Wednesday, August 10, 2016

E2TG Video Premiere: Ben de la Cour - "(Ain't Going) Down That Road"

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From his bio:  Ben de la Cour has lived a different kind of life. After growing up in Brooklyn, he set out to see the world as an amateur boxer, bartender, and agricultural worker. He lived in Havana, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and New Orleans before finally settling in Nashville. It was at Nashville’s Greenland Sound that de la Cour recorded the eleven songs of perfectly crafted Americanoir that make up his second album “Midnight in Havana”.

I first heard Ben de la Cour back in 2013 via the late great on-line music festival called Couch by Couch. He was in New Orleans at the time, and the video (no longer available as far as I can tell) was pretty interesting and I loved the music.  I downloaded his album at the time which was called Ghost Light. Since that time, he has settled nicely into the East Nashville songwriting community.  

de la Cour recently released a new album called Midnight in Havana on Flour Sack Cape Records. I just recently had a chance to hear the album, and it is very good. I am, therefore, very excited to have the opportunity to premiere Ben de la Cour's brand new music video for the song, "(Ain't Going) Down the Road".  The video was directed by Jay Wasley for Sun House Films - who also shot the video for the Charlie Hager video we premiered earlier this year.  In fact, I think I might have spotted Charlie in this video, along with some other familiar faces from the hood.  

The video is set in the Old West and features some subtle physical humor that enhances rather than distracts from the song. Which is a good thing because it is a great song.  Check out the video below and down the album HERE,

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