Thursday, June 30, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - No Profanity and No Dogs Mix

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There are times when the world gets me down... I try to generally stay positive about things, and I know that overall, I am definitely one of the fortunate ones. Sometimes, though, it all gets overwhelming - even the stuff I love, and I have an urge just to run away from everything - at least for a day or a week...  And then, something happens to flip everything around in my mind and my psyche. Over the last couple of days, I have become acutely aware of something: relative to nothing but my own experience and life, I have gotten to know a whole bunch of people. When I go out to hear music (which you may have gathered is something I do every now and again), I usually go by myself, but I rarely stay that way. And it is not just a bunch of people I know, but it is a bunch of people that I genuinely care about. Not only that, but I have been fortunate enough to get to know some amazingly talented people, and sometimes, I get to see a bunch of those amazingly talented people make music together (or at least on the same night).

Megan Palmer celebrated the release of her new album What She's Got to Give at The Basement East.   Darrin Bradbury opened the night with an inspired solo set that included the rarely performed classic, "Denim-Clad Acid-Wash Man"  ("His only regret, his Steve Miller tat") and the resurrected lost gem, "Van Rock" ("'Cause gas and rent are the same in a van").

Megan followed with a full-band set (she played the new album top to bottom) plus added the favorite "Richland Woman". The band was filled with East Nashville favorites including a pretty amazing group of background vocalists -  (Tim Easton, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Ariel Bui, Emma Berkey, Nellie Clay and more) - but the star of the show was Megan Palmer which was appropriate since many people know her from backing up all sorts of folks. The songs were amazing, and Megan played fiddle, guitar, and keyboards and sang beautifully.  Her cover of John Hartford's "In Tall Buildings" (which is on the new album) was so incredibly moving that several people remarked that it brought tears to their eyes.

The Allen Thompson Band closed the night.  I always love to see Allen Thompson sing, and the band sounded tight and loose at the same time. It was a great set to end a really incredible night that made me happy to be at the place in my life to be able to experience it.

By the way, Megan Palmer's new album is absolutely fantastic, and you really need to buy it.

So it is Throwback Thursday at E2TG... The #tbt playlist is actually the smallest of the five I have, and I guess that speaks to the amount of new music I regularly post. Still, it is fun to take a day to just take a spin through some amazing songs of years gone by.  There are some classic songs from some classic albums represented in this list.. so sit back and enjoy....

"Cat On a Wall" by Squeeze

Before "Cool for Cats" there was "Cat On a Wall"... I had actually not heard this Squeeze song before I downloaded a couple of weeks ago.  It is from the 1977 debut EP, and it shows off a punkier sound than is usually associated with Squeeze.  

"Days Gone By" by The Georgia Satellites

A deep cut from the classic, In the Land of Salvation and Sin album.  Our penultimate track to feature from that album. 

"Poolside" (live) by Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks

This is a live version of one of the first Webb Wilder and the Beatneck songs I ever heard. Webb Wilder's latest album Mississippi Moderne has received a punch of really positive reviews. I love it that so many artists I have admired for decades continue to push forward with new music. 

"Stars of Warburton" by Midnight Oil

A few interesting tidbits about this track: 1) it is from the album Blue Sky Mine 2) According to Facebook memories, I posted another song from this album six years ago today as part of a pre-blog morning music shuffle. 3) I hear that Midnight Oil will be touring again soon, and 4) I saw Midnight Oil bassist (and Nashville resident) Bones Hillman on Saturday night.  

"Galveston" by Glen Campbell

Next up is Glen Campbell's 1969 recording of the Jimmy Webb song that was originally recorded by Don Ho.  

"Why Must I Plead" by Richard Thompson

Another penultimate song - this one from the classic Rumor and Sigh album (although it makes me feel really old calling it a classic because I remember buying the album when it was new). 

"Private Life" by The Pretenders

Speaking of classics... we close out the shuffle with a deep cut from the 1980 - self-titled debut studio album by The Pretenders. A nifty ending to a cool mix of music.  


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