another great track from the album Wow and Flutter from L.A. singer-songwriter Amilia K. Spicer.  For this album, Spicer teamed up with some heavy-hitters (Tony Gilkyson and Gurf Morlix and more).  This song has attitude. 

"I'd Rather Go Blind" by Low Society

Our favorite Memphis blues band are back in the shuffle with a track from their latest album Sanctified.  This their take on the 1967 Etta James song. Daring to take on a song made famous by the powerhouse vocals of Etta James, ends up serving as an excellent showcase for the force of nature that is Mandy Lemons Nikides. Add to that the guitar work of Sturgis Nikides. and you have a memorable band and record. 

"the perfect host" by We Are Parasols

Another one that came to us via Shameless PR.  We Are Parasols are from Portland Oregon.  The album is called Inertia. The band describe their sound as industrialgaze. Great stuff. 

"HVYMTL" by Ugggy

2017 Artist of the Year (non-Nashville) Ugggy is back in the shuffle. This time from his September 1, 2017 release The H(ear)T Beet Tape.  It's about heavy metal and the workers who forge the metal.  

"See/Saw" by Broken Guru

And we  close with some glorious hard rock from New York band and long time E2TG faves - Broken Guru from their latest album Violets Exposed to Radiation. 

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  1. As always - MANY THANKS from Mandy & myself Joe!!! Gratitude is the attitude!