Friday, December 15, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Didn't Seem to Mind Mix

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Well, I guess you could say we are in the home stretch of the 2017 Earie Award and actually for 2017 for E2TG overall.  In so many ways, 2017 has been a very difficult year for myself and many others. I guess when I look back, I am trying to focus on the good moments, the new friendships, the accomplishments (my own and others), and hope despite the fear.

Anyway, after today, we have five more shuffles and five more days of Earies. The Golden Earies (Artist(s) and/or Band(s) of the Year) will be posted between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Let's jump to it!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Colorful Recipes Mix

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Well, I'm back after being a little under the weather yesterday.

Happy Birthday to the 2014 E2TG Artist of the Year, and the most tagged artist in E2TG history - Darrin Bradbury!

Only 7 more shuffles and 7 more days of the 2017 Earies.  After next Friday, I will be out for the rest of the year, but you can expect the Golden Earie Awards to drop during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Meanwhile, we have another batch of Earie awards that are burning a hole in my pocket (small award or big pocket?).   As always, no nominees - my categories are arbitrary and sometimes silly but the awards are heartfelt.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Five More Minutes Mix

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Well, I'm running a bit late today, and for some reason, I am really tired. So, I'm going to power through this shuffle.  I created a special playlist of artists I wanted to highlight for the end of the year for my "Earie Awards".  Step right up!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mondo Monday Morning Shuffle - Was It An Accident? Mix

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Well, it's time for week two of the 2017 Earie Awards.  I handed out about 25 awards in week 1.  Two weeks to go.  If all goes as planned that we have 10 more shuffles in 2017 and then I will be taking some time off work.  Expect the Golden Earies to post during that break period.

First up a very special "Earie" award to Mary Sack for her tireless work all year round to promote great music, and especially for her dedication to the annual Get Behind The Mule: Tribute to Tom Waits and Benefit for Second Harvest Food bank which happened this past Saturday at The 5 Spot. Judging by the crowd and the talent (musical and visual artists), it was a huge success.  I'm proud to present Mary with the "Force of Nature"award!

Onto the shuffle:

Friday, December 8, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Friends Everywhere Mix

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January 14, 2018 8:00p.m.  The Country (soon to be called The Local) 110 28th Ave N
Nashville, Tennessee 37203  - It'll be my birthday, and we'll have a triple threat of talent with Conrad y Skordalia, Danny Henry, and Sean Quinn and the Tremblers.

Speaking of E2TG Presents shows... keeping a tradition alive since last year, I have a very special Earie award to the bands/artists who played my residency in May:  Mark Robinson Band, Kristen Englenz, Nick Nace, Darrin Bradbury, Matt Benjamin, Sean Quinn and the Tremblers, Sergio Webb, David Olney, Cafe Rooster Records (Sally Jaye, Jon Latham, Darrin Bradbury, Brian Wright and their special guest Rorey Carroll), FuzzQueen, and Amelia White. Also Earies to The 5 Spot for having me and for Eric for running the sound. And to everyone who came out to one or more of the shows.  The "E2TG Live" award goes to all you and anyone I left out.

Time to start making plans for May 2018... who would you like to see play the E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency?

Congratulations to Rayvon Pettis on the release of Dying Light and for an awesome CD release show. Rayvon backed by The Big Dumb were wonderful.  Rocky Bottom was great, and Darrin Bradbury - played a bunch of new songs that were top notch.

Tomorrow night is the 12th Annual Get Behind the Mule: Tom Waits tribute and benefit for Second Harvest Food Bank.   If you aren't there, head to The Country - early it's Kristen Englenz, Drew Kohl, and Cntry and late it's Zach Schmidt with Haley Thompson King.   If only I could be two places at once.

On to the shuffle:

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Stuff Dreams are Made Of Mix

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Last night, I got a good and much needed dose of rock and roll- checking out Snakehips and Smoky White Devils at The 5 Spot.

Tonight is the long awaited CD release show for Rayvon Pettis' Dying Light album.  I am pretty sure I wrote about this album last year, and I got to hear a preview several months back.  I am so excited for people to hear this album.

So, I have one Earie to give out before we get to the shuffle. Over the course of this year,  I have found myself reading about what my friends are up to and saying, "Man, they are killing it!" And yes this happens a lot with musical performers but as often it has been people in other fields (closely or loosely or completely connected to music) (music is kind of a big part of my life).  So, I have several winners of the "Killing It"* award.  This is not an exhaustive list, but all of these folks are infinitely deserving.

