Friday, December 9, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - All the Lonely Boys Mix

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Another long, awesome night at The 5 Spot last night.  Fats Kaplin and Gang were amazing as always.  Guests were Dominic and Rachael Davis.  There was music and magic and magical music.

The late show was the Collins Family Christmas Extravaganza which was a fund raiser for the Standing Rock protesters. Christmas music and good times that ranged from the sacred to the slightly deranged. My kind of night.

Reminder: Saturday is the Get Behind the Mule Benefit and Tom Waits Tribute at The 5  Spot. I probably screwed up the name, but you know... Tons of cool people and a good time will be had by all - I expect.

By the way, SHEL, who I mentioned are headlining Nashville Sunday Night at
3rd and Lindsley (with Don Gallardo opening) were at The 5 Spot last night for Fats Kaplin.

Earie update:

So here is the rundown.  Before this post, I have awarded 20 Earie Awards in 2017.  Some of the winners show up in this shuffle and we have a couple more to award...  Let's do it...

"A Gun" by Marla Mase

Already an Earie winner for 2017, Marla Mase is back with another tune from her Miracles: Lost and Found album.  A timely and topical and important song. 

"Wrong Road Again" by Ivas John

Good Days A Comin' is the name of the album.  I have really enjoyed listening to this album in 2016.

"Someone Else's Life" by Gabrielle Louise

EARIE ALERT:  "The Mountain Songbird" Award goes to Gabrielle Louise, who I count as one of my favorite "discoveries" of 2016, and whose album, If the Static Clears, is one of the best of the year - I think. Great voice, great songs.  (Earie17 #21)

"In the End" + "Unlisted Hidden Track"  by Jon Worthy

2016 Earie winner - Jon Worthy is back again with the final track(s) on May You Live Happily Ever After.
"Fast Rider" by The Coal Men

Another Earie winner.  Last time, they were "Speeding Like a Demon" - today it is "Fast Rider". The Coal Men will be part of Get Behind the Mule Saturday!

"Nothing But Time" by 2 Ton Bridge

Another Earie award winner for 2016, and another great track from the 2 Ton Bridge album.  

"Not Long (For This Earth)" by Tim Carroll

EARIE ALERT: "The Happiest Hour(s)" award goes to one of my favorite songwriters/guitarists/people.  Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Nashville on a Friday night - head to The 5 Spot at 6:00pm. No cover, 1/2 price drinks, and rock 'n' roll.  Tim Carroll released It's All Politics this year.  Check out the video in the playlist below from the good folks at Flour Sack Cape Productions.  (Earie17 #22) 
"Reprise" by Reckless Johnny Wales

The shuffle has been loving "Earie" winner Reckless Johnny this week!  Today, he checks in with a brief instrumental from his forthcoming album. 

"The Wildness" by Joey Kneiser

And we close things out with yet another "Earie" award winner with the title track of his latest album.  This song is one of my favorite songs of recent years. 


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