Friday, December 2, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Little New York City Mix

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First things first... some housekeeping.  Yesterday in my haste to kick off the "Earies" and post the shuffle, I failed to talk about the awesome "Songs of Love and Protest Show" hosted by Matt Haeck at The Family Wash on Wednesday.  Featuring incredible performances by Haeck, Amy Speace, Wild Ponies, Jon Latham, Darrin Bradbury, Brian Wright, Zach Schmidt, Rayvon Pettis, and probably others that I am blanking on.  The event was a kickoff for an upcoming compilation album with proceedings going to Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Stay tuned for updates.

Second, if you missed it, I posted a review/debut of Josh Morris' new album Can't Wait 'Til Now earlier today.  Check it out HERE. And check out Josh Morris tomorrow night at The Country.  Also tomorrow, across the river, Mark Robinson will be bringing a full band set to Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge - a relatively new venue in Madison. As always there is a ton of other stuff going on so get out and see some live local music this weekend.

Spontaneously and randomly this morning, I came up with the idea of awarding some "Earie" awards embedded in the shuffle. Truth is, I have so many awards I want to give out this is the best way to cover a bunch and then I can fill in others.  So... let's begin with a Featured Friday Shuffle...

"Family" by Jon Worthy

EARIE ALERT: The Worthy of Your Attention Award (sorry for the pun which I am SURE that Jon has never heard before).  Jon Worthy, who came to my attention via a live show earlier this year at the legendary and infamous Springwater Supper Club, and who released a new album called May You Live Happily Ever After which has blown me away.  Today a heartfelt song about family, called "Family".

"Repo Man" by Phil Rudd

 Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd rocks out on this track from his solo album called Head Job.

"Little Hipster" by Crackerboots

EARIE ALERT: The Classing Up The Shuffle Award goes to Crackerboots for bringing some cool jazz flavored songs to my ears.  Spending a lot of time in East Nashville, I know nothing about hipsters, but maybe you can related to this song. 

"Nashville Skyline Intro" by Reckless Johnny Wales

EARIE ALERT:  The Nashville Music Historian Award goes to the one and only Reckless Johnny. His newest album is called 5 Star Meat and 3. Today's post is just the Intro to the first release from the album, "Nashville Skyline Redux", but we have a live version of the song itself in the Video Playlist. Reckless Johnny has observed the changes going on in Nashville from his very cool perch in the Music Row area - which I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to visit. If you ever get the chance, let Reckless bend your ear with tales of Nashville music that you will not believe. 

"I Won't Let You Go" by Jesse and Noah

EARIE ALERT:  The Brotherly Harmony Award goes to Jesse and Noah. Sons (and Nephews) of the world famous Bellamy Brothers. Jesse and Noah have a long music career behind this and good things ahead - I think. Their new album Southern Usonia is awesome. The award name refers to their musical harmony. I mean, the seem to get along well, but I don't want to make any assumptions. :-)

"Waiting For That Flower to Bloom" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

EARIE ALERT:  The Soliders of Peace Award goes to Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke whose latest album Everybody Has  Purpose is a refreshing and uplifting antidote to these troubled times. 

"Be Still" by Fendrick and Peck

EARIE ALERT: The Troubadour Soul Mates Award goes to Fendrick and Peck. During their relatively brief time in Nashville, they impressed a bunch of people, and I think they grew musically as a result of that time. The Sandhill Crane is a wonderful collection of beautiful music and features a cover of one my favorite David Olney songs. Today's track is good advise. Just noticed three duos in a row. 

"Expensive Proposition" by Tim Lee 3

EARIE ALERT:  The Decade and More Award goes to Tim Lee 3 who announced that they are going on indefinite hiatus after 10 years as a working band. The good news is that they released Tin Man as a parting shot (for now), and Tim and Susan Bauer Lee's project BARK will continue on. This is a track from Tin Man which you need to add to your collection. 

"Some Crosses" by Kent Eugene Goolsby

EARIE ALERT: The Cavalier Spirit Award goes to Kent Eugene Goolsby who released Temper of the Times in 2016.  I met Kent a Joey Kneiser show at The East Room awhile back, and then later found out that we attended the same high school (granted different buildings and decades apart but still).  Even without that connection, I would still be telling you how awesome the new album is.  Kneiser recorderd, mixed, and mastered Temper of the Times.  


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