Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Gin and Tonic Mix

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Well! Made it to the mid-point of the week.  Being off Monday has thrown everything off for me...

Last night, I had a great night at The High Watt.  Seeing Todd Farrell perform for the first time in I don't know how long - it was great to be reminded of what an incredible songwriter he is. Heard some old favorites plus some songs which will be on the next Benchmarks album whenever that comes out. Saw Arliss Nancy from Denver for the first time last night. Really dug their music and energy.  Then, I got to catch the first part of Bill Eberle's set - same band as I saw at the Basement a few weeks back. Still awesome.

Then, I had to dart across the river to catch the last part of the Family Wash set of Sean Quinn and the Tremblers (featuring Jon Latham on guitar).  Man these guys sounded so good. Kind of a power poppy vibe - think Big Star/ Beatles and and... Great songs - can't wait for the album!

Well - we have a pretty wild shuffle for a Wednesday.  Note - I could not find several of the actual songs for the video playlist, but I made some strategic substitutions. Enjoy.

"Ellipitar" by Flavored Cardboard

It's been a while since a Flavored Cardboard song showed up in the shuffle. Flavored Cardboard are part of the Dord Music Group, and the band features Luke who is now a member of The Foresters (he played keyboard and accordion at the E2TG Anniversary Show).  I really dig their music. In the video playlist - Flavored Cardboard's cover of a They Might Be Giants song from Apollo 18. 

"You Got Me" by Tim Carroll

Next up, a kind of rare Tim Carroll song from his 2008 album All Kinds of Pain. I don't know if I have ever heard this song live in all the times I have seen Tim Carroll play.  The video playlist features another song from that album which I know I have heard him play. 

"The Home" by The Gypsy West

Next up, another track from Modern Atlas from long time E2TG favorite The Gypsy West. I invited Alex from The Gypsy West out to Tim Carroll Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour when he was in Nashville last year. The Gypsy West are currently based in Boston. 

"Tiny Clouds" by All Those Ships

One of the quickest turn-arounds ever from inbox to shuffle (a matter of hours). All Those Ships is a lo-fi singer-songwriter from New Hampshire. The album, Meteorology for Runners is due out on September 16, but it can be pre-ordered (and one song streamed) HERE.  Bonus points for actually checking out the blog before submitting music and super-bonus points for referencing Batkhi Dahn in the e-mail. :-)

"When I'm Free" by Dirty Basement Blues

Next more awesome blues rock music from Michigan - from the album Coming Clean.  Check it out!

"Too Much of a Good Thing" by Walk the West

Being at The High Watt last night reminded me that I have been seeing shows in that building for almost 30 years. I got to thinking about some of my favorite musical moments in the Cannery complex, and a particularly sweaty all-ages show by Walk the West came to mind.  Lo and behold, this song appeared in the shuffle today - a live cut/bonus track from the self-titled Walk the West album.  RIP Paul Kirby.  

"Everywhere With Helicopter" by Guided by Voices

Long running Dayton, Ohio band Guided by Voices with a track from their 2002 album Universal Truths and Cycles. Nashville's Bobby Bare Jr. is currently playing guitar for GBV. 

"Wiggly" by Discount Ravioli

Another Dord Music Group band in the shuffle today. Discount Ravioli from their first album Robin Schultz and the 21 Prayers. This track features the previously referenced Luke - plus Hayden and Evan of The Foresters. (No Discount Ravioli on You Tube - so enjoy a bonus live Foresters performance).

"yr bud world" by Valued Customer

E2TG favorites Valued Customer with another track from their extraordinary new album hugecup!  Open you mind, open your ears.  Dig these mystical sounds...  

"Sending Strange Weather" by Brock Zeman

Look, Brock Zeman is from Canada, and I'm no meteorologist, but I am pretty sure Canada is where weather comes from - so this is not an idle threat.  From the album Rotten Tooth. If you ever get the chance to see Zeman and his musical partner Blair Hogan live - do not miss it.  

"Pans-Pins Intro" by Batkhi Dahn

And how about a three second Batkhi Dahn track to complete our Dord Music Group triumvirate.  I'd write a bunch about this track, but it went by way too fast. 


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