Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - You Fixin' a Ford Mix

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Sue Havlish and I recorded a Double Shot with Joe and Sue show which will be broadcast on July 16.  Meanwhile, we will be back in the studio on Saturday for a live show with the theme of "Our Favorite Years."  Sue and I will each select songs which were released during what we have identified as our favorite year.

I messed around with posting an MP3 to YouTube and posted this video for one of my poems... I posted this to Facebook, but in case you missed it....

Tonight is one of those Nashville nights where there is a ton of things going on... I want to recommend that whatever you do, your night start with Don Gallardo's residency at The 5 Spot. This is the 4th of 5 weeks.  I have made it to the last three and they have been absolutely amazing. The one and only Jon Byrd is the special guest this week.

This weekend is Nashville Pride, and it seems more important than ever to support the LGBTQ community.  Daphne Willis (who we have featured on E2TG a few times) will be performing on the main stage at 1:15 on Saturday.  She is a phenomenal Nashville pop artist. Her latest single is called, "The Struggle is Real" (and it is)....

Meanwhile, it is actually Thursday and that means, it is time for us to throw it back.... Today's list (I can say with some confidence) is one that you will only see and hear on E2TG!!

"You Wouldn't Know a Good Thing" by Jerry Reed

The late Jerry Reed was a singer, songwriter, actor, musician with a long and varied career.  This song comes from his 1968 album called Nashville Underground.  A great way to start the morning... 

"Ruins" by Minutemen

To paraphrase the song Rex Bob Lowenstein, I make know bones about why I play the Minutemen after Jerry Reed... I know it doesn't rhyme... but whatever.. From The Punch Line.  One of those songs that clocks in at just under one minute and helped to give the band their name. 

"Rock Box" by RUN-DMC

Another track from the 1980s and from a debut album... (see there are connections amidst the madness)... this is from the self-titled debut by legendary hip-hop band Run-DMC.  Hard hitting and ground breaking for the time.  Still sounds pretty fresh to me. 

"Are You Listening, Lucky?" by Joe Ely

In my often told story, I heard Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" and Springsteen's "Jungleland" on the local college radio station during my adolescence and it changed the course of my musical life forever.  The part I often omit, is that I also heard a Joe Ely song.  (The specific song is lost to the mist of time and my faulty memory which may be why I usually omit the detail). Still I know hearing his music was a part of that life-altering experience.  This was not the song, it was released on Ely's 1987 album Lord of the Highway, but it is a great one. 

"The End of the Rainbow" by Richard and Linda Thompson

I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight is one of the best albums of all time. This is the second to the last song on the album. This was the first album by Richard and Linda Thompson and predates their classic 1982 album Shoot Out the Lights by 8 years. 

"Everlasting Love" by Love Affair

A 1967 hit single by the British band Love Affair, this song was actually written by a pair of Nashville songwriters Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden.  

"Dean's Dream" by The Dead Milkmen

Our penultimate track from the 1985 debut album, Big Lizard in My Backyard. Classic mid-eighties satirical punk rock music.  

"Blue Umbrella" by John Prine

Another from that 1986 John Prine concert.  This is a song that was originally released on Prine's third album, Sweet Revenge.  It was recut and released on his 2000 album, Souvenirs. 

"I Know It's Over" by Jeff Buckley

And how else do you close out such a wild shuffle? How about a seven plus minute rendition of a song by The Smith's from The Queen is Dead.  This song is the last track on the recently released You and I compilation of Buckley recordings which were made in 1993 (and thus qualify for throwback Thursday status). 


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