Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Ignite Albania Mix

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Okay... so I had a long commute to a training class, and I am pressed for time... so I am going to have to be very brief with my descriptions (especially on artist I've written about before and recently).  It will be the same tomorrow....

Here goes...  Sorry to be so brief... more on all of these artist/albums later.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - One Helluva Hangover Mix

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Okay - well, two weeks ago, I started a new thing for Music City Monday - the shuffle is based upon a ever expanding Spotify playlist of Nashville artists past and present - trying to cover as much of the diversity of Music City's music  as I can.  Last week, I was off work - so today marks the 2nd edition of Music City Monday 2.0.  In case you want to peruse the playlist at your leisure, it is currently at 740 songs (over 44 hours of music), and it is still growing.  Anyway, here is the LINK.

I need to add an editorial comment:  I honestly wish that Spotify paid creators more for their work, and I hope that happens some time. In the meantime, I do think it is a good vehicle for hearing a ton of music and for creating playlist like this one.  However, my wish is that if you hear music you love, and you are able, go buy it.  Saving or even "downloading" an album on Spotify does not in any way equal buying the album. I think when you look at the profits that Spotify is making off the blood sweat and tears of the artists and songwriters and others who make the music, it is clearly an untenable situation.

As always, E2TG is about the music, so this shuffle like any other I post is about the music.

In any event, I think today's shuffle is a pretty nice cross-section of Nashville's music, and I look forward to bring you more in the weeks and months to come. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Feedback Downerzzz Mix

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Well, we've reached the end of another work week and another week of shuffles.  I haven't had a normal five day work week in almost a month, and I am going to be taking some time off at the end of January, first part of February - more on that later....

I've been thinking about E2TG quite a bit. It has been a part of my life for going on seven years. In the beginning, I stated a philosophy and even though much has changed in those seven years, I still try to stick as close to that philosophy.  I recognized early one that I could never "compete" with some of major music sites in terms of covering all the "hot" or "hip" or whatever music. So, I set my sights on featuring music you may not be reading about in those brand x blogs. What that has meant has changed somewhat but not entirely. In recent months, I have had the opportunity to feature some artists that would have never thought possible before.

What thrills me more than anything is the diversity of music that I am able to feature and write about. For me, that is more than a philosophy or modus operandi, it is an imperative. Since I first got interested in music, I have had an almost insatiable appetite for more and different music - always aware of the sometimes obscure thread that runs through it all.

With that being said (whatever it was I said), I have a wonderful and diverse set of songs that came up randomly in my shuffle of my new music playlist. Yesterday - there were only six songs in the shuffle - today, we have twelve.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Fair Trade Mix

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Once again, Jon Latham proves that rock n roll is alive and well.  His powerhouse set at the CD release show for Lifers included special guests Lilly Hiatt, Darrin Bradbury, and Josh Morris. A Fugazi cover embedded in "Kimberly Met Billy", and a cover of "Greetings from Nashville" (a Jason and the Scorchers gem written by the late Tim Krekel. The latter was special to me as a link from my Nashville music fan past to present (and because it rocked). Latham's band: Andrew Leahey and Sean Quinn (guitars), Cory Nichols (bass), and Raun Schultz (drums) have developed into one of the tightest and best bands in town - which in this town is saying a mouthful.

Josh Morris (who has co-produced both of Latham's albums) opened with a set from his band The Greenfields followed by Sean Quinn and the Tremblers.  Both those bands play very different versions of what I think of as power pop. Catchy tunes with depth and substance.

Those who braved the frigid temps were treated to a wonderful night of music.

Okay - time to dive into the recently expanded New Music playlist with our Trending Thursday Shuffle. There were a couple of longer songs so just six tracks in the shuffle today.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Had to Start Somewhere Mix

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A cold commute this morning. It think it was around ten degrees with windchill below zero. Music did it's best to keep me warm.  Yesterday, I took advantage of my time off and added over 100 songs to my phone including a bunch of new music.  The New Music playlist is up to about 450 songs now.

But, today is Wednesday, and on Wednesday - we get "wild" by shuffling up all the songs in my phone memory and seeing what comes up.  Here is what came up today:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Big Drum, Small Axe Mix

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Well, yesterday was a holiday.  I was going to try to post something, but I ended up spending a large portion of my day at the eye doctor.  Then, I went into work today (and listened to the shuffle below while traversing the snowy roads of Nashville with people who do and do not know how to drive in snowy conditions.  Then, around eleven, pretty much everyone decided to go home, so I slipped and slid down the hill to my car and made my way home where I am writing this post.

Anyway, it's extremely cold, and I am sipping on a hot beverage.

I have to give a huge shout out to everyone who made it out Saturday for my birthday bash.  Special thanks to those who bought me beer and to those who unexpectedly brought me presents, and extra special thanks to Conrad y Skordalia, Danny Henry, and Nelson, Zimmerman, and Quinn for providing great music.

Onward and upward - as they say...  By the way, several songs in this shuffle are brand new and/or not yet released, so I could not find the videos for the exact song in some cases. I have tried to post a video to represent each song, and where possible, I have provided link or embeds for the song featured. In a couple of cases, you will have to wait until release to hear some of the songs.  In any case, let's go!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Rise Above Mix

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So, it's Thursday.  In the past, I have done a Throwback Thursday shuffle (songs at least 10 years old or maybe it was twenty).  Later, I came up with Topical Thursday - where I created a special playlist of songs that closely (or loosely) fit into a special theme or topic. 

At the end of 2017, I preempted Topical Thursday - to add one more day of "new music" to deal with the backlog of songs in my "New Music" playlist.

And I have decided to make that change permanent (or at least for the foreseeable future) to reflect the large volume of new music that is coming my way,  For want of a more clever term, I'm calling it Trending Thursday (to follow Trending Tuesday).

As I stated on Tuesday, I started the year with over 400 songs in my new music playlist - which included a ton of brand new music plus some holdovers from 2017. 

Let's shuffle: