Monday, January 30, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Armor Mix

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After a wonderful weekend with family (and an exhausting drive back to Nashville), it is back to the daily grind.

I really want E2TG to stay completely focused on music, and I look forward to those days; however, as I have said before and will say again, we are living in extraordinary times. My concerns are not solely based upon the fact that I ideologically do not agree with decisions being made (although I do not), it is more about the manner they are being made, the malice and darker motives which seem to be at work, and the unmistakable parallels between the first week of this presidency and what history tells us about fascist regimes.  It is encouraging to see the mass protests (my word to all who oppose what is happening is, pace yourselves and take care of yourselves. It is also encouraging to see the party leaders of the president's own party beginning to speak out. There is a ton of information out there - factual information - unbiased... groups of people are being attacked and put at risk. The time to fight that is now - not just when you are part of one of the groups under attack.

I realize that some who read this blog may not agree with me on any or all points above. To those who don't, I don't ask you to leave or stop reading... I say simply - keep an open mind, don't follow blindly, look at yourself and be willingly to speak up even against those on your "side". This is the same advice I give to those who do happen to agree with me.

In the end, I believe in love and truth. I do not condone violence. Love in an action. So, go out in love today.

Meanwhile, I do have some Monday tunes from the Music City...

"Family Bible" by Willie Nelson

We begin with a song from Nelson's 1971 album, Yesterday's Wine that was released by him again in 1980 as the title track for his 1980 album that featured his sister Bobbie. The song was written by Nelson beginning in 1957.  Nelson later sold the song due to financial hardship, but it helped pave the way for his emergence in Nashville 

"Denise" by Reckless Johnny Wales

Next up, a sweet song about my sweet friend Denise from the latest album by Reckless Johnny which is called 5-Star Meat and Three. 

"The Travelling Kind" by Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

Next, the title track to the 2015 album featuring two legends. 

"Icy Blue Heart" by John Hiatt

We continue to feature songs from Hiatt's 1988 album Slow Turning, Today, we have a deep cut from that album. 

"Armor" by Joanna Barbera

Next up, a song from Nashville singer.songwriter Barbera from her 2016 EP called, Imago. 

"Opera of the Unfaithful" by Tom Schreck

The shuffles have been bringing up Tom Schreck on a regular basis, and for myself, I do not have any complaints. This is the final song for us to feature from Save Your Glory. 

"Sweet Sound" by Julie Christensen

Julie Christensen is now apart of the fertile East Nashville music community, and we are fortunate enough to have the sweet sound of her voice as part of our daily soundtrack. This is from Soul Driver which came out in 2000.
"Casey's Last Ride" by Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson

Taken from the compilation album, The Essential The Highway Men. We close the shuffle as we began with Willie Nelson.  Here Nelson is joined by the song's writer, who included a version on his debut album, Kristofferson.  


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