Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Things Come to Me At Night Mix

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Greetings and salutations...   It is Tuesday!

Tonight a couple of events worth noting (among many cool things happening I am sure).

1.  East Side Storytellin' is a great series that pairs a songwriter with a poet/writer. It is held at the Post East and starts at 7:00. Tonight is their 85th edition and features writer Joshua Moore and reigning E2TG Artist of the Year Jon Latham.

2. A stellar local lineup at The Basement East beginning at 9:00.  Carl Anderson, Peyton Parker, Adrian+Meredith, and 2014 E2TG Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury fresh off his star turn on Music City Roots.   That's right, two E2TG Artists of the Year in one night.

On Tuesday, we post songs from our Trending Tuesday playlist which includes new music, songs we have decided to feature, and assorted other goodies.  Dig in!

"20th Century Boy" by Waco Brothers

Nothing like kicking off your Tuesday morning with Waco Brothers covering T-Rex!

"Morning Blues" by Parker Millsap

From his latest album The Very Last Day - Parker Millsap is another amazing product of Oklahoma.  Pretty nice song for my sleepy drive to work...  

"I Wonder" by The Defeated County

Another excellent song by St. Louis band, The Defeated County.  The album is called Bar Tabs and Baby Names.  Such a gorgeous song with such important and complex lyrics.  I have been really digging this record. 

"I Got It All" by David G. Smith

David G. Smith sings with such ease and has such a silky smooth voice, and this song is filled with such beautiful imagery that when the words finally hit me they packed a powerful punch.  David G. Smith has a song out right now called, "In the Silence" - it was released yesterday and until the end of the month 100% of proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association.  More info on his website

"Elegy" by Leland Sundries

Brooklyn band Leland Sundries have a new album called Music for Outcasts.  Nashville readers, look for some appearances around town at the end of June - including June 29 at The Family Wash with Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen. This song is not on the new album, but it is a good one. 

"Strange World" by Space

Space are a Liverpool based band. This was a single released in November 2015. They are preparing to release a new album.  

"Raising Hell" by Lindsay Ellyn

Our very last song to feature from Lindsay Ellyn's Out of Road EP.  This is a cautionary tale.... :-)

"If Only" by Ships Have Sailed

Ships Have Sailed are from L.A.  This song is on an album called Moodswings.  I like it a bunch.  

"all your CDs" by The All-About

Another track from Be Safe Goodbye bye this band out of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen collective. Pretty nifty indie pop music. I dig. 

"Patterns" by The Gypsy West

And we close with another track from the latest album (Modern Atlas) by long time E2TG favorites The Gypsy West.   What I love about this band is their ability to blend many very recognizable influences in a way that is stunningly original.  I think I hear some Beatlesque harmonies in this track.   


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