Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Ring True Mix

Music from the morning....

Drivin' N Cryin' frontman Kevn Kinney released his classic solo debut, MacDougle Blues back in 1990.  It features Kinney's trademark raspy vocals on top of plaintive, folksy music. Gotta Get Out of Here is the first song in today's shuffle.

Chris Nathan is a Nashville-based soulful singer songwriter.  He has released a few EPs and albums, but the song we have today Never Needed Nothing is from a Demo. It's a cool song.
We have a video of a different Chris Nathan song.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, whenever the shuffle includes a David Bowie song (particularly if it is a Ziggy Stardust cut), my page views experience a dramatic uptick. I guess there are a lot of Bowie fans out there.  If you have reached my blog because of the mention of David Bowie - well welcome and please stick around and check out all of our great artists. I am not including a Bowie song in a crass attempted to garner page-views - the shuffle has a mind of it's own, but I would never turn anyone away.  Today, we have the demo version of Lady Stardust from one of the Ziggy reissues.


John Doe of X fame has had a long and celebrated solo career outside of the L.A. punk legends and their spin-off project the Knitters. Today's song, The Golden State, is from his 2007 album A Year in the Wilderness and features Kathleen Edwards.

One of the most original and fun bands we've had the opportunity to feature this year is Nashville based Cheer Up Charlie Daniels.  The song that first turned us on to them is the raucous rave-up called Bunsen Burner Baby Blues which can be found on the Live in '79 record.

"Keep the beacon burnin' 'cause it's a blind blind world" from Beacon by Lone Justice from their second album Shelter.  I have to admit, Beacon is not a song I was as familiar with as other Lone Justice songs, but listening to it this morning, I decided it was exactly what I need to hear.
 Could not find a video for Beacon, so here is the title track to Shelter.

 In my opinion, proof of the unfairness of the world can be found in the fact that Let's Active did not achieve global domination.  Again, just my take, but as I see it, Afoot and Cypress represent near pure pop perfection in the best possible way.  I listened to the stunning Ring True this morning, and I find it difficult to explain how happy this song made me feel. 

Irish rockers, U2 were a huge part of my musical development, and by the time of Rattle and Hum, I was beginning to lose interest as my tastes evolved and expanded. So when Achtung Baby was released in 1991, the opening salvo was like a swift kick.  This stands as one of my favorite albums, I think, primarily for the joyful surprise it provided.  I have to wonder if U2 has any more joyful surprises in their bag of tricks....  We have So Cruel in the shuffle today.

We close out our shuffle with the legendary Australian rock band, Hoodoo Gurus from their second album Mars Needs Guitars! with the lively and fun song, In the Wild.


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