Monday, December 12, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Put it Back Mix

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It's Monday again... less than two weeks until Christmas, and less than three weeks left in 2016.

This weekend, the 11th Annual Get Behind the Mule - Tom Waits Tribute and Benefit was Saturday at The 5 Spot.  Great music, great time. I even got to emcee some. Lots of highlights.  Julie Christensen and company, Furious Primates, The Coal Men (who joined forces with Carpetbaggers 615, Tommy Womack, David Olney, Sarah Potenza, and so many more.

Sunday night:  Don Gallardo opened for SHEL. As you may know, Don Gallardo is one of my favorite Nashville artists, and he had a killed band with him.  SHEL - who I seem to see about once a year - brought stellar musicianship and a great stage presence for a really fun set of music.

Let's jump into the Music City Monday shuffle. Still having some technical issues with my bluetooth on my phone, but I powered through as best I could...  A few double shots.

"One More Glass of Wine"  + "Put It Back" by Eight O' Five Jive

EARIE ALERT:  Nashville's premier jump blues band, Eight O'Five Jive won an Earie last year for their album Too Many Men.  The follow up effort, The Swing Set is not due out until the end of January, but I got my grubby little hands on it in time to preemptively give them an "Earie" for 2016.  "The Set to Swing" Award - 'cause they are all set to make 2017 a swinging new year. The shuffle brought up not one but two tracks from the new album. A rocking good way to start the day.  

"Emotion" + "Once in a While" by Paul Zografi

EARIE ALERT: The "Howdy Neighbor" Award.  When I got Paul Zografi's new album in the mail, I figured out that he lived in my old neighborhood and that we had been neighbors for almost a decade without knowing it.  The new album is called Rack, and once again, the shuffle brought up two in a row. The album was recorded at the Bomb Shelter - with some familiar names to E2TG readers contributing (Luella, Tim Carroll, and Justin Amaral to name just three). Great to have some new music from Paul Zografi.

"Betti Jo" by Reckless Johnny Wales

Man the shuffle sure has been loving the new Reckless Johnny Wales album - 5 Star Meat and Three. It's not out until next month, but when you can get it, I highly recommend it. The album was recorded down at the Sound Shelter with a bunch of familiar names  (Brett Stewart, Chris Tench, Julie Christensen etc.) Reckless Johnny has already won an Earie in 2016.

"Stones River"  by The Coal Men

Earie Award winners, The Coal Men are back in the shuffle with a lovely song from their latest album, Pushed to the Side.  As I mentioned, they killed it at the Tom Waits show Saturday - teaming with Carpetbaggers 615 for a band, I dubbed, The Coalpetbaggers 615.  Be sure to check out the gorgeous video for this song in the video playlist below. 

"The Things We Don't Know" by Crackerboots

Another Earie winner.  Crackerboots from their Love, Crackerboots album. Luella and Bill Demain and the great musicians who accompany them - make some really wonderful - jazz-flavored music that always calms me down. 
"Stranger in This Town" by Indigenous Engines

"Flicker Out and Fade" by Andrew Adkins

EARIE ALERT:   Andrew Adkins was a 2015 Earie winner. This year, he wins the "By Any Other Name" Award.  Since I have been following his work, he has recorded under several different band/project names.  As Indigenous Engines - he released a pair of EPs (Witches and Werewolves).  I think "Stranger in This Town" is from Witches (if I'm not mistaken.  Earlier this year, Adkins released Glass Castles under his own name. It has been a favorite of mine this year.  Adkins has had much success getting songs placed in movies and television shows. He had a song included in the trailer for the Tower Records documentary released earlier this year. "Flicker and Fade" is from Glass Castles. 


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