1. Hayden Coleman (and not just because I accidentally tagged him in yesterday's post) - I have featured Hayden's own music several times in the past. He is a hip-hop producer and a rapper - who has been immersed in that world for much of his life. In 2017, Coleman has been busy as a producer, co-writer, and guest performer.   Most notably (perhaps) on Morgan Bosman's cool track "Runaway". Check out the video where Hayden can be seen running...

2.  Lindsy Davis - I met Lindsy - as I did so many people - through Darrin Bradbury.  You may recall she drew the cover image for Bradbury's The Story of Bob" album.  You member the devilishly handsome man on the cover. That, though, is just the tip of her talents. She is an extraordinary visual artist, this year she ventured into tattoo artistry. For me, she is inspiring in the way she has carved out a niche for herself in this town and continues to chip away and grow that niche.

3. Stacie Huckeba - To be honest, Stacie used to kind of scare me, but that was probably more about me than her. I know that Stacie has had a difficult year, but through that, she has managed to continue to kick ass as a photographer, writer, advocate, and just generally all around awesome person. She is up for East Nashvillian of the Year - which I think she richly deserves, but I don't get to vote on that one (as far as I know), but I get all the votes on the Earies.

4. Chad Cochran - I had been aware of Chad's photography - mostly his art photography of incredible landscapes - for a couple of years. I think I followed him on Instagram before I ever met him.  He still produces some of the most visually stunning landscape photographs I have ever seen, but in 2017 (and before) he has been killing it with his photos of musical performers - both on and off stage.

All of these folks motivate me to do more, and I am happy to know them.

*I know some people hate the phrase "killing it" (and to be honest, my use is somewhat ironic but I mean it with the utmost respect and admiration)

Okay - on we  go to the shuffle and perhaps a few more  Earies...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Mad As Hell Mix

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More Earie "Fun" facts/Info/FAQ (not that anyone has asked questions):

As determined, by me, last year, receiving an Earie during the month of December does not disqualify an artist or band from winning a "Golden Earier" (i.e. Artist or Band of the Year).

Also, I feel an impulse to "save" certain awards until later in the month - for dramatic effect or something, but given the fact that I do this all haphazardly and that I have a very distracted mind, I am choosing to just go ahead and award things as I think about them. (except for the aforementioned "Golden" Earies.

Now, to avoid being any more self-referential, I will move on and award some Earies:

The next category is the "Keep Nashville Cool and Interesting and Original and/or Funny and/or Wild and/or (fill in the blank with a word or phrase that means something good) -  Band" Award goes to... and we have a three way tie!

Microwave Mountain - I had been hearing about this band last year, and I finally got to see them in January during the Buck n Stuff Residency at the Legion. I was happy to jump on the bandwagon. Their debut album can now be streamed on Spotify - so go do that! 

Buck n Stuff - Speaking of... When you look at the credits of the band members - this COUNTRY MUSIC band is most definitely a "SUPERGROUP"  Drummer guy has been playing for the solo tour of one of the members of a legendary group from the American South which is named after an airplane (I think).  Bass Guy - can be found playing bass with tons of cool folks including  on a regular basis as part of the band for an iconic early weekend weekly event at a noted East Nashville venue with a number in it's name, and the Main Guy - is part of band named for a lyric of a song by a band that formed after the disillusion of another band that had an album that gave its name to a magazine.   They may have a live album coming soon that I may or may not have heard already.

The Big Dumb - Sometimes you pick a name quickly without thought and it sticks. That's what happened with Ear to the Ground. I was fortunate enough to witness the birth of The Big Dumb - kind of. I was at a show by a band called The Cult of Javi Jones when mid-set, they decided that they wanted a different name - and decided on The Big Dumb. I don't know if that name had been discussed before hand, but for the sake of the legend, I am going to assume it had not. I just recently got to see them again, and I was completely blown away. The Big Dumb are the backing band for Rayvon Pettis who is having his CD release show tomorrow night at Dee's, and that is a cool thing,  but if you get the chance, see these guys doing their own thing!

Next, the "Best Damn DJ Partner in the Whole World, Like, Ever" Award goes to... Sue Havlish! It was a close vote, but really no contest. Double Shot with Joe and Sue on WXNA has been the most incredible experience, and it is Sue who makes it so much fun to do. We are approaching our 80th show together, and we haven't yet run out of theme or stopped having a blast.  Thanks Sue!