Friday, December 8, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Friends Everywhere Mix

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January 14, 2018 8:00p.m.  The Country (soon to be called The Local) 110 28th Ave N
Nashville, Tennessee 37203  - It'll be my birthday, and we'll have a triple threat of talent with Conrad y Skordalia, Danny Henry, and Sean Quinn and the Tremblers.

Speaking of E2TG Presents shows... keeping a tradition alive since last year, I have a very special Earie award to the bands/artists who played my residency in May:  Mark Robinson Band, Kristen Englenz, Nick Nace, Darrin Bradbury, Matt Benjamin, Sean Quinn and the Tremblers, Sergio Webb, David Olney, Cafe Rooster Records (Sally Jaye, Jon Latham, Darrin Bradbury, Brian Wright and their special guest Rorey Carroll), FuzzQueen, and Amelia White. Also Earies to The 5 Spot for having me and for Eric for running the sound. And to everyone who came out to one or more of the shows.  The "E2TG Live" award goes to all you and anyone I left out.

Time to start making plans for May 2018... who would you like to see play the E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency?

Congratulations to Rayvon Pettis on the release of Dying Light and for an awesome CD release show. Rayvon backed by The Big Dumb were wonderful.  Rocky Bottom was great, and Darrin Bradbury - played a bunch of new songs that were top notch.

Tomorrow night is the 12th Annual Get Behind the Mule: Tom Waits tribute and benefit for Second Harvest Food Bank.   If you aren't there, head to The Country - early it's Kristen Englenz, Drew Kohl, and Cntry and late it's Zach Schmidt with Haley Thompson King.   If only I could be two places at once.

On to the shuffle:

"I Can't Breathe" by Voice of Addiction

We continue to pound our way through The Lost Art of Empathy by the Chicago punk band Voice of Addiction.  I love the sound of this one. 

"Class Reunion" by Ladies Gun Club

EARIE ALERT:  The "Psychedelic Hillbilly" award goes to Ladies Gun Club. Their album Take My Love Away is available on Cafe Rooster records, and they are one of my favorite bands going right now.  

"Where We're Standing" by The Kernal

There are 212 miles between Nashville and Memphis.  The Kernal is baseed out of somewhere between those two music cities. He calls his music and his current album, Light Country. It's a good one.  

"Hard to Love What You Kill" by Jake La Botz

EARIE ALERT: The "Rambo of Meditation" Award goes to Jake La Botz - okay sometimes I just don't know what to call awards, but Jake La Botz is an actor who appeared in the 2008 film Rambo, and he is a practitioner and teacher of meditation. This a track from his latest album Sunnyside, and I am really happy to have been introduced to his music this year.   

"Northern Lights" by Phil Lomac

Phil Lomac is currently based in Charlotte, NC, and is originally from Chicago. His most recent album is Northern Cities Southern Stars. I have really been loving this album. 

"What Am I Here For" by Dan Montgomery

EARIE ALERT: The "Not Gone" award goes to Memphis singer-songwriter Dan Montgomery.  I first heard his music at the old Family Wash. This year, I got to attend the Nashville release show for his latest album GONE.  He always has a great band. And GONE is a wonderful album.

"I've Got Friends Everywhere" by Maynard and the Musties

EARIE ALERT:  The "CXCW Alum" Award goes to Maynard and the Musties. I first was introduced to this band via CXCW.  Formed in Brooklyn, this band made the move to Nashville and have just released their latest album, Nashville Magic. The album features some great Nashville musicians. This track is a sweet one - inspired by Joe Maynard taking his father to visit nursing homes. Sweet song. 
"Are We Even Human Anymore" by Voice of Addiction

Voice of Addiction bookend the shuffle.  A "mellow" song by punk standards. And a great way to end the shuffle.  See you next week with more Earies and more great music. 

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