Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Sentimental Elemental Sushi Mix

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Catching up on some announcements: E2TG Favorites, The Foresters are releasing their eagerly anticipated new album House Stories on Friday!  Here is the link!

As always, there is a ton of great live music in Music City.  Of note: Saturday night, at The 5 Spot, I am excited about the Dan Montgomery CD Release Show with special guests BARK and Julie Christensen.  Montgomery's new album GONE sounds amazing, it is always great to see Tim and Susan of BARK, and Julie Christensen is one of my favorite artists and people. This is a no-brainer, do-not-miss kind of show!

Also, earlier in the day on Saturday, Sue and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  Our theme will be leftovers: we will be revisiting past themes and playing songs that we didn't get or think to play the first time around.  Right after Double Shot, I will be filling in for Leslie on Nashville U and spinning some local tunes (past and present) and Gina will be on hand with special in-studio guest Rayvon Pettis!

Double Shot begins at 11a.m. Central Time on 101.5 FM in Nashville and or via the TuneIn App everywhere.

Really cool coincidence, yesterday, I posted Jon Magnusson's tribute to a local hockey team in Sweden and joked about co-opting the song for the Nashville Predators, and Magnusson commented that one of the Predators players (Filip Forsberg) previously played for the team his song is about.

Time for some wildness on our Wild Wednesday shuffle - this is the day we shuffle from ALL of the songs on my phone.  A wild mix today,,,,

"Sentimental Mood" by Yucca Rose

Yucca Rose is a jazz/world music vocalist, and a visual artist from Jakarta, Indonesia. We featured her music back in the early days of E2TG and this track was added for the E2TG Topical Thursday list. 

"Little Bird" by The Western Shore

Coincidentally, The Western Shore show up for the second day this week.  This is the final track we have to feature from their 2014 album Thunderstorm.  Sounds great. 

"Elemental" by Exedra

Exedra is a recording project featuring Jeremy Gluck (whose album Memory Deluxe we featured a while back). It is dark and heavy and awesome. 

"Sushi" by Kyle Andrews

Another from the depths of my playlist. Kyle Andrews is a Nashville based artist - currently a member of the band Chaos Emeralds.  This song is from his  2010 album Real Blasty. 

"The Bird Hunters" by Turnpike Troubadours

Oklahoma band, Turnpike Troubadours are up next with a track from their 2015 self-titled album. 

"Opening Statement" by Hard Working Americans

And why not close out this short (six songs - because three of them were long) shuffle with the opening song from Rest in Chaos - the 2016 album by Todd Snider and company. As I understand it, they are already hard at work on the follow-up. 

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