Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Paper in My Pocket Mix

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Last night was week 3 of 4 of the Kevn Kinney Residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  Each show has been unique and each show has been wonderful.   Last night, Kinney was joined by Lydia Lunch (in what may or may not have been Ms. Lunch's first Nashville appearance - she wasn't sure). The combination/collaborations of Kinney's songs with Lunch's spoken word/poetry was different and brilliant. They were accompanied by Audley Freed on guitar and James Haggerty on upright bass. Definitely a one of a kind event.

"The Gay Day" by Atticus Floyd

We have another visit to Atticus Floyd's album, Russell Stover Stole My Babbie. This is a mostly instrumental song (the track opens with a stuttered utterance of a single word).  I am repeating the Neutral Milk Hotel cover video (in the Playlist below), because: a) it is a Neutral Milk Hotel Cover (and a good one) and b) because Atticus plays the singing saw on the song.

"Child Support Blues" by Adolphus Bell

I recently got a hold of some more music from the Music Maker Relief Foundation.  In case you missed my previously posts, they are a great organization that helps support and preserve some of the living lesser know legends of Blues and roots music.  Check them out.  Adolphus Bell was a bluesman/one-man band. He passed away in 2013.

"Used and Abused" by Midnight Oil

Up next a track from Midnight Oil's self-titled debut album which was recorded in 1977 and released in 1978.  Because, why not?

"Whiskey Pick" by Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones

It never fails... first of all, I could not remember how I came to have this song on my playlist, and when I heard it, my first thought was - this is fantastic, David Horton (Popa Tune's) needs to hear this, and then I did so research, and guess what - I got this song from him - on his Popakazooza Vol. 13 Mixtape.  I should have known.  You can't get great music like this past the Popa very often.  From their album, Luck Maker.

"Guilty of Myself" by Jesse and Noah

The first of two tracks today from Nashville brothers, Jesse and Noah from their album Driven Back.  Look for a new song from them coming soon.

"Forever Valentine" by Dale Watson

A slow Country ballad from the latest Dale Watson album, Call Me Insane.

"You Satellite" by Wilco

Last week, Wilco, unexpectedly sent me a download link to their album - I assume because I am cool. What can I say, except that is Wilco!

"Weather Man" by Jesse and Noah

One more Jesse and Noah.  

Now enjoy the video playlist...



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