Friday, February 17, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Daggers Mix

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"I know politics bore you, but I feel like a hypocrite talking to you and your racist friend." - TMBG

I'll try to keep this brief... (try being the operative word).  To my mind, there are two different battles being fought right now.

1. A (mainly) partisan battle over policies which many of us feel are bad policies.  Policies that target the most vulnerable of our citizens, that threaten our environment, and that diminish public safety of all Americans. These are battles that we would be fighting regardless of who was in the White House.

2. The second battle is, I believe, a fight against an unstable man who heads up the Executive Branch of government and who is surrounded by white nationalists and bigots of every shape and size. It is a battle over the increasingly likely possibility that Russia successful influenced the results of the presidential election in the US, and that the current administration was an active participant in that process, and that decisions are being made by the current administration which give the appearance of being influenced that interference.

These two battles are both important. And, it is easy to get distracted by one and forget about the other. It is also possible that one is being used as a distraction to provide cover for the other.

These are, I believe, trying times. And, even beyond this current administration, there are deeply disturbing trends (some of which I alluded to yesterday). We are nation divided not only by principles and values and beliefs, but also, by our perception of the world around us.

Today, I don't have any answers.  To those on the front lines of these battles - #Persist #Resist!


Last night, I recorded next weeks Double Shot show and then made the decision to go out to Springwater to see Earie winners Brian Milligram and Jon Worthy perform, and to see Jeremiah Tall - who I had written about some time ago, and to see a band I was not familiar with Cullen Wade and the Waters.  I'm glad I went out.  Jeremiah Tall - who performs as a one-man band with a suitcase for a kick drum - was excellent.   Brian Milligram - performing live for the first time in a few months (and playing as a three piece) was as good as I remember - throwing a Woody Guthrie song and an anarchist punk cover into his set - which included some of my favorites from Dead Letters.  I am now a fan of Cullen Wade and The Waters - two of whose members are from Louisiana. They are on my radar and I can't wait to hear more.  Jon Worthy went on last, and there were not many of us left when we played - which is a shame, but it happens. I loved hearing him play some of my favorite songs of the two albums we have featured on E2TG.

SHOW ALERT: Tomorrow night is a E2TG recommended show at The Country (located one block over from Springwater).  Sean Quinn and the Tremblers (whose new album we reviewed yesterday), Earie Award winner Josh Morris, and 2015 Artist of the Year (and 2016 Earie Winner) Jon Latham. This should be a wonderful show.

Let's jump into the shuffle - Featured Friday style!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Theme Thursday Morning Shuffle - Just a Shot Away Mix

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Okay - today I am mostly going to let my shuffle speak for itself... but I was thinking last night about something I wrote yesterday and something I've heard repeated,,, for many of us, as we observe what is happening in the world - in Washington. As we are horrified and angry and yes at times amused (Bowling Green Massacre), we are left to the great mystery - why are there still people supporting this administration.  Or more importantly, why/how are there people who actually think it is going well. The conclusion I came to is two-fold. First of all, they are seeing the world through a filter that makes things look very different than what I am seeing. Am I also looking at the world through a filter? Sure, I imagine we are to a certain extent. But, in most cases, that filter has limits.  In most cases, it is possible to find some common ground of agreement - but in recent times - and this did not start by any means with the election of the current President - that ability to find any common ground has seemed elusive. So, whereas I  may view a speech or a talk show appearance or a tweet - as dangerous or delusional or dishonest, someone viewing through a different filter - may see it as brave or refreshing or brutally honest.

The second thing is the proliferation of extremist propaganda outlets disguised as news sources. There is a meme going around that attempts to provide guidance in this area, and although some may argue with the placement of certain outlets on that chart, the basic premise is pretty hard to dismiss. Add to that the logarithms employed by sites like Facebook but make it less likely that you will see posts that go against your worldview. To my friends on the left (and this is to me as well), maybe - just maybe - I should read some of those far right sites - just to understand what kinds of information is being fed to those friends of ours who still support this President. Not to forgive or excuse or justify - just to try to gain some understanding...

Then, we need to find away to fight back against extremist of all kinds and shapes and the powers that shape and control those extremists...

Moving on... Had a blast at the first ever WXNA night at Kay Bob's Grill and Ale last night.  They are doing this every third Wednesday. From 5-11pm a percentage of sales goes to WXNA!

ICYMI - My review of the new album from Sean Quinn and the Tremblers was posted this morning. You can read it HERE.

Now for Theme Thursday,.... usual disclaimers apply - just songs that loosely fit a predetermined theme (unexplained). Some times - the connection is just a title that makes me think of something that fits the theme.  Also, I do not mean to ascribe any motives political or otherwise to any of the artists/songs

Let's Go!

