Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Stuff Dreams are Made Of Mix

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Last night, I got a good and much needed dose of rock and roll- checking out Snakehips and Smoky White Devils at The 5 Spot.

Tonight is the long awaited CD release show for Rayvon Pettis' Dying Light album.  I am pretty sure I wrote about this album last year, and I got to hear a preview several months back.  I am so excited for people to hear this album.

So, I have one Earie to give out before we get to the shuffle. Over the course of this year,  I have found myself reading about what my friends are up to and saying, "Man, they are killing it!" And yes this happens a lot with musical performers but as often it has been people in other fields (closely or loosely or completely connected to music) (music is kind of a big part of my life).  So, I have several winners of the "Killing It"* award.  This is not an exhaustive list, but all of these folks are infinitely deserving.

1. Hayden Coleman (and not just because I accidentally tagged him in yesterday's post) - I have featured Hayden's own music several times in the past. He is a hip-hop producer and a rapper - who has been immersed in that world for much of his life. In 2017, Coleman has been busy as a producer, co-writer, and guest performer.   Most notably (perhaps) on Morgan Bosman's cool track "Runaway". Check out the video where Hayden can be seen running...

2.  Lindsy Davis - I met Lindsy - as I did so many people - through Darrin Bradbury.  You may recall she drew the cover image for Bradbury's The Story of Bob" album.  You member the devilishly handsome man on the cover. That, though, is just the tip of her talents. She is an extraordinary visual artist, this year she ventured into tattoo artistry. For me, she is inspiring in the way she has carved out a niche for herself in this town and continues to chip away and grow that niche.

3. Stacie Huckeba - To be honest, Stacie used to kind of scare me, but that was probably more about me than her. I know that Stacie has had a difficult year, but through that, she has managed to continue to kick ass as a photographer, writer, advocate, and just generally all around awesome person. She is up for East Nashvillian of the Year - which I think she richly deserves, but I don't get to vote on that one (as far as I know), but I get all the votes on the Earies.

4. Chad Cochran - I had been aware of Chad's photography - mostly his art photography of incredible landscapes - for a couple of years. I think I followed him on Instagram before I ever met him.  He still produces some of the most visually stunning landscape photographs I have ever seen, but in 2017 (and before) he has been killing it with his photos of musical performers - both on and off stage.

All of these folks motivate me to do more, and I am happy to know them.

*I know some people hate the phrase "killing it" (and to be honest, my use is somewhat ironic but I mean it with the utmost respect and admiration)

Okay - on we  go to the shuffle and perhaps a few more  Earies...

 "who do they talk to" by SuperCrashingStar

EARIE ALERT:  Throughout the history of E2TG, I have encountered bands that have captured my attention, and who make music that I have a hard time to define. I think of the New Zealand band The Transcendents.  SuperCrashingStar fit that category so I hereby award them the "I Don't Know What It Is But I Like It" award for 2017.  Since, my first introduction to them, they had some personnel shake-ups, but they are back with a new album called Digital Lo-Fi.  As I said, I have a hard time pinning down what it is about them that I like, but there is little doubt that I really dig their music. 

"Finally" by Matthew Sweet

EARIE ALERT:  The incredible result of sticking around as a music blogger is that I have been offered the opportunity to write about music of people I have admired for many years. Such is the case with Matthew Sweet.  I have been a fan for decades. I got the chance to review one of his live shows a couple of years ago when I was writing for No Depression.  His latest album Tomorrow Forever came through my e-mail, and I jumped at the chance to write about it. On it, he continues to be one of the best power pop artists I can think of.   The "Power Pop Legend" award goes to Matthew Sweet. 

"Drums of a Shaman Pt. 2" by Ugggy (prod. P.C.K.)

Ugggy is back in the shuffle with two tracks, this from his March 2017 release The Divided Tape - which was the first of his now ten releases in a row.  This track samples some dialogue from The Maltese Falcon. 

"The Old White Man" by Tom House

EARIE ALERT:  Tom House is a true Nashville original.  Part of the "Old Nashville" who is still making great music in the "New Nashville".  He often shares incredible stories about times when Townes Van Zandt hung out at Springwater. He self-released his latest album, Strange, I Reckon.  He doesn't have much to do with the music "business" these days, but as for the music world - he still have much to offer.  The "Strange, I Reckon" award  goes to Tom House  (yes I borrowed his album title)

"Spaceman" by My Favourite Things

EARIE ALERT:  2017 has been an incredibly busy year, and I have not always been able to get to all of my e-mail submissions. I hate that, because I knew some awesome stuff has slipped by me. I am really glad Fly I Will, Because I Can - didn't escape my attention.  I have really been digging this album.  I wasn't sure what to name this Earie, but.... I always try to write about where bands come from in my description. I'm not sure why. For the longest time, I assumed this was a UK band because of the spelling of Favourite. I don't think I ever wrote that they were British, but I definitely thought it. They are actually from Brooklyn - which puts them in good company in the history of E2TG.  So, I am awarding them the "Not British" award for 2017  *did I mention that my award names are often tongue-in-cheek but they come from a place of genuine admiration.  

"Crop Circles" by Ugggy

Ugggy is not British either, but I think Crop Circles often occur in Britain.  Ugggy is based out of Toronto. This is from his April release The Harvest Beet Tape. 

"Infinity Starts Over" by Gloom Balloon

EARIE ALERT: The "Long Album Title Award" goes to Gloom Balloon for their album -  Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon.  I have been loving this album since I first heard it. I like this track in particular quite a bit.  I see that they just recently released a Holiday EP (2 Song) called Happiness Is Knowing Ozzy Osbourne Is Still Alive.

"The Longest Winter" by My Favourite Things

Next, we have our second track from My Favourite Thins - I like this track a lot. 

"My Hands Are Tied" by UniversalDice

EARIE ALERT: the "And I Don't Even Like Rock Operas" award goes to UniversalDice - featuring Gerry Dantone. When I got the e-mail about Birth Love Hate Death - and read the words "Classic Rock" and "Rock Opera", I have admit - I was a bit put off, but I am super glad I gave it a listen.  If those words put you off, I recommend giving it a listen.  If those words do not put you off, then what are you waiting for?

"Busted Gut" by The Suitcase Junket

EARIE ALERT: The "Banned in Memphis" award goes to The Suitcase Junket. I should probably explain, to my knowledge The Suitcase Junket is not banned in Memphis.... his new album is called Pile Driver, and for many years, the wrestling move of the same name was banned in Memphis (and all of Tennessee actually). I know, I know, my mind is weird.  I saw The Suitcase Junket play live (at The 5 Spot) before I ever read about his music. He is a one man band that utilizes throat singing to great effect. I was beyond thrilled when I got the chance to feature his latest album. 

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