Monday, December 19, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Five Minutes Mix

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I had a moment of panic last night when I realized that I only have 7 or 8 more shuffles to post in 2016. (I haven't decided if I am working Wednesday of next week so...).  I have handed 32 "Earie" Awards so far in 2017, but there are a bunch of awards still to go...   I am going to start with four more:

1.  "The Dirty Rice" Award (year 2).  Last year, I handed out this award (dedicated to the State of Louisiana where my roots are deep) to D.L. Duncan and Kevin Gordon.  The award this year goes to two more gentlemen whose music I have come to know this past year.  1st: Brian Langlinais.  Brian has been in Nashville almost as long as I have, but his Louisiana roots are strong. His latest album Right Hand Road was at least partially recorded in Lafayette, Louisiana and produced by D.L. Duncan himself.  The album includes many Nashville and Louisiana musicians. 2nd:  Chris Watts. Watts is a native of Pineville, Louisiana and makes Nashville his home now. His album, The God's Own Truth was released earlier this year.

2.  The "This will Make Me Look Really Smart Next Year" award goes to Rayvon Pettis. 2014 E2TG Artist of the Year has been telling me about Rayvon Pettis for months and months, but it wasn't until very recently that I finally got to see him live, and I'm a believer. I am not alone. Word is that an album is on the way in 2017. I expect by this time next year a whole lot more people will be buzzing about this guy.

3.  The "Please, Please, Please, Please..." award goes to the one and only Buck 'N' Stuff.  If 2015 Artist of the Year, Jon Latham and I have our way (and why shouldn't we have our way), 2017 will be the Year of Buck 'n' Stuff.  Buck 'n' Stuff are simply put the most exciting musical idea to emerge in the last decade (or maybe ever).  On the surface, they are a Buck Owens tribute band - which is pretty cool on it's own. But, I don't normally hand out "Earies" to tribute bands not matter how good they are.  But, when it comes to Buck 'n' Stuff, "Normal" is not even a real word. I can't explain their awesomeness right now... go look up some videos on You Tube.  They will be playing NYE at The 5 Spot - kicking off the Year of Buck 'n' Stuff.

4.  The "Cheese Chronicler" award goes to Tommy Womack.  Womack was a member of the legendary Government Cheese (and he chronicled their adventures and misadventures in Cheese Chronicles: the True Story of a Rock Band You've Never Heard Of.  Since moving to Nashville, he has been/is a member of The Bisquits and Daddy. He's played with Todd Snider and released several well received solo albums including Namaste which came out in 2016.  He is a fellow DJ on WXNA, and I am happy to have been able to see him perform several times in 2016, and I even got to dance with my daughter to one of his best known songs, "Nice Day".

Now on to the Music City Monday shuffle:

"New Way of Living" (Live at Eastside Manor) by David Ramirez

Going back a little ways, we have the last song from the 5 song collection of acoustic verssions of songs from Ramirez's album Fables.  These versions were recorded in East Nashville at Eastside Manor. 

"Five Minutes" by Gretchen Peters

Our final listen to Hello Cruel World by the incredible Gretchen Peters is up next. This song is one of my favorites from that album. 

"There's Blood in the Mud" by Reckless Johnny Wales

Two time "Earie"award winner, Reckless Johnny is up next. As I have said, his new album is due out early in 2017, but today, we step back to his most recently released album, American Heart - this is our final listen to that album. 

"Can't Stand to See Your Face" by The Buddies

EARIE ALERT:  "The Most Raucous Show" award for 2016 goes to The Buddies.  As far as I know, this was their only show of 2016.  It was a couple of months ago at the Radio Cafe with Greg Garing opening and The World's Greatest Eagle Scouts closing.  The Buddies play punk-influenced rock and roll music with a healthy appreciation for The Pogues. The show featured objects being thrown, a table and chairs being set up and used on the stage, and the bar being rolled up to the front of the stage. There was moshing and general anarchy, and it was totally awesome. Plus, I picked up some CDs by The Buddies which I have been able to feature ever since. This song is from the album Country Record. 

"What'll We Do 'Til Then" by Tim Carroll

"Earie" award winner with one of my favorite songs (among many). From his album All Kinds of Pain. The video featured was shot last year at Fran's Eastside by fellow "Earie" winner Paul Zografi.  

"No Surprise" by Joanna Barbera

Another "Earie" winner - Joanna Barbera with the opening track and single from her album, Imago.  I just erased a bad "It's No Surprise" joke. Seriously, though, check out this album!

"Want" by Bang Ok Bang

Nashville rock band Bang Ok Bang from their album, Live at East Nashville Underground which came out a couple of years ago. Ben Lowry of the band released a solo album Somnium this year which was a favorite of mine. 

"Love Song" by Tom House

And we close things out with one of Nashville's best and most unique songwriters, Tom House with a track from his album, Winding Down the Road which was produced by Brock Zeman. 


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