Monday, January 9, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Lusty Lad Mix

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 Getting settled into this new year...  

Saturday night: Got to see some "Earie"award winners perform:  First Josh Morris at The Country, then Renee Wahl and The Sworn Secrets at The Family Wash and finally Tommy Womack, also at The Family Wash.

Well, it's my first full work week of the new year, and thus our first Music City Monday in a about three weeks.  Let's do it!

"Our Love is Slipping Away" by Brian Langlinais

We start off this week with another track from Right Hand Road by "Earie" award winner, Brian Langlinais.  If the 5 Spot calendar is correct, Brian will be playing the early show every Wednesday in February.  If that is correct, I highly recommend you make your plans. 

"Morning Cigarettes" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

E2TG Artist of the Year, Brian Wright, is up next with a song from his album Bluebird with his old band, The Waco Tragedies. 

"Tornado" by Julie Christensen

Next, we have Julie Christensen (who also won an "Earie" last year with a track from her album, Soul Driver which predates her move to East Nashville. Her trademark voice and great songwriting are present here.  

"Home, James" by The Buddies

How about another "Earie" winner... The Buddies with a track from their self-titled album.  For logistical reasons, The Buddies do not play together very often, but I highly recommend being in attendance when they do play.  In the meantime, The Smoking Flowers (who are part of The Buddies) are expected to release some new music in 2017.  And the whole Collins Family have a on-going, floating monthly residency at The 5 Spot. 

"I Got Rhythm" by Willie Nelson

How about Willie Nelson with his version of the Gershwin's classic.

"Talk Like a Pirate" by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers

I ran into Earie Award winner Tom Mason over the weekend, and lo and behold, the shuffle brings up one of his signature tunes about one of my favorite days of the... but seriously, when is it not a good time to talk like a pirate?  All, ye lusty lads and lasses... "Aargh!"

"Strange and Unusual" by The Colored Parade

Next we have a track from Andrew Adkins (yet another "Earie" winner) with a track from his old band, The Colored Parade.

"To Whom it May Concern" by Brian Milligram

Brian Milligram is another "Earie" winner with a song from his album, "Dead Letters".  Dig this song!

"Mrs. Rosenthal" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

And we close things out today with another track from Bluebird, and one of my favorite Brian Wright songs. "I think I'll go and see her right now." 


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