Thursday, June 30, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - No Profanity and No Dogs Mix

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There are times when the world gets me down... I try to generally stay positive about things, and I know that overall, I am definitely one of the fortunate ones. Sometimes, though, it all gets overwhelming - even the stuff I love, and I have an urge just to run away from everything - at least for a day or a week...  And then, something happens to flip everything around in my mind and my psyche. Over the last couple of days, I have become acutely aware of something: relative to nothing but my own experience and life, I have gotten to know a whole bunch of people. When I go out to hear music (which you may have gathered is something I do every now and again), I usually go by myself, but I rarely stay that way. And it is not just a bunch of people I know, but it is a bunch of people that I genuinely care about. Not only that, but I have been fortunate enough to get to know some amazingly talented people, and sometimes, I get to see a bunch of those amazingly talented people make music together (or at least on the same night).

Megan Palmer celebrated the release of her new album What She's Got to Give at The Basement East.   Darrin Bradbury opened the night with an inspired solo set that included the rarely performed classic, "Denim-Clad Acid-Wash Man"  ("His only regret, his Steve Miller tat") and the resurrected lost gem, "Van Rock" ("'Cause gas and rent are the same in a van").

Megan followed with a full-band set (she played the new album top to bottom) plus added the favorite "Richland Woman". The band was filled with East Nashville favorites including a pretty amazing group of background vocalists -  (Tim Easton, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Ariel Bui, Emma Berkey, Nellie Clay and more) - but the star of the show was Megan Palmer which was appropriate since many people know her from backing up all sorts of folks. The songs were amazing, and Megan played fiddle, guitar, and keyboards and sang beautifully.  Her cover of John Hartford's "In Tall Buildings" (which is on the new album) was so incredibly moving that several people remarked that it brought tears to their eyes.

The Allen Thompson Band closed the night.  I always love to see Allen Thompson sing, and the band sounded tight and loose at the same time. It was a great set to end a really incredible night that made me happy to be at the place in my life to be able to experience it.

By the way, Megan Palmer's new album is absolutely fantastic, and you really need to buy it.

So it is Throwback Thursday at E2TG... The #tbt playlist is actually the smallest of the five I have, and I guess that speaks to the amount of new music I regularly post. Still, it is fun to take a day to just take a spin through some amazing songs of years gone by.  There are some classic songs from some classic albums represented in this list.. so sit back and enjoy....

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Left Hand Mix

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Had a blast last night at The Family Wash for Cole Slivka's Short Sets.  Tim McNary was awesome with Sean Quinn backing him.  Really dug, Cole Slivka who had the ever talented Dave Coleman on guitar (bonus - news of a new album from The Coalmen), and Brooklyn band Leland Sundries did not disappoint.

It is just a fact that on any given night - pretty much every given night, there is a ton of great live music going on all over Nashville.  It is a great problem to have, but it can be problematic. The Nashville Dilemma - I call it. For listeners/fans/supporters, it means making difficult decisions about which worthwhile/awesome shows to miss  (both because a conflicting show or because sometimes you just need to stay in).  For artists, it means that you are indirectly  competing for an audience with your friends - even if you don't see music as a competition.

All that to say, there is a shit-ton of awesome music going on in Nashville tonight. Get out and see something!  (by the way, shit-ton is a technical music-blogger term).

Speaking of a shit-ton... we have 12 (tracks) in the shuffle today (and I do not use the term song for good reason)...  It is Wild Wednesday - let's get WILD!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Water into Moonshine Mix

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And I am back...  I think I caught a bit of summer cold that kind of knocked me out yesterday, but I am feeling mostly better today.

Let's see:  Friday night, I took in another fun Tim Carroll Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour at The 5 Spot.

Saturday:  The day began with a live broadcast of Double Shot with Joe and Sue (and our topic was "Our Favorite Years" - namely 1968 for Sue and 1985 for Joe), then I headed to Two Old Hippies where I saw Adeem the Artist perform a really entertaining set of mostly original music (plus a nice mash-up of Margaritaville and Feliz Navidad.  Later, I finally got to the brand new Radio Cafe which has not yet officially opened.  The weather was hot Saturday but Mark Robinson and his band were even hotter.  A really cool singer-songwriter named Greg Rich (who learned guitar from Mark Robinson back in Indiana) opened the night. As someone remarked, you could have put together a hell of a band just from the people in attendance.  I ended my Saturday at an awesome after-NAMM party hosted by Richie Owens and his family.

This week is filled with "Nashville Dilemma" moments which makes this summer cold particularly annoying.  Tonight at the Family Wash, it is Pint and Pie night and Short Sets with Tim McNary and Brooklyn band Leland Sundries on the bill.

Here is a trending Tuesday shuffle...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Burdens Mix

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Here we go...

There are obviously many great music venues in Nashville, but consistently, my absolute favorite hang in The 5 Spot.  Last night is a pretty good example of why I feel that way.

It was Week #4 of the June Don Gallardo residency at The 5 Spot.  Jon Byrd played with his full band and it was amazing as expected.  Don Gallardo brought his full-band and I swear he seems to get better every time I see him (degrees of awesome - I would say).

The late show at The 5 Spot kicked off with new Nashville resident Sammy Brue (if you have not heard his songs - do so right away), followed by Joshua Black Wilkins - consistently one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Ron Gallo (who I will come back to), and the last act I saw before exhaustion got the better of me, John and Rob from Deer Tick (and Diamond Rugs). A pretty extraordinary night.

