Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Crazy, Crazy World Mix

We've reached the final day of April.  This month has flown by, but as I mentioned yesterday, it has also been jam packed with great music. We will be reformulating our current month playlist to prepare for May, and soon we'll be presenting a recap of April and adding some great artists to the Ear to the Ground "Family". In the meantime, we have some great music to present today.


1.  "The Blood Beyond" by Skeletons in the Piano from Please Don't Die - one of the albums we featured this month.
2. "Watch Who You're Calling Space Garbage Meteor Mouth" by Game Theory.  18 seconds of weirdness off the album Lolita Nation.
3. "High on the Skyline" by The New Mendicants from Australia 2013 E.P.  - Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers and Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub.  This is an amazingly lovely song.
4. "Free to Fly" by Markus Rill 
5. "In the Rain" by The Danbury Lie from ? (2013) - We love this band and their new record is strong in all the right ways.  Glad to feature another song as April comes to an end.
6. "Dripping With Looks" by Game Theory - a slightly longer song from the Lolita Nation album.  Happy to close out the month with a few more Game Theory songs.

Let's dive into our final shuffle of April 2013 after the jump:

  • "Fireplace" by R.E.M. from Document (1987) - According to Wikipedia (so probably not true) R.E.M. began recording document with Scott Litt in a Nashville recording studio exactly 26 years ago today.  We've been featuring songs from Document all month after I found a CD copy of the album at Goodwill.

  • "Arlene" by Taco Land from Pancakes and Pizza (2013) - Another great album we featured this month.  We've been digging on the music of Taco Land since 2011.  This is a beautiful and heartfelt love song done as only Taco Land can do it.

  • "Be Your Bro" by Those Darlins from Screws Get Loose (2011) - The awesome Nashville band Those Darlins just released a sampler on Noisetrade which includes this - one of my favorite songs.  Check it out.

  • "Like a Girl Jesus" by Game Theory from Big Shot Chronicles (1986) - What a great way to end our final Shuffle of April with  a continuation of our celebration of the musical genius of the late Scott Miller.  If you haven't be sure to head over to The Loud Family website to download a whole ton of music from Game Theory. HERE is the LINK

Finally, here is the last daily PLAYLIST of April 2013:


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