Thursday, July 14, 2016

Throwback to Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - It Was Real at the Time Mix

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It was great to see the East Nashville music community coming together to support one of their own last night.  Rod Picott turned week two of his July residency at The 5 Spot into a benefit for Megan Palmer who is recovering from surgery following a diagnosis of breast cancer.  In addition to medical bills, she recently released an amazing new album and is unable to tour in support of it.  The show was live streamed on Concert Window.  If you were not able to attend or watch, you can still help.  Visit the GoFundMe page and give what you are able.

As for the music, it was - as could be expected - nothing short of spectacular.  Picott opened with his awesome band for a few songs.  Then, he did a round with Wild Ponies and Amy Speace.  After that, Tim Easton, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Allen Thompson did a round.  Amazing music all around.

Highlights (among many) - Aaron Lee Tasjan's "East Nashville Song About a Train" complete with train whistles provided by Rod Picott and Stacie Huckeba (one of the organizers of the event) and new East Nashvillian, Steve Poltz who absolutely killed it with his song, "Folksinger".

In other news, it is release day for the long awaited new album by long-time E2TG faves, Valued Customer of Toronto. The album is called Hugecup, and I have heard it and it is easily added high on my list of favorites for 2016. More to come from me about this album soon. Valued Customer are playing a release show in Toronto - if you are reading this and happen to be in that city - here are the details.

It is Thursday and we throw it back like usual - just not as far as usual.  We throw it back to Monday and shuffle up the Music City Monday playlist...

"C'mon Believer" by Hugh Mitchell

First up, an as yet unreleased song from Hugh Mitchell.  He is one of  my favorite songwriters. I had to make several video substitutions today - for this track, I picked a live video from The Basement in January of 2015.

"Talkin Nashville Co-Write Blues" by Brian Wright

A "talkin' blues" song about co-writing songs in Nashville. In 2016, it reinforces some of the same ideas in the 1966 Homer and Jethro song I played last weekend on Double Shot with Joe and Sue on WXNA.   I had to substitute a very old live video here... but if you want to hear this song - we got you covered. 

"Sophia" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

The second of three Brian Wright songs in today's shuffle.  This is from the album Bluebird.  This song is represented in the video playlist. 

"Jesus Was  a Capricorn (Owed to John Prine)" by Kris Kristofferson

The title track from Kristofferson's 1972 album.  Sad to say that this song is still  relevant 44 years later. 

"The Wildness" (live) by Joey Kneiser and Kelly Smith

A live version of the title track of the latest album by Joey Kneiser.  This is from a live album called Live from Standard Deluxe, and it features Kneiser's long-time band mate and collaborator, Kelly Smith. 

"Anesthesia" by Jon Latham

One of Jon Latham's most popular songs - it received some good airplay on Nashville radio station Lightning 100.  The song features gang vocals of a bunch of people I know and some that I don't.  I got to have a sneak listen to some early-stage tracks from Latham's follow-up to Real Bad News, and I can tell you - it's going to be a doozy.  

"The Best We'll Ever Have" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

And we close it out with song number 3 today by Brian Wright - this from the album Dog Ears. Again, I had to substitute the video - and picked a live clip of one of my favorite Brian Wright songs - the video is from this year's SXSW festival/conference.


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