So, I had not heard of Ron Gallo which is  band and the bandleader. They are recent (I think) transplants from Philadelphia.  I (along with the rest of crowd at The 5 Spot) was blown away. The band is a trio (amazing how many of my favorite bands throughout the years are trios).  If you are among the people who think that Rock 'n' Roll is dead, I urge you to check out this band and have your faith restored.  I do not count myself among that particular crowd, but the energetic, loud raucous performance sure did affirm my faith.

Quick note:  There is a ton of things going on this weekend.  I feel like if I begin to name some, I will leave out something unintentionally, however, there are a few things I want to highlight.  Of course, Tim Carroll returns to his weekly home at the aforementioned 5 Spot for his Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour,  Charleyville is a non-profit agency that provides free or discounted music lessons, instruments etc. There is a three day benefit at the American Legion Post 82 in East Nashville that began last night and continues through Saturday.  Details/Event Page HERE.  Adeem the Artist is playing tomorrow afternoon at Two Old Hippies in the Gulch (right after Double Shot with Joe and Sue).  A couple of years ago, I saw a singer-songwriter named Kyle Adem at a New Faces night at The Basement.  I enjoyed his set.  Adeem the Artist's lastest album is called Kyle Adem is Dead - which reflects the fact that sometimes there is much behind a change of name.  I mentioned Daphne Willis at Nashville Pride. If you are making it out to the festival - make sure you check out her set and all of the great music.  I previously mentioned Mark Robinson at the brand new Radio Cafe.  And a ton more Saturday night. Get out and see some music.

Friday - it is time for Featured Friday....

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - You Fixin' a Ford Mix

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Sue Havlish and I recorded a Double Shot with Joe and Sue show which will be broadcast on July 16.  Meanwhile, we will be back in the studio on Saturday for a live show with the theme of "Our Favorite Years."  Sue and I will each select songs which were released during what we have identified as our favorite year.

I messed around with posting an MP3 to YouTube and posted this video for one of my poems... I posted this to Facebook, but in case you missed it....

Tonight is one of those Nashville nights where there is a ton of things going on... I want to recommend that whatever you do, your night start with Don Gallardo's residency at The 5 Spot. This is the 4th of 5 weeks.  I have made it to the last three and they have been absolutely amazing. The one and only Jon Byrd is the special guest this week.

This weekend is Nashville Pride, and it seems more important than ever to support the LGBTQ community.  Daphne Willis (who we have featured on E2TG a few times) will be performing on the main stage at 1:15 on Saturday.  She is a phenomenal Nashville pop artist. Her latest single is called, "The Struggle is Real" (and it is)....

Meanwhile, it is actually Thursday and that means, it is time for us to throw it back.... Today's list (I can say with some confidence) is one that you will only see and hear on E2TG!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Down in the Mine Mix

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For a lot of reasons, I do love the city that I have called home for the last quarter of a century. We have our problems to be sure - rapid growth without the appropriate infrastructure improvements for one and the schlock that passes for country music being churned out like fake margarine from glitzy offices on music row for another and disregarding the culture of the city in pursuit of supporting the "it" city status for yet another.  But I digress...

I do love Nashville because in spite of all of that, there are people who care about music and art and words.

Last night, my evening began at a coffee shop on Fatherland Street in East Nashville called The Post East for the 85th edition of East Side Storytellin' - a series which matches a poet or prose writer with a songwriter.  The poet last night was named Joshua Moore, and I absolutely loved his work and his delivery. Powerful words.  Words have power.  The songwriter was a guy that readers of E2TG should know. Jon Latham's profile is on the rise, and he demonstrated the reasons for that well in his short set of songs.

After that, I headed to The Basement East for a night of music with Jon Latham hot on my heels. In no time, he was doing a quick sound check - he backed up Voice alumnus Peyton Parker on her opening set of songs. A great opening for was would turn out to be an extraordinary night.   Carl Anderson followed with (truly) witty stage banter and wonderful songs.

Next, Darrin Bradbury hit the stage backed by Tim Carroll on guitar, Cameron Carrus on bass, and Matty Alger on drums.  What followed was nothing short of transcendent. There were people dancing!  No... I mean really, there were people dancing at a Darrin Bradbury show!  The band rocked - I mean really rocked. Darrin's (and Tim's) punk roots were in full view and they even did a cover of The Misfits' "Where Eagles Dare" at the end of Darrin's song, "Joey" which references the song.   I have no idea how many times I have seen Darrin perform - in various combinations - but last night was one for the ages.

Adrian + Meredith (who you may recall closed the E2TG Anniversary show) had the unenviable task of closing the show and following Darrin and his band, and they rose to the occasion with a rollicking fun set.

A truly awesome night of music in Music City (East Nashville to be more specific).

Now - it is Wednesday and we call it Wild Wednesday because we shuffle up a playlist that features songs from all of the other playlists plus a few that do not really fit the other playlists at all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Things Come to Me At Night Mix

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Greetings and salutations...   It is Tuesday!

Tonight a couple of events worth noting (among many cool things happening I am sure).

1.  East Side Storytellin' is a great series that pairs a songwriter with a poet/writer. It is held at the Post East and starts at 7:00. Tonight is their 85th edition and features writer Joshua Moore and reigning E2TG Artist of the Year Jon Latham.

2. A stellar local lineup at The Basement East beginning at 9:00.  Carl Anderson, Peyton Parker, Adrian+Meredith, and 2014 E2TG Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury fresh off his star turn on Music City Roots.   That's right, two E2TG Artists of the Year in one night.

On Tuesday, we post songs from our Trending Tuesday playlist which includes new music, songs we have decided to feature, and assorted other goodies.  Dig in!