Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Buy Her Coffee Mix

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Wow, we've reached the last day of August.  We are approaching Labor Day weekend in the USA. Here in Nashville, the live music possibilities for the coming days is mind-blowing and overwhelming. Bottom line, get out and see some live music.  For tonight, my eye is on The 5 Spot for the Grand Finale of David Olney's 4 out of 5 Wednesday Residency.  Recommended if you want to hear one of the best songwriters this town (known for songwriters) has ever seen. A man praised by his peers who have included Townes Van Zandt, Rodney Crowell, and more.  Also, recommended if you want to hear top rated musicians and the occasional burst of dramatic poetry.

After David Olney, I will be sticking around for a late show line-up that includes Jon Latham, Don Gallardo, and Stuffy Shmitt.  Birmingham's The Burning Peppermints open the night.

And the great music continues throughout the rest of the week and weekend.

Now, it is Wednesday.  After slogging through the first two days of the work week, we reach mid-week and feel the need to get "Wild"!

"Breathe Easy" by Gabrielle Louise

The randomizer seems to be as in love with Gabrielle Louise's new album, If the Static Clears.  This happens to be the opening track from that forthcoming album.  Highest recommendations. 

"Buy Her Coffee" by Batkhi Dahn

From the now classic Plays 15 album (I have a signed CD- my plan is to auction it off and retire on the proceeds).  Batkhi Dahn founder Hayden Nork doesn't have to play 15 anymore, because he is 15. See what I did there?  "She got tan legs, and a dress that looks like hell."
"The Price I Pay" by Laurence Jones

Excited to have this added to my playlist. Laurence Jones is red hot, young British guitar player. On his latest album, Take Me High, he teams up with legendary producer Mike Vernon whose credits (dating back to the 1960s) read like a who's who of blues/rock music - Peter Green and Eric Clapton to name just two. This is our first listen, but it will not be our last.

"Run For Love" by Tim Carroll

Next up, a track from Tim Carroll's album All Kinds of Pain - from several years ago. The other night, I was sitting up front for the beginning of Tim Carroll's weekly Rock and Roll Happy Hour and just watching him play guitar.  Understand that I am not a guitar player, but even so, it was amazing to hear the sounds he produces with no effect pedals, and he makes it look almost effortless. I found a live video of this long recording at The 5  Spot several years ago.   

"Waiting" by Adeem the Artist

Next, another off the album, Kyle Adem is Dead. Adeem the Artist - almost overnight - became one of my favorite songwriters/performers.  He will be back in Nashville in October for another show at Two Old Hippies.  I caught him last time he was here, and it was outstanding.  More details later. 

"Jukebox Jump" by Si Cranstoun

I just recently received Old School, the latest album by this British artist. This is brand new, retro sounding rock and roll music. And, it is great. Again, my first listen - more to come. Be prepared to move your feet. 

"Soulfully" by Will Kimbrough

I hope to see Will Kimbrough tomorrow night at The Basement East for a star-studded benefit for the Louisiana flood victims. This is a song from Kimbrough's Sideshow Love album. 

"Italy Launches Into Space" by Discount Ravioli

Any day with two Dord Music Group bands in the shuffle is a good day.. From the concept album, Captain Fettuccine and the Quest for the Champ on Earth II.  A long about Italy launching into space. 

"Life of a Poor Boy" by Norma Jean

And we close the shuffle with a song by country music singer, Norma Jean with a track from her 1972 album, I Guess That Comes From Being Poor. 


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