E2TG Reviews: Never Meant to Last - Sean Quinn and The Tremblers

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“Summer loving is so typical, for the first time it feels like it’s reciprocal. I saw you dancing on the side of the stage, trying so hard not to act your age.” 

So, begins “Later Days” which, after a short, sultry instrumental "Prologue", kicks off Never Meant to Last - the debut album by Sean Quinn and The Tremblers. This is pure, kick ass, sweet, ballsy pop music. Bringing to mind music from several decades before, but refreshingly original and catchy as hell.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - True Believers Mix

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“Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned,” said Stephen Miller, Mr Donald Trump’s senior policy director.

The above comments should be a cause for alarm to any rational thinking American citizen regardless of political affiliation. This is totalitarianism at work - and in the context of the information coming about Russia and the elections, it should be the impetus to speed up the process of impeachment (which seems at this point to be inevitable).  This kind of mentality which seems to inhabit the current administration runs counter to the guiding principles of this nation. 

On a more personal level, we are already seeing proposed changes which will cause great harm to millions of American's with disabilities. The disabled were among the many groups targeted by the Nazi party in Germany.  This is not a coincidence. 

Enough - for now.  

I attended the 9th Annual Love is Deaf show at Douglas Corner. It was my first to attend.  To me this was a quintessential Nashville event.  Couple perform a song - in many cases 1 partner is a non-musician and the other is a professional.  The performers and the audience contained some pretty incredible names. The performances ranged from funny, to touching, to gorgeous. I definitely intend to make this a valentine's day tradition. My Double Shot partner Sue Havlish made me proud - backed my Mark Robinson on bongos. Among the performers was Tommy Tutone of "867-5309" fame - who is a long time Nashville resident.  Also, Don Henry, Bobby Braddock's daughter, John Reed and Heather Lose, and many more... 

It is Wednesday and we have our usual "Wild Wednesday" shuffle which comes from a shuffle of all of the songs on my device. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Love Bump Mix

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My question for today...  If there is any possibility (not to mention what now seems a probability) that American interests have been compromised by illicit contact with the Russian government, should not any American (regardless of ideological leanings) be interested in knowing the truth?  Asking for a friend...


Well, the cat is almost/partially out of the bag....  In celebration of and as a thanks to everyone, E2TG will be hosting the early show every Wednesday in May!  I will have a different co-host each week - I am finalizing the lineup and crossing i's and dotting t's, but I am super excited about these 5 shows.  Expect to hear much more soon!

It is Tuesday and we have some trending music to get you through these early week blues... (NOTE: Some days, I can find every single song in the shuffle on You Tube - some days, not so much.  I think I found three of the actual songs and in one case, I could not find any videos at all for the artist.... plus the embed is still not working.. I mean - WTF?  Ah well, enjoy!  Great music!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Here to Love You Mix

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Look - I HATE talking about politics but as I have repeatedly said, to me the current administration has transcended politics.  The incompetence, corruption, deceptions, and overt xenophobia and several other isms and phobias should be something that most Americans can agree upon. As left and right, Democrat and Republican, Progressive and Conservative - we can and should debate things like economic policies, immigration policies, foreign policy... and though we may fundamentally disagree of these issues - we should be able to stand united toward some basic principles of ethics, decorum, legality, and national security.  And please do not misunderstand - part of the (largely peaceful) protests are about disagreements over policy (and yes the right and importance of those protests should be one of those basic principles on which we should all agree), the more troubling facts are the repeated and unapologetic lapses in those basic principles. I am talking about making up terrorist attacks, verbally attacking members of the judiciary, using the office and position of the Presidency for personal gain, collaborating with foreign powers to undermine the electoral system etc.

Oh yeah, and the last time I checked, there is still a white supremacist with unchecked powers in the top rungs of the Executive Branch.

So yeah, I HATE talking about politics. This is not politics. #Resist #Persist


Time is moving along!  It is Monday February 13!  First off, I have a major announcement coming soon about E2TG and our 6th Anniversary will is coming up in May.  Stay tuned!

Monday - we always (for the past several months at least) feature great music connected to Nashville, Tennessee - aka Music City USA).

Let's jump in and see what comes up!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Sh*t Just Got Real Mix

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#Resist #Persist

Got to catch a solo set by Jon Latham last night followed by hanging with some friends and watching Aaron Lee Tasjan make his television debut on Conan.  It was great to see Brian Wright get some camera time.

It is Friday.  We have some "featured" selections shuffled from the "New Music" playlist...