Friday, July 22, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Blue and Red Mix

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Congratulations to Don Gallardo for his CD Release show last nigh at The Family Wash.  Great music all night from Lani Ford, Matt Haeck, Caleb Caudle, and Don Gallardo and his awesome band and guests.  His CD, Hickory, is out today in the U.S. (it has been out elsewhere for a while).  It has been great to hear Don Gallardo several times over the last month or so.

Reminder: I will be back on the radio with Sue Havlish.  Double Shot with Joe and Sue is on WXNA-LP Nashville. It is 101.5 on your radio dial in the broadcast range and streaming worldwide at and via the TuneIn App.  The show starts at 11am Central Time and our theme this week is "Cocktails for Two".

We move into a Featured Friday shuffle to close out your week... by the way, I am going to be out of pocket next week... taking some much needed time off.  Be sure to stop by here every day to see if I posted anything (and to keep my pageviews up... ;-)  )

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - A Poet, A Pawn, and a King Mix

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Week 3 of the Rod Picott residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville was last night.  Brian Ritchie (solo and not the guy from Violent Femmes) opened.  Really loved his songs and his voice.   Over the course of this residency, I have gone from being a casual fan of Mr. Picott (who I first saw at Americana in (I think) 2012) to being a huge fan.  He was backed by Tim Blankenship on drums, Duane Blevins on bass, and Sergio Webb on guitar.  As he tends to do, Sergio Webb worked some kind of voodoo magic with his instrument that blows me away every time.  Rod Picott's songs are wonderful.

A highlight for tonight is the CD Release for Don Gallardo's Hickory album which has been out overseas for some time but is finally getting released stateside.  An amazing line-up with Caleb Caudle, Matt Haeck, and Lani Ford opening. No cover with door prizes by sponsor Good People Brewing Co.

You know, I have been getting so much music sent my way recently (and I am not AT ALL complaining) that I was seriously thinking about suspending Throwback Thursday in favor of adding another "featured music" day (name not determined)... but then today's shuffle came up... and I'm like, nah, it's all good.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - With a Microphone Mix

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I'm just going to leave this right here...

It is Wednesday... time to dive into our Wild Wednesday Shuffle....

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Fist City Mix

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Shout out to my twin daughters who turn 21 years old today.  ♥♥♥♥

It is Tuesday or as we say here at E2TG - Trending Tuesday.

I have a little extra time so I thought I would explain each day's "theme"...

Music City Monday - songs with some connection to Nashville.  Artists who live in or have lived in Nashville, albums recorded in Nashville, maybe songs about Nashville, plus artists that I mistakenly thought lived in or had lived in Nashville.  Plus songs added to the playlist in error.

Trending Tuesday - kind of an esoteric playlist... mostly new (or fairly recent music)... includes music sent to me plus (fairly) recent and notable releases plus songs connected to some notable (fairly) recent events.

Wild Wednesday - all of the above (and below) plus songs that don't really fit on any other playlist.

Throwback Thursday - songs of a certain vintage. Usually at least ten years old, plus occasionally and accidentally a recent song by a long running artist that I mistakenly think is an old song.

Featured Friday - mostly music which was sent to me.  Since I don't do many album reviews - this is my way of making sure I write something about most of the music that I receive and love.   Newer music from artists who I consider long-running "friends of E2TG", ends up on this list.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Bad Decisions Mix

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I attended the J.R. Wyatt CD Release show last night.  J.R. sounded amazing. I have been a fan of his since I saw him perform a solo set at Logue's Black Raven (RIP).  He writes amazing songs, has a great voice, and last night he was backed by an awesome band (who all played on his new album, Staying Gold which is out now).  Expect to hear more about this album very soon....

