Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Shake 'n' Bake Mix

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My spirits were lifted a bit by a fun evening.  Recorded a future Double Shot show with Sue and Mark. Then, headed to Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge for another awesome Madison Guild Monday. This time hosted by E2TG favorite Andrew Adkins.  In addition to Adkins, the night saw a great performance by Daryl Dasher - who I had seen before, and  a few folks I had a not seen Ariana Hodes, Mike Wheeler, and Bri Murphy.  A couple of performers were unable to be there, so in typical Nashville/Madison fashion, some special guests helped fill the bill. Bryant Carter (who I saw for the first time) and three E2TG favorites (including two past E2TG Artists of the Year (Nick Nace, Jon Latham, and Darrin Bradbury).  All that and I great hang with some awesome folks.

I have a ton of music that I need to get added to my new music playlist, I will hopefully get to that tonight.  In the meantime, let's clear some space.

It's Tuesday. Here's what trending today!

"The Only Cure" by Bark

First up, another great track from Year of the Dog by E2TG faves Bark out of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Eddie Cochran may have said that there ain't no cure, but Bark says that the only cure is your love. 

"Dixie Crystals" by Ben de la Cour

The High Cost of Living Strange is due out on April 6.  Ben de la Cour is having a CD release show at the Basement on April 4 with Becky Warren and Chris Moyse opening. This has been a favorite song of mine since I first heard it. The album is set to be one of the best albums of the year, and likely the best album de la Cour has put out.  

"Gloria" by Benjamin Jason Douglas

Keeping it local - and keeping it Ben(jamin)  we have another track from First World Blues - another contender for best albums of the year. What both Ben's have in common are unique voices and great songs. They are both prime examples of the incredible wealth of talent making music in Nashville these days.  

"Channel 17" by The Electric Grandmother

Next up, is the brief return of one of my absolute favorite discoveries of 2017.  The Electric Grandmother are likely unlike any other music you may have seen or heard.  They are based in D.C. and have been around for quite a while. Their latest album is called Cancelled. Cancelled is a concept album about a man whose favorite television cop show gets cancelled. Deeper it deals with the subject of loss. This is a very short track from that album.  The band released a full-length Cancelled: The Motion Picture video which I will embed below for your perusal. 

"Bobby" by Discount Ravioli

"Channel 17" was twenty seconds long. "Bobby" by Discount Ravioli off of Baby Arm Sessions is half that length. It is about a boy name Bobby who paints his face blue but then wipes it off. But you don't have to take my word for it...

"Retirement Centers" by Bashful Hips

Bashful Hips is up next (completing the "experimental" section of our shuffle) with a track from People. Nature. Death. This one takes on the subject of aging, and I continue to be impressed by the growth of Bashful Hips as a writer and artist. I have always liked his music, but overall, this album has connected with me much more than his previous releases. 

"Wild Crow Blues" by Eric Anderson
"I Will Wait" by Eric Andersen

We are just days away from the release of the The Essential Eric Andersen.  I am so honored to be able to preview and feature this career-spanning compilation of a songwriter who has had a remarkable career.  We have two more tracks today. The first track, "Wild Crow Blues" comes from Stages: The Lost Album which was released in 1991 but which is mostly made up of recordings made in 1972-1973.  The second track "I Will Wait" comes from his self-titled 1970 release. I great twofer for this kind of dreary morning. 

"I'm No Good for You" by UniversalDice

Next, we have the return of UniversalDice featuring Gerry Dantone from their album birth, love, hate, death. The band describes their music as classic rock, and their latest album is a rock opera. As I have said before, neither of these descriptions were particularly appealing to me personally (I'm not knocking the description) but I am glad I gave it a listen, because I have really enjoyed this music over the months we have been featuring it.  This is just a solid, good song. 

"Lonely is Lonely" by Bob Rea

We close things out today with a first listen to Southbound - the forthcoming (April 2018) album by singer-songwriter Bob Rea who divides time between Durango, CO and Nashville.  I am looking forward to writing more about this album. This is an excellent song. (Since the album is not out yet, the video playlist features a track from an earlier album).  Stay tuned. 

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