Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good King Wenceslas Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Close Your Eyes Mix

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So, as of about 4:44 this morning, the days have officially started getting longer (see I can be glass half full kind of person... now fill my glass!)  It is officially Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Which in Tennessee somehow means the temperatures are going to rise a bit over the next few days. The way it looks now, I may be laying out by the pool on Christmas Day in Georgia... well not really but it is supposed to be close to 70.  Did I mention, E2TG is now a weather blog?

Okay let's move on...

Back in May, this blog turned 5 years old, and we celebrated by throwing a big old party down at The 5 Spot. I am forever grateful to the artists who performed. So, I thought I would give them each an "Earie" which I can calling the "Extravaganza Award".  

By the way, although it would have been understandable if these five acts had decided to just call it year - knowing they could never top playing the E2TG Anniversary Spectacular - they nonetheless soldiered on and did other amazing things...

1. The Foresters came all the way from Connecticut just to play the E2TG show. Okay, fine, they were here for a conference but I am very grateful for the fortuitous timing.  Later in 2016, they played Athens Pop Fest where they got to meet some of their musical inspirations from the Elephant 6 collective. They also put out some early recordings of Robert Scheider of Apples in Stereo on their own Dord Music Group label. Plus Dord got a cool new logo designed by Will Cullen Hart who designed the Elephant 6 logo.

2. Stone Cupid (trio - Julie Christensen, Sergio Webb, and Chris Tench) - I was so honored to have Julie, Sergio, and Chris play the show. Look for some new Stone Cupid music in the coming year,

3 Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars - Kinsley and company rocked the house, and I hoping to hear some more new music from them in 2017.

4. BARK - okay Tim Lee 3 already won an "Earie" but this award goes to Tim and Susan's side project which will become their main music project with TL3 going on hiatus. I was happy that so many of my friends and fans got to hear BARK for the first time, and I know that they all became fans.

5.  Adrian + Meredith  - What a great way to close out the show.  A + M certainly did not rest on the laurels that come with playing an E2TG Anniversary Show... They released More Than a Little earlier this year to widespread acclaim.  The album features some of Nashville's finest musicians (which includes Adrian and Meredith themselves),

Speaking of The 5 Spot (way back I was speaking about The 5 Spot)... I took in the final $2 Tuesday of 2016.  As it is every time I go it was a blast.  (It's probably a blast even when I do not go, but I cannot personally attest to that).  Hank Erwin opened up, and his first song was a cover of a Chris Porter song. Porter, you may recall, was killed (along with a band mate) in a tragic auto accident while on tour a few months back... It was my first time hearing Erwin, but I really loved his music.

After that Derek Hoke lead cool band through some classic Christmas tunes with guest singers.

The music for the night ended with Jerry Pentecost leading a song by song tribute to Elvis Costello's second album, This Year's Model,  Oh man, that was fun.

I think I will just post Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal songs for the rest of this week...

"Santa Baby" by Emily West

Nashvillian and America's Got Talent alum, Emily West opens up our shuffle with her cover of the Joan Javits and Phillip Springer song made famous by Eartha Kitt. 

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Annie Sellick

Another Nashville artist - Annie Sellick released her Christmas album - Let'ss Make a Christmas Memory - a couple of years ago.  The album is filled with classic Christmas tunes like this one. 

"Old Toy Trains" by Roger Miller

Roger Miller spent several years in Nashville. Today's song, is a holiday classic. DJ Tim Hibbs sang this song last night at The 5 Spot.

"Go Tell It On the Mountain" by Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn takes on the Classic tune from his classic Christmas album of 1993.

"Did You Spend Christmas Day in Jail" by Rev. J.M. Gates

Where did you spend Christmas?  How about a sermon in the middle of the shuffle.. J.M. Gates recorded many of his sermons. "Death Might Be Your Santa Claus"

"Here It Is Christmas" by Red Sovine

Perhaps one of the saddest Christmas songs of all time.... 

"Reindeer Boogie" by Hank Snow

And, now a peppy, rocking number from Canadian born Hank Snow. 

"Let's Make a Christmas Memory" by Annie Sellick

The title track fom Let's Make a Christmas Memory"

"I'll Be Walking the Floor This Christmas" by Ernest Tubb and His Texas Troubadours

And we finish up today's shuffle with the late great Ernest Tubb. the record store bearing his name is located on Lower Broadway in Nashvvile and has been in operation since 1947 which will be 70 years in 2017.

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