Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - You'll Dance to Anything Mix

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Damn, I'm running short on time, but a couple of quick shout-outs.  First to Mark Huff for a fantastic set to celebrate the release of his new album Stars For Eyes at The 5 Spot.  Some of my favorite people played with him - Dave Coleman on guitar and Lisa Oliver Gray and Julie Chirstensen on back ground vocals. 

Ben de la Cour has a great CD release show after that at The Basement.  Chris Moyse opened with his great songs, Becky Warren rocked the house, and Ben de la Cour sounded fantastic as always with a pretty rare full-band set.  The most special moment was at the end of the set when his band left the stage and Ben sang "Uncle Boudreaux Went To Texas". The first time through a couple of people sang along with the chorus, the next a few more, and then it seemed like the whole audience was singing along.

So- it's Thursday - time for Trending Tuesday.  A quick technical note - I discovered some problems with a new music playlist.  There are some older songs included in that playlist. Not sure what happened. The last time I had to recreate playlist I must have added a few extra tracks. No worries, I think it''s fixed now, plus even though a couple of these songs are not "NEW" they are still songs and they are still good. Let's shuffle:

"Warmer in Dublin" by Tim Korry

I really am not sure how this track got into the new music playlist, but I'm actually glad it did. I think it's one that may have slipped through the cracks which is unfortunate because it is a really fun song.  Tim Korry is from Ireland. When he sent me this song (in 2015) he described his music as being like if Jimmy Buffet, Steve Earle, and Alan Jackson walked into an Irish pub. I definitely hear the Jimmy Buffet in this track. 

"Modern Day Privateers (Rodney Anonymous Remix) by And We All Die

One of the more recent releases that I have been sent is by San Antonio, Texas based post-punk industrial rockers And We All Die. This release features 13 remixes of their song Modern Day Privateers by some big names.  Our first listen is a remix by Rodney Anonymous - best known as a member of the punk band Dead Milkmen. Pretty cool stuff. 

"Skins" by Raven King

Next up - a track from alt-rock, grunge band Raven King of Providence, RI from their self-titled album. 

"Fiddle Song" by Trent Agecoutay

I have really been digging into and digging Now...and Then by Canadian/First Nations singer-songwriter Trent Agecoutay. His songs have a warmth and gentle humor to them that I really connect with. 

"Corporate Hell" by Paul Maged

A timely song for driving to work... New York (by way of Boston) alternative rock singer-songwriter Paul Maged with a track from his recently released The Glass River album. Cool stuff. 

"Partisanen" by Jon Magnusson

Maybe my "New Music" playlist just decided to randomly pull tracks from 2015? I don't know, but this is the second of the older tracks that made it into the new music playlist.  It is our long time friend Jon Magnusson with a cover of a song of the French Resistance made popular by Leonard Cohen.  It does make a good opportunity to remind you that Magnusson has a new release out called Always a Rebel - and we have a lyric video for the title track to that album in the video playlist. 

"A Place in Your Heart" by Bob Rea

Next, we have a track from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Bob Rea's forthcoming (April 20) release Southbound.  The album features some local favorite musicians like Michael Webb and Aaron Shaffer-Hais.  Bob Rea is originally from Colorado and still divides his time between that state and Tennessee. 

"Envy" by Joyann Parker

Next, we have a first listen to Hard to Love by Minneapolis-based blues singer Joyann Parker. I am just digging into this album, but I am loving it so far.  More to come!

"Punch Drunk" by Flesh Eating Foundation

We close things out with some heavy industrial music from the UK.  This is a track from the album We Are Fucked.  We already featured the censored version of the title track - called "We Are Censored". This is pretty awesome stuff. 

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