Thursday, June 9, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - The Fruit of Another MixA

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Hello Thursday!

Had a good time last night out at the first ever Garden Party Concert in Hermitage. They got off to a great start by having the amazing Ashleigh Flynn play. The weather was idyllic, the food was excellent, and the music was outstanding.  Seriously, Ashleigh Flynn who is from Portland, Oregon -by way of Kentucky - is a great songwriter and storyteller. It was nice to hear her do Todd Snider's "Play a Train Song" without some guy jumping on stage and singing like happened the last time I saw her at The 5 Spot.

For those of you not in Nashville, you may not know it, but this is CMA Festival Week which means a few of things...

1.  It is also Bonnaroo week
2.  The temperatures about to get ungodly hot
3.  Traffic in downtown Nashville is about to hit critical mass

In light of #3, rather than trying to get out of downtown and go home after work, I will be heading across the river for some counter-programming.  The guy who Rolling Stone named one of the Ten New Country Artists You Need to Know in May 2016 and who loyal E2TG readers have known about since at least late 2013, Darrin Bradbury, will be joining Don Gallardo ("country-rock with brains, charm and experimental impulses that are perfectly integrated into a familiar context." Nashville Scene) for Week 2 of Gallardo's residency at The 5 Spot.

Well, it is Thursday when I (and the rest of the internet) throw things back to a far more earlier time. Today's shuffle is typically unpredictable and wildly diverse.  Maybe my unpredictability is getting predictable?   The shuffle just might include at least one song that you will hear in about 48 hours on the debut Double Shot with Joe and Sue on WXNA-LP Nashville. Check out the shuffle below and then tune in Saturday and see if you can figure out to which song I am referring....

"My Life Is Starting Over Again" by Daniel Johnston

The legendary cult/lo-fi/outsider artist Daniel Johnston is first up with a song that kicked off his 1991 album Artistic Vice. 

"Annie Get Your Gun" by Squeeze

To my mind, when it comes to well-crafted/near perfect songs, it does not get any better than Squeeze.  There songs just make me feel good. This was a 1982 single which did not appear on an album other than the influential compilation, Singles 45s and Under.  "Don't Pull That Trigger".

"Too Rock For Country, Too Country for Rock and Roll" by Lonnie Mack

With all due respect to former hair metal dudes and dudes with "Rock" in their name, when it comes to being too rock for county, Lonnie Mack is the real deal.  From the 1988 album, Roadhouses and Dance Halls.  

"Thing for You" by Alex Chilton

From 1987 and third solo album, High Priest.  The high priest of power pop himself - the late great Alex Chilton. 

"Warfare" by Minutemen (1981)

From the debit full-length album, The Punch Line. (1981)

"Have A Little Faith In Me" by John Hiatt

From his 1987 eigth studio album, Nashville musical icon, John Hiatt. 

"Perfect Pairs" by fIREHOSE

Another from their 1986 debut, Ragin' Full On. 

"Aw Heck" by John Prine

 A live version of a song that was on John Prine's 1978 Album Bruised Orange. 

"Wouloukoro" by Bembeya Jazz National

When you are about to spin a 1970s Guinean Afrojazz song and you have to ask yourself if you've already featured this song, you are doing something right. (I had not, I previously played a different song by this band.  

"Tempted" by Squeeze

Squeeze plus Paul Carrack equals perfection.  East Side Story - 1981.

"Take Up They Stethoscope and Walk" by Pink Floyd

The first Roger Waters' song and the only song on The Piper at the Gates of Dawn that the late Syd Barrett did not have a hand in writing.  1967 was the year.


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