Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Crybaby Mix

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I am back. I was a bit under the weather yesterday.  Time is short - so let's jump right into the Trending Tuesday Shuffle.  First of all disclosure:  I have been receiving so much new music lately that I decided to create a new playlist featuring a bunch of that new music.  I will be using this playlist in place of the Trending Tuesday and Featured Friday playlist for the foreseeable future.  Readers will not detect any changes - but I did want to let you know about the change...

Friday, August 19, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Wish That I Could Hate You Mix

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My oft repeated phrase is "Music Heals".  I say it because I believe it to be true.  Last night, still feeling sad about the death of my first best friend, I headed down to The Family Wash. There, surrounded by friends, I took one of those once-in-a-lifetime nights of music that seem to happen around  this town on a frequent basis.

Nathan Bell - a singer-songwriter who I first saw earlier this year at The Bluebird Cafe played first.  His songs are soooo good. He was joined by Annie Mosher on several songs and then by legendary Nashville songwriter Don Henry on one song.

After that, the always mind-blowing Sergio Webb made a rare appearance as a front man and an even rarer appearance leading a full-band.  The Cremonatones - a one-off super-group featured Julie Christensen, Dave Coleman, Parker Hawkins, and Fran Breen.  The set opened with a rocking cover of Lou Reed's "New Sensation" - a song I had heard Webb do solo at Bobby's Idle Hour - and continued through a set of songs including several written with John Hadley and David Olney.  It was one of those magical nights of insanely good music and an audience of some of the best musicians in the world.  It was just what I needed.

A ton a great music upcoming.  I wanted to highlight Richie Owens and The Farm Bureau making a rare appearance at my favorite venue - The 5 Spot on Saturday at 6:00pm.

We have a Featured Friday Shuffle...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - Old Time Feeling Mix

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I need to report on last night's music.  Scott Miller at The 5 Spot was so far beyond amazing.  He was accompanied by Bryn Davies on upright bass.  Miller was a member of the Knoxville band, The V-Roys.  He (fairly) recently moved to Virginia to help tend to his parents and their cattle. His songs are moving and rocking and touching. His stage presence is humorous.  Bryn Davies is brilliant!

After that I walked over to The Basement East for the second in a series of Ryan Adams album tributes by some East Nashville artists.  It was a really entertaining show.  Once again, Jon Latham lead the band (which included Andrew Leheay, Rob Crowell (Deertick) and others) and introduced the guest (Allen Thompson, Peyton Parker, Sean Quinn, Carolina Story, Brian Ritchey, and many more).  Plus some cool folks did some non-album R.A. songs before the album part of the show including the always awesome Don Gallardo.  Thanks to a particular drummer friend for the ride back to my car.

Just before I headed to work this morning, I received word that a friend, who I have known for almost my entire life, had passed away.  This was heavy on my mind as I drove and walked to work and listened to the following songs... It is throwback Thursday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Always Carry a Purse Mix

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A few things on my mind:

1. My mind has been on my parent's home state of Louisiana and the devastating flooding which has affected several different parts of the state. One of my cousins had to be rescued from her home and essentially lost everything.  One story out of many.

2.  Reflecting on my post yesterday about seeing so many good friends and how their dreams are coming true, and realizing that in the midst of all this, there are people who are struggling to hold on to their dreams (or struggling just to get by and survive)... which got me thinking of the unprecedented growth that Nashville has seen over the past few years, and that while some people have thrived and benefited from that growth, others have suffered.  No answers to any of it, just thoughts.

3.  On a completely different note, Facebook told me that one year ago today, the E2TG Facebook Page hit 300 likes.  Today, the count stands at 834 and countig. I am humbled and mystified and grateful for all of the support.

4.  I feel like I need to acknowledge that there is another (at least one) music blog/website whatever that uses Ear to the Ground has their name.  From what I can tell, we started at about the same and apparently, just coincidentally came up with the same name.  It isn't really that big a deal yet, but as I look to expand and grow my site, I see the need to address it.  As you have probably noticed, I have been heavily emphasizing the "E2TG" designation.  This will likely continue and eventually the E2TG title may replace "Ear to the Ground" on-line and in print.   This blog will always be "Ear to the Ground" as long as it continues.  And for the record, if you are talking about "E2TG", it is pronounced, "Ear to the Ground". :-)

5.  Three events tonight that I want to highlight. I do not think I can physically do all three but not saying it is not possible...  1. Scott Miller (6-8) at The 5 Spot.   2. Steve Poltz with special guest Megan Palmer!!!! at City Winery. (7-?)  3.  The star-studded tribute to Ryan Adam's Cold Roses album at The Basement East. (8-?)

Todays Wild Wednesday shuffle contains several songs from new and newish releases (and future releases).  Plus some of the usual "Wild Wednesday Wackiness".

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Wild One Mix

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I have been so inspired of late, watching friends having their dreams come true in so many ways....  The Americana Music Association announced their final group of artists for next months festival, and I was so happy to see some good friends on the list (many of them making their debuts as official showcase artists). Several people who may have read about on E2TG are on the list including the most recent two Artist of the Year!

Seeing the Foresters and others from the Dord Music Group - absolutely killing it at Athens PopFest and getting an amazing opportunity to play alongside their heroes from the Elephant 6 collective.

See friends releasing new albums and getting the opportunities to play "big" shows...

It moves me to do more with the opportunities I have been given.

Hey ho! Let's go! Tuesday - what's "trending" at E2TG?  Find out!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Choo Choo Mix

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Another work week is upon us.  Monday.

A few interesting events coming up (off the top of my head):  Scott Miller (The V-Roys, etc.) will be making a rare early show appearance in Nashville Wednesday at The 5 Spot.  6:00pm.  Later that night, an all-star cast will be recreating Ryan Adams sixth studio album, Cold Roses - that show is at The Basement East.

Thursday night: Sergio Webb and Nathan Bell will be at The Family Wash at 8:30pm.

There are tons of other great things happening around Nashville every night this week and pretty much every week.  The ones I mentioned just came to my mind.

We call it Music City Monday - because we shuffle up songs from our locally oriented playlist... songs connected to Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City USA.

Here is today's shuffle:

Friday, August 12, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - New Age of Aviation Mix

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Well - the work week is finally over!  It is Tomato Art Fest time in East Nashville - if you are able head over there for music and art and tomatoes.

It's been a hard week in many ways... but the shuffles have been good, I posted an album review and a successful video premiere.  I saw some awesome live music (not as much as I would have liked) and got some things done that needed to be done.

For our Featured Friday, we have some old friends, some new music, and more...