Monday, August 15, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Choo Choo Mix

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Another work week is upon us.  Monday.

A few interesting events coming up (off the top of my head):  Scott Miller (The V-Roys, etc.) will be making a rare early show appearance in Nashville Wednesday at The 5 Spot.  6:00pm.  Later that night, an all-star cast will be recreating Ryan Adams sixth studio album, Cold Roses - that show is at The Basement East.

Thursday night: Sergio Webb and Nathan Bell will be at The Family Wash at 8:30pm.

There are tons of other great things happening around Nashville every night this week and pretty much every week.  The ones I mentioned just came to my mind.

We call it Music City Monday - because we shuffle up songs from our locally oriented playlist... songs connected to Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City USA.

Here is today's shuffle:

"Love in the Air" by Well Worn Soles

A delightfully witty song from Country/folk - this band is from Florida by way of Texas, but have enough Nashville connections to earn them a spot in this playlist. Great album.

"Goodbye Iris" by Joey Kneiser

From the 2012 album Moonlight For the Graveyard Heart. Through whatever circumstances, I missed out on Glossary, but I am glad I have had the opportunity to dig in and catch up on some of Joey Kneiser's solo work.  His latest album, The Wildness is one of the best of the last couple of years. 

"Madonna's From Amerika" by Aaron Lee Tasjan

ALT just released the first single and began taking preorders for his new album Silver Tears. The new single, "Little Movies" (and accompanying video) is amazing even by the expectations I have for Aaron Lee's music. The album promises to be one of the best of this year.  This song is a hold out from his EP Telling Stories to the Wall which came out in May of last year. The song, if I am not mistaken, goes back to his old NYC band The Madison Square Gardeners. 

"Just Tonight" by Brian Milligram

Next up, we have a track from Brian Milligram's album Dead Letters. Brian is a fairly recent Nashville transplant. I really dig is punkishly spirited folk music.  It's not punk rock music played on acoustic guitar so much as it is folk music played with the attitude and psychic energy of punk. Cools stuff. 

"Choo Choo" by Luella

Next up - another from local favorite, Luella.  Locals can see her along with her fella Tim Carroll several times during the week, and she recently made an appearance on Music City Roots.  Tim Carroll will be on that program this week.  It streams live from the Factory in Franklin and is broadcast on several stations. They also have a wonderful archive of excellently produced video of past shows.  Luella has one of the most unique voices around, and it has been fun to watch her develop this new phase of her career over the last couple of years. 

"Ridin' With O'Hanlon" by RB Morris

Luella's resume includes singing with RB Morris, who was recently named the Poet Laureate of Knoxville, Tennessee. His important contributions to the Nashville music scene (especially the revival of Lower Broadway) earns him a spot in this Music City playlist.  This is one of my favorite songs of his (among many), and it is from his 1997 album called Take That Ride.  Look for RB Morris and David Olney - joining Mark Robinson on September 22 (during AMA week) at The 5 Spot for a night of music that promises to stand out among a jam packed week of incredible music. 

"Good Reason" by Paul Zografi

And we close things out with a really cool track from Paul Zografi's 2014 album Bright.  It seems like it  has been awhile since we had Zografi in the shuffle, but we still have two more songs to feature from The Bright album. 


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