Friday, June 23, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle- Burn it Down Mix

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Okay - I need to get some things out:

Take care of those less fortunate, protecting and empowering the oppressed, having compassion for others, honesty and transparency from our elected representatives, and respecting our planet. These should not be controversial of divisive issues. But, it seems they are... and to be honest, I don't get it. When I read the comment sections on posts (which I really need to stop doing), I realize that I do not ever share the same realm of reality as some of the people making comments.  How do we resolve this?  Listen, in matters of public policy and politics (if you will) there is plenty of room for debate - even among people who fundamentally agree with one another.  But, facts should not be up for debate. But they are... we find ourselves in the era of alternative facts. How do we get out of this place?  Where is the common ground?

Another quick thought before I move on... can I treat everyone by the same standards. Especially our elected officials.  I guess bias is fairly natural.. but when I am reacting to something an elected official has done, I need to ask myself - how would I react if that official was from a different political party or philosophy?  Would I be just has pleased or just as outraged? If my answer is yes, then I need to work toward living up to that standard......

Last night I made it out for the early show at The 5 Spot.  The Easy Leaves (a California band with Nashville's Adam Kurtz on pedal steel) were great.  Rich Mahan and The Tripmonks were wonderful. When Allen Thompson joined them for a rare cover of the Velvet Underground classic "The Gift"... I was blown away. (I captured this on video which is on my personal Facebook page).

ICYMI:  Another song premiered this morning on E2TG.  Please check out "Isle of Hope" by Jefferson Ross from his album (out today) called Live at Hillbilly Haiku.

Tomorrow - a live Double Shot is coming up on WXNA.  Later tomorrow, I will representing WXNA at Nashville Pride Festival downtown.  Stop by the WXNA tent to hear cool tunes and meet the DJs.

Well, week one of our two week mid-year  "New Music" clearance.  The playlist down below 300 songs - but I have more to add over the weekend.  Let's see what today's shuffle has in store...

"Charlie and Roger" by Joe Goodkin

Joe Goodkin is a Chicago based singer-songwriter.  His most recent album is called Record of Loss.  It is a mediation of death and loss. It is a follow-up to his previous released Record of Life. 

"Love of You" by Jared Tyler
"Lucky I Am" by Jared Tyler

How about two in a row from Dirt on Your Hands by Oklahoma songwriter and musician Jared Tyler.  Really digging this album. 

"Green Screen" by Kristin Hersh

Former Throwing Muses vocalist Kristen Hersh is up next with a nifty track from her double album Wyatt at the Coyote Palace which was released on vinyl earlier this year. 

"To the Stars" by Kristen Ford

Kristen (with an "e") Ford from Rend and Render. This is a moving song that packs a lot into less than 40 seconds. 

"Shelters" by Someday

By coincident or accident, E2TG gets a fairly significant amount of music from Italy.  It has been cool to hear the diversity and richness of the music.  Someday are from Torino. They play alternative/cantautoriale/noise.  Cantautoriale is Italian for singer-songwriter. Now you know. 

"p y r o m a n i a  1 9 9 9" by Ugggy

Next up, the first of two tracks from Toronto-based alternative hip-hop artist Ugggy (of Valued Customer) - both tracks are from his most recent release T H E G H O S T E P -  his fourth release of 2017.  Ugggy is the real deal... 

"I've Got This Song" by Josh Hyde

Louisiana artist Josh Hyde is up next with a track from his album The Call of the Night which was produced by Nashville's Joe V. McMahan. 

"o p e n / s h u t ( p i l l s / p o t i o n s)" by Ugggy

And we close things out with another by Ugggy from T H E G H O S T E P - how about a little mind alteration. 

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