Friday, January 8, 2016

Weapons of Minor Disruption - "The Shoreline Sessions" (An E2TG Review)

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The Shoreline Sessions is a new EP and mini movie from a new project called, Weapons of Minor Disruption that features the genius mind of Robert Loncto of The Danbury Lie.  The project, which releases on January 8, comes on the heels of the full-length DVD Whispers to Oblivion. That project set video of Loncto’s cross-country trip to the music of The Danbury Lie.  For The Shoreline Sessions, the films are more experimental and the music is all original.

The video opens with the simple image of an acoustic guitar player (Loncto) sitting at the base of a large tree trunk in a forest.  The music and video that follows is challenging and at times disorienting but ultimately rewarding.  The videos move from natural to manmade images with multiple visual effects employed effectively. The result is often trippy, but which taken as a whole with the music, makes a twisted kind of sense.

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The music itself echoes the musical themes of The Danbury Lie’s best work. Fusing folk and metal in ways that are both unexpected and (once experienced) seemingly inevitable.  The music is lovely in it’s own way, with repeated (sometimes menacing) phrases, odd tunings, and a vague but consistent theme running through the entire EP.  The EP was engineered and mixed by Cassidy Peterson. Robert Loncto had a particularly productive 2015 with several The Danbury Lie releases in addition to the DVD, and it appears that his cross country drive and experiences on the West Coast have sparked  a new level of creativity.  

Each song on the EP, is presented as it’s own mini-movie on the video. These individual videos, while in no way literal interpretations of the lyrics (if that were even possible), provide the perfect accompaniment. The video was shot in Redwood Forest, along the Oregon Coast, San Francisco, and other places along a drive from Seattle to San Francisco and back. The Shoreline Sessions video shorts are to be experienced not just watched, and they beg repeated viewing in order to gain the full effect of the experience.  

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