Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Springlike Passing Fancy Mix

 So, what can I say, it's late January, and the high today is supposed to peak above 70 - followed, of course, by a night of storms and then cooler weather. Still and all, it's still mid-winter, and I'm still kind of suffering through some S.A.D.-like symptoms, but as always, we press on...  

Today's music shuffle is on tap - after the JUMP


1. Song: Baby Lee Artist: Teenage Fanclub Album: Shadows (2010)

Scottish alt-rock band.  Their 1991 album Bandwagonesque beat out Nevermind by Nirvana for album of the year in Spin Magazine.  Baby Lee is off 2010 Shadows which, to-date, is the latest album for Teenage Fanclub.

2. Perihelion 1 Artist: Andrew Osenga Album: Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut (2012)

  A perihelion refers to an orbit around the Sun.  Perihelion 1 is a brief instrumental on Osenga's 2012 concept album, Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut.
  a different song from the same album

3. Song: Long Long Long Artist: Rhett Miller  Album: The Dreamer (2012)

In our shuffle a live version recorded at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia... The Old 97s front man is in good spirits and sounds incredible in this Noisetrade version.

4.  Song: Seven Seas of Rhye  Artist: Queen Album:Queen II (1974)

The final song on Queen's second album. An earlier version was the final song on their debut.  This is early-period Queen at their absolute best.

5. Song: Cages  Artist: David Lowery  Album: non-album download from The Palace Guards sessions (2011)

A fun and silly song from the Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker front man. Supposedly co-written by a guy from my hometown. By the way, the Amazon widget above includes a different song from Palace Guards.
 (fan-made video)

6. Song: Water in Hell Artist: Broken Social Scene Album: Forgiveness Rock Record (2010) 

A nifty song from the Canadian Indie Rock collective from what is at present their latest album. 

7.  Song: Impossible Sky  Artist: Woods  Album: Bend Beyond (2012)

 I dig this song from this Brooklyn-based folksy band. 

8. Song: Living Like a Hobo  Artist: Marvin Etzioni and Buddy Miller Album: Marvin Country! (2012)

A rousing number from Etzioni's star-studded Double album. This one features Nashville-based living legend Buddy Miller.
 here is a Marvin County! related video of another song

9.  Song: Ready Teddy  Artist: Little Richard  Album: Here's Little Richard (1957)

A classic Rock n' Roll song written by Robert Blackwell and John Marascalco.  

10.  Song: Gillian  Artist: Ane Brun  Album: Changing of the Seasons (2008)

Great song from the Norwegian born singer-songwriter. Evocative and beautiful.

11. Song: One Small Step  Artist: Black Tar Pineapple  Album: Black Tar Pineapple (2012)

Nifty song from this side project of one our featured bands from last year - The Danbury Lie. Check it out (not on the Amazon widget, but the album is available on Spotify and (as linked below) Bandcamp.




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