E2TG Artist of the Year  Jon Latham went on right before J.R. playing his first full-band show one year after completing the mastering on his album Real Bad News.  He has had an incredible year. Having seen him perform many times and having been impressed many time, I feel like last night was Jon's star turn (or something like that).  Yes, his band was extraordinary - filled with great musicians and songwriters and friends (Aaron Lee Tasjan, Eli Rhodes, Sean Quinn, and Raun Shultz). and they were every bit as good as one could have expected. Still, it was Jon Latham's stage and he owned it completely.  It is truly heartening and inspirational to see the growth of his confidence and stage presence in the almost two years since I was first introduced to his music. Yeah, I'm one of those, "I knew him before..." people, and I say that with pride and joy!

Time for a Music City Monday shuffle:

The Ubiquitous Howard Rabach

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(Howard Rabach with The Grey A. Nashville CD Release Show at Stone Fox 9/12/2014)

When I started writing Ear to the Ground in the spring of 2011, I didn't know what to expect. I did not know if anyone would ever read it, I didn't know how long I would keep it up -heck I didn't even know what it was going to be....  At the very, very beginning, the blog was posted on a now extinct site called Posterous.  Unless you count the hundreds of hits from Russia, the first person who ever read and responded to E2TG was Howard Rabach.  He was about my age with very similar musical interests.  We connected in that weird internet way through music.  He was an educator and a musician. He had a band called Ubiquity Machine which seemed to distill so much music that I loved in a very interesting way.  They were one of my early "Bands of the Week" (which was a feature I had at the beginning of the blog).

At the end of 2011, I decided to do this massive on-line poll to the select a "Band of the Year" and included all of the "Bands of the Week" in the poll.  Ubiquity Machine lead for much of the polling period only to fall to second place after what was surely widespread voter fraud.  Still, I has happy that the finished so high in the poll.  When I made my first (and so far only) Ear to the Ground Presents compilation, I included a song by Ubiquity Machine (that song is embedded below).

Fast-forward a couple of years to the fall of 2014, and Howard decided to pursue music full-time and he had joined a band called The Grey A.  I reviewed the band's album and posted the review on No Depression, and that review made it onto the home page of the site. The album was recorded in Middle Tennessee and featured some local musicians, so they had a CD Release show here in Nashville.  So, I finally got to meet Howard and see him work his bass magic.

So, I hear Howard is rapidly approaching a landmark birthday. Therefore, it seemed like a good time to tell him how important he is to me and to E2TG. I have no doubt he will ROCK this new decade of life!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Hipster Girl in the Old City Mix

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There are two parts of everyone of us.... well maybe more than two...

At this point, I can't see beyond this moment... one more time, one more time... it really makes no difference where or why.  There is an ugliness - I guess it has always been there... That ugliness does not discriminate. It really doesn't! Even though it may seem like it does.  The personifications of that ugliness - they discriminate - it is what they do... but the ugliness deep inside does not.  What I mean is that we all have some of the ugliness inside of us - the hate, the fear, the selfishness, the judgments.

Here's the thing... there is much beauty in the world... not just in special places or certain people. It is everywhere.  We all have the beauty inside of us - the love, the courage, the selflessness, the compassion.

The choice we have each day, each moment is to decide which of those we want to show to the world and more importantly which we want to manifest in the world.  Speaking for myself, I make those choices many, many different times every single day. Sometimes, I make what I think is the right choice and I show the world the beauty and I try to manifest that beauty.  Way too often, I fall short and little bits (or more) of the ugliness comes out.

So, today I am thankful when I allow the beauty to be what the world experiences.  But, I also have to thankful when I reminded that the ugliness is there, too.  Because, I  think that forgetting that I have that ugliness inside of me is far more dangerous than those moments when I show the world that ugliness.

Be good to one another -  I will try.

Anyway, I like sharing beautiful music of all kind.

Quick recap, I had a nice evening at The Country.  I was great to see Russell Thompson play for the first time in several months and to be reminded the beauty of his wonderful songs.   It was also great to experience Maynard and the Musties for the first time.  Really loved their sound and their songs.

Now, it is Friday and we shuffle songs from the Featured Friday playlist on Fridays.  Enjoy!