Friday, October 20, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Turned 24 Today Mix

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Several years ago, someone pointed out that I would often make a very subtle sarcastic comment or joke, and then ruin the effect by saying "Just kidding". This guy even started calling me "Just kidding Joe".  I think he was right. My desire was to make sure I was understood. Like, if people thought I was being serious they might think I was an idiot or mean or whatever. But, it's not my job to explain myself to everyone and it is not my business what they think about me. 

I have tried since then to catch myself when I want to add a "just kidding" - although full disclosure: emojis have kind of given me a cheat on this  ;-) And I'm working on that now, too.  Twice in the last two days I have posted something on social media that was facetious without a "tell" that I was kidding. The first case, if anyone took me as serious, they would think I was kind of stupid and maybe a little self-important. The second case, could potentially lead to a political reaction of some sort...

I don't know. 51 1/2 years in and I'm still working on this life thing, and I'm kind of okay with that for today....

Let's jump headlong into some featured music for a lovely Friday in Nashville...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Trippin' Balls Mix

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Man - music sure is good for the soul.  After getting into a bit of a funk earlier in the week, I have gone out to hear live music the last two nights and I feel so much better.  Last night, I headed out to Dee's in Madison. Allen Thompson has been hosting a semi-weekly residency there for a few weeks - but this was the first time I was able to make it out, and I am glad I did.  2015 E2TG Artist of the Year, Jon Latham played solo and as he tends to do - he kind of sort of ruled hard.

Allen Thompson and his band were up next... I was reminded of how much I love hearing Allen Thompson sing - whether it is a cover or an original, I know of few singers who throw so much of themselves into a song.

The crowd was filled with lots of my favorite people from the Nashville music community and some of them joined Allen and his band - including Todd Snider, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Rorey Carroll (and Jon Latham).

Anyway, it is Thursday and for now, we are still working our way through the "New Music" playlist.  The playlist had been down below 400 songs for a day or so, but I added some new music last night and it is up over 400 again. 

Today's shuffle is a good one...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Bosom of the Valley Mix

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Well, my outlook on life is much better today. The world is still a ginormous mess, but I am more at peace. Music heals.  Hanging out with friends listening to Jon Byrd and then Kevin Gordon at The Family Wash.  Then heading to The 5 Spot for a bit of $2 Tuesday (it had been too long) and catching a cool band called The Speedbumps and Derek Hoke's always awesome set.

I have a training this afternoon, so I have to post this a little early and can't dawdle too much....

It's Wednesday and we get "wild" on Wednesday by shuffling up all the songs on my phone....

Here goes!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Friday Toast in a German Kitchen Mix

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I've said this before... but it comes back time and again.... the reason E2TG has endured for almost six and a half years is because I post just about every day, and I post even when I really don't feel much like posting.  I think it is my nation to constantly think about the what, why, and hows of whatever it is I am doing.  E2TG has definitely evolved over the years - although the basic premise is still the same. "Hey I heard some cool tunes on my way to work, let me tell you about them." 

I do think about what I can do to reach more people - not for my ego (okay - a little for my ego) but mostly to help spread the word about some of the lesser known music that I love. Over the years, I have seen people I wrote about begin to reach a larger audience and get more wide-spread recognition. When that happens, I am proud - not that I feel in any responsible for the success. I have always viewed the artists and bands I write about as a "family" of sorts. These are my people, and over the years there have been triumphs and stumbles, celebrations and mourning. Things have also grown which means my "family" is so large that I lose touch with people sometimes, but I always love hearing about what is up - even if it's not music related. I see people I have written about excelling in all areas of life, and I, too, people struggling. Just as I have excelled and struggled at times.

I am generally a pretty upbeat guy, but I do get down sometimes too.... and I have bouts of self-pity sometimes. 

My point is that I love what I do and I really have no desire to stop. It heartens me when people appreciate what I do and lets me know. It seems kind of petty to expect that, and I try to avoid expectations, but it is appreciated when it happens. And, E2TG has taken me places I could not even have imagined. So, even on days when I don't feel it as much as I would like, I keep on... and man oh man, the cool music I get to listen to really helps a ton!

It's Tuesday - let's see what is "trending"

Monday, October 16, 2017

Musique qui est nouveau Monday Morning Shuffle - It Takes a Pillage Mix

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Well... we finally got some cooler weather here in Nashville.

The world continues to be a pretty screwed up place, and I struggle to find the line between staying aware of all that is going on and maintaining my sanity.

This Saturday night, two E2TG Artists of the Year appeared on the Grand Ole Opry stage (backing up Elizabeth Cook) - Jon Latham (2015) and Brian Wright (2016).  I say this just because I am really proud of those guys - not just for this but for all that they are doing.

Disheartened to see all the "Me, too" posts on Facebook from friends and people I admire. I have always believed in the basic goodness of people... and counted bad behavior as an aberration. Sometimes, I begin to doubt that.  This is one of those cases... I have a many female friends involved in  entertainment and sexual harassment and worse seems to be an almost universal experience. And it's not just the entertainment industry.  I wonder sometimes what percentage of men have done this, and what percentage have witnessed it and not spoken up. Am I in that latter group... sadly I know I am. This has to change. We need to talk about this and we need to denormalize (is that a word?) this behavior. I'll admit, I still have questions about what things I need to do or stop doing.  I need to admit that I have those questions and start conversations to get the answers.

In other news, if you wish me Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Season Greetings... heck if you say anything to me out of kindness, I am okay with that and I appreciate it.  If you say you are praying for me or sending good thoughts or sending positive energy or anything meant to offer support, I am okay with that and I appreciate it. I think the "War on Christmas" is a lie perpetuated by the far right to divide people.  That's my feeling.  Throughout this "holiday season" try to treat people with kindness, try to think of those who are alone and lonely this time of year in particular, try to give more than you receive.  Do that (or at least try) and you are okay in my back not what if or what you celebrate. 

Ug.... a lot on my mind, and I didn't really intend to write any of that, but it's what came out....

The "New Music" playlist is just under 400 songs, but I have more ready to be added.  Let's shuffle:

Friday, October 13, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Mad Dog Wine Mix

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Hey all - I got to be quick.  I spent my lunch hour at the Southern Festival of Books - checking out Jon Byrd - so I didn't get to finish this post.

It's Friday - here is what we are featuring today:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Was it An Accident Mix

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So much on my mind these days... good stuff and not so good stuff and really bad stuff...

I am so happy that WXNA was voted Best Radio Station by the Readers of the Nashville Scene. Even if I did not have a show on the station, I would be a listener and a supporter. Thanks to the incredibly hard work of the Board (all former DJs at Vanderbilt's WRVU), a huge gap in the Nashville landscape was filled in June 2016.  Just yesterday, on my way home from work, I was listening to the station and it occurred to me how much I love listening to shows that play music outside of my "comfort zone" for want of a better term.  The variety of music and talk on the station is incredible.

As for the not so good stuff  and the really bad stuff... well, you can probably guess some of it. #Resist #Persist 

It is Thursday - and it is our recent tradition to do Topical shuffles on Thursday, but to try to get through the many songs in my "new music" playlist- I am devoting Thursday's to new music for the next couple of months.