Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - May Be Strong Mix

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Man there is a lot of ugliness coming to the surface in the world today... but maybe, just maybe, it has to be sucked out in order to be expelled. One can hope. And I do... hope that is. In the mean time, I mostly stick to writing about music. I hope that is okay with you...  

Had a good time recording a Double Shot show last night which will air on Saturday October 22.  Meanwhile, our next live show is coming up with coming Saturday - the 15th.  This is on the mighty WXNALP- Nashville.

We've arrived at Tuesday.  We shuffle some tunes from our "New Music" playlist - these are mostly songs that I acquired either directly from the artist or from a publicist. Some are brand new, some are a bit older.  Once again, a pretty cool mixture of music... dig...

"Chase the Sun" by Millar Jukes and the Bandits

Millar Jukes is a folk/Americana/alt-country/acoustic artist from Melbourne, Australia. This is the title track from his EP which was released last year. It was saved on my playlist as a WAV file which means I did not have the artist name listed - just the song title. I had to do some detective work, but this was the song. It is a good one. 

"Regrets on Parting" by The Grisly Hand

Next, we have another track from Flesh and Gold by Kansas City band, The Grisly Hand. This is solid, deep words and music. Lyrically inspired by a French philosopher and musically influenced by the great Stax recording of the 1960s. This is some awesomely cool stuff. Check it out. 

"Old School" by Si Cranstoun

We have the title track from Si Cranstoun's excellent recent album. Really digging the authentic sounding retro vibe here. Released on the European label Ruf Records. 

"Foreign Life I" by Pony Girl

The opening track and the first part of the two part title track from this Canadian band's album Foreign Life which was released in late 2015.  The music lush and harmonious and the sound is complex and mesmerizing. This is a great opening track for the album - seducing  the listener into richly layered slices of pure pop heaven.  

"Greyhound from Reno" by Leland Sundries

Brooklyn based Leland Sundries with a song about being on a bus leaving The Biggest LittleCity in the World. From their album, Music for Outcasts. 

"These Terrible Hands" by Everlost

Everlost is a singer/songwriter from Orlando, FL. Live and Let Go is the name of the album that was released back in August. 

"Bulletproof" by J.R. Wyatt

Another (and one of my favorites) from Staying Gold.  I am really bummed that I missed J.R. last night at The Family Wash. After recording Double Shot, I was feeling a little under the weather and decided to just go home. I'm glad I did, but I always hate to miss hearing Wyatt play. 

"Barefoot Boogie" by John Paul Daniel

A rollicking, fun one from John Paul Daniel's album All is Well. 

"Chopping the Garlic" by The Coal Porters

And we close with a nifty instrumental from The Coal Porter's brand new album No. 6.  One of the best album of 2016.  Dig it!


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