Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Bobbin' and Pretendin' Mix

 So lot's on my mind, but anyway, I had a great walk in accompanied by some cool music, and I wanted to share that music with you - because that is what I do:

 The Morning gets under way with a recent Featured Artist from Knoxville Tennessee. It's Tim Lee 3 with the song Long Way to the Ground from their 2010 double album Raucous Americanus.

It's amazing and disturbing how often the next song seems incredibly timely.  Politics sometimes bore me, but I feel like a hypocrite talking to some people and not speaking out against the madness I hear coming from their mouths and their keyboards....

 Your Racist Friend is one of the many classic tracks on They Might Be Giant's excellent third album - 1990s, Flood.


For the final two songs of today's mix, the shuffle machine takes us to the American West with a pair of songs from LA artists who were pioneers in the punk and alt-rock/Americana movement.  

Dave Alvin (ex-Blasters and ex-X) released West of the West in 2006 which was his tribute to California roots music.  Included on the album was his cover of Merle Haggard's 1985 song, Kern River.  I swear I could listen to Dave Alvin's amazing vocals all day long.

(Here's Dave doing another River song)

(and here's Merle's version)

We close out the shuffle with Dave Alvin's one-time bandmate, John Doe of X, with a track from his 1990 solo debut Meet John Doe with the achingly beautiful It's Only Love.

(I couldn't find a video for It's Only Love... so as a bonus treat - here's Doe covering The Replacement's classic Here Comes a Regular)



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