Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Non-Shuffle - Toys Mix Pt. 2 of ?

This is part 2 of my multi-part (how many parts? I just can't say) review of Play With Your Toys the new album from Brookyln-based The End Men.  Before you proceed, you may want to catch up... Here's the link to Part I. When we left off, The End Men had taken us to dizzying heights of what two people recording in a flat in Brooklyn can accomplish musically - all the while warning us that it's a Long Way to the Ground.  As we rejoin the adventure, we find ourselves on the ground, and while it's true that "You have to hit rock bottom before you can build yourself up"; sometimes when you think you've hit rock bottom, there is no where to go but down... 

Track 4: Into the Mines begins with a lilting melody and a tale of... what? Prisoners, trapped miners? We aren't sure, but the sweet melody and Matthew Hendershot's gruffly pleasing voice lures of to following him down in spite of ourselves.  By the time we realize that our tour guide may be a bit deranged, it's much too late to turn back... and truth be told, we have no desire to turn back. 

Track 5: Play With You Toys Pt. I is a lovely instrumental with an old world flavor. One begins to see that Matthew and Livia's toys are whatever they can find that makes noise, and what glorious noise they make.  I have no idea what all Livia uses for her "drum kit" - I'd guess it is everything but the kitchen sink, and I wouldn't rule out that either.

Track 6: The Ballad of Billy Polk in the classic sense of the ballad tells the tale of young Billy Polk and a fateful decision.  It is perhaps a cautionary tale - I'll let you decide. Musically, it is a heavy rock/blues song. 

So, we are just over halfway through our the album. Tomorrow, is when the album drops. Head over to The End Men's Bandcamp site tomorrow and purchase your copy.  

Join us tomorrow for Part 3 of our review.... The next track is called It's All Wrong (spoiler alert: It is all right!.

btw, I missed posting this yesterday, but here is a version of the album's second song Run Away which was recorded for last year's Couch by Couchwest festival.

And if you haven't be sure to pick up Wrong Way Street, the first taste from the new album now....


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