Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Please RSVP Mix

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Marching on into the week. The news of the world continues to depress and terrify me. I continue to take comfort in good music and knowing there are good people in this world.

Speaking of good music, I am inching closer to beginning to reveal the bands/artists who will be playing the E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency (Thursdays in June at The 5 Spot). I will tell you that we will have a current E2TG Artist of the Year and a past E2TG Band of the Year. Plus lots of surprises. Stay tuned!  Once the lineup is revealed, I will not shut up about it.

It is Tuesday, and that is the day, we dig into our "New Music" playlist and shuffle it up to see what comes to the surface that we will say is "Trending" on E2TG.

Let's shuffle:

"in the code" by We Are Parasols

We start out with an industrialgaze band based mostly in Portland, Oregon (and also Atlanta, Georgia) with a track from their most recent album Inertia. This is a short instrumental track.
"Jesus Jail or Texas" by James Scott Bullard
"Back to You" by James Scott Bullard

On Tuesdays, we do "Twofer Tuesdays" (whenever the shuffle happens to bring up two songs in a row by the same artist - like today). I could not be more excited about this twofer.  James Scott Bullard will be releasing his sixth studio album (and 9th release overall) Full Tilt Boogie on April 27 with a CD Release Show at Dee's in Madison as part of the Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown Pre-Party. Boo Ray, Allen Thompson (and more) are also on the bill for that night.  "Jesus Jail or Texas" is a fiery and fun song, and "Back to You" is just some fine music. Bullard indicates that he is "too rock for country" and "too country for rock n roll", but he sounds just about right to me.   

"I Know What I'm Doing" by UniversalDice

Next up, we have another track from the rock opera/album - Birth, Love, Hate, Death. This song captures the words and thoughts of an addict perfectly. UniversalDice is a rock band from Long Island, NY - led by Gerry Dantone.  
"Invitation to the Blues" by Buck N Stuff

"E2TG will always be the first major music outlet to talk about #bