Monday, August 1, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Ghost of Dylan Thomas Mix

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Well, I can't really say that it is good to be back from my week-long vacation, but it is good to be back to blogging.  I hope followers of my Facebook Page enjoyed the throwback posts throughout the week. we are in August.  Time... thinking about how fast it seems to go got me to thinking about the Stephen King short story.  And somehow, I just found out that this exists!

Anyway, it is Monday - when I shuffle songs connected to the Music City...

"Back on You" by Brandy Zdan

We jump back into things with a cool song from Nashville singer-songwriter Brandy Zdan and a song I got a while back off of a Noisetrade sampler. 

"Cradle of Rest" by Well Worn Soles

Next up, another really sweet song from the Well Worn Soles album Country/folk. Well Worn Soles are based in Florida, but they have a Nashville connection. 

"An Ode to Todd (And This Time)" by Bashful Hips

Our final track from the outstanding Bashful Hips album, After I Died, I've Never Felt So Alive happens to the final, instrumental track om the album.  Bashful Hips is going on tour with Spoken Nerd in September. Watch for them in a city near you. 

"Your Brother the Poet" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

Brian Wright just released a surprise album called (appropriately enough) The SneakUps.  We will be shuffling songs from that album soon... in the meantime, here is another excellent track (and the source of our subtitle today) from Bluebird with his old band, The Waco Tragedies. 

"Return of the Chainsaw Dance" by Crazy Aces

A very brief track from our favorite Nashville instrumental rock band. 

"How to Forget" by Jason Isbell

Next up, a lovely song from the latest album by Jason Isbell - Something More Than Free. 

"Gasoline and Matches" by Buddy Miller and Julie Miller

A classic track from Buddy and Julie Miller which you may have heard on the debut show of Double Shot with Joe and Sue. 

"On and Off the Wagon" by Tommy Womack

Tommy Womack has a new album out called Namaste, but today we have a favorite from his his 2012 album Now What!  The album cover features Womack wearing a Keith Richards for President t-shirt given to him by Michael Latham, the father of E2TG Artist of the Year Jon Latham.  The video (found in the playlist below) is a live performance from Grimey's New and Preloved Music shot by my friend and fellow music blogger Too Much County and featuring Lisa Oliver-Gray, Daniel Seymour, Justin Amaral, and Mark Robinson.

"Hello Cruel World" by Gretchen Peters

We close things out with the title track of Gretchen Peters' 2012 album.  I used a portion of this song as my default ringtone.  


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