Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Eyeballs on My Knees Mix

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Still kind of reeling from AMA Week (plus catching up on things like errands and laundry etc.).  About time to get out again, though.

In the shuffle...

"Broken Shoulders" by Dan Martin

Another strong track from Hoka Hey.  Martin is from Tulsa, OK.  There is some fine, fine music coming out of Oklahoma these days!

"Gasoline" by Stone Cupid

Unless you did the pre-order, you will have to wait until January to get hold of Stone Cupid's album The Cardinal. I pre-ordered, so I don't.  As  a sneak peak, we have a live performance from the (original) Family Wash of the title track from the album. Gasoline rocks with the proper mix of power and restraint that is evident through the album.  The experience of Julie Christensen and her band is evident.

"Whole Lotta Women" by Steve James

During Americana week, I attended a launch party for an album project called, Cold and Bitter Tears - a tribute to the legendary Venice Beach street performer who passed away in 1995  - less than a year after landing a record deal with Geffen and finally finding some degree of commercial success.   This is a song from that record, recorded by folk/blues musician Steve James.

"Trash and Mystery" by B-Movie

Another track from the 13 O'clock release by PPNW Records.  B-Movie were an early 80s New Wave band from England.  This is a previously unreleased demo from 1981. 

"High Yellow" by Cootie Stark

From the folks at Music Maker Relief Foundation. Cootie Stark was a Piedmont Blues musician who passed away in 2005.

"Jedd's Gold Sled" by Crazy Aces

More fine instrumental rock music from Nashville's Crazy Aces.

"Female of the Species" by Space

The UK band Space formed in the 90s.  They have just released a new single called "Strange World".  "Female of the Species" was released as a single back in the mid 90s, and it stayed in the UK Top 40 for three months.  It is a great sounding song, that I am hearing for the first time.  

"I Heard Her Call My Name" by The Velvet Underground

And, we close out the day with some classic VU from White Light/White Heat.


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