Thursday, March 16, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Just Like a Nitwit Mix

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No shuffle yesterday.  I blame Trump... No, seriously...

Appropriately enough, we return with a Topical Thursday Shuffle - continuing our broadly defined and unspecified Topic.

So, basically, in some cases the songs fit my topic - at least in my mind. In others I imagine some person or group of people saying the title in a specific context that would fit my topic.

As always, I am not ascribing any belief or opinion to anyone but myself...   Meanwhile, some cool music for a very cold Thursday morning commute.

"Talkin' World War III Blues" by Billy Bragg

From the 2011 album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan: A Folk Tribute.  Billy Bragg's take on a song Bob Dylan made up in the studio - in the talking blues style. By the way, for whatever reason, I could not find You Tube videos for several of the songs in today's shuffle.  Where necessary - other songs by the same artist were substituted. It happens sometimes. 

"Two Little Hitlers" by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

The final track on the original release of Elvis Costello's classic third studio album. It was his second with The Attractions and the first where they received credit on the cover. So there. 

"Sound of Lies" (live) by The Jayhawks

Next up, a live version (from Live at the Belly Up) of the title track from the band's fifth studio album. 

"Counter Intuitive Op. 24 Part 1" by Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues

Next up, another track from the forthcoming album Different Voices.  This one is an instrumental piece - the first of two parts.  I'm just seeing a lot of counter intuitive things happening these days. 

"Scapegoat" by SeepeopleS

Next we have another track from HATE - the new release by this veteran rock band from Maine.  Now, this is where things get weird.  I played a cut from this album last week. Then on Thursday, I found myself at a show by the Nashville band Smoky White Devils (whose residency continues tonight at The 5 Spot). That band includes (among several prominent members) Peter Keys - who is a current member of Lynyrd Skynyrd. When I was reading more about Peter Keys, I found out that he was a member of SeethepeopleS for a few years in the 2000s.  So there you have it.  Also, since I couldn't find this song on You Tube, I picked another that for all I know may feature Peter Keys - but I didn't take time to find out.  Oh, and Bee Taylor and Cody Brooks are opening for Smoky White Devils tonight, and I saw them play last week. 

"Million Little Lies" by Brian Wright

More lies... a million little ones.  From the latest album - The Sneak-Ups on Cafe Rooster Records - by E2TG Artist of the Year - Brian Wright. 

"Barely Hangin' On" by Suzette Lawrence and the Neon Angels

Another from the fabulous Tear Up the Honky Tonk.  

"All I Do is Lie" by Sean Watkins

Next up - even more lies... via the title track from the 2014 solo album by Sean Watkins of the band Nickel Creek (and brother of Sara Watkins). 

"Evil" by Elouise

And we close with an ominous sounding instrumental by California blackgrass band - Elouise from their incredible debut album Deep Water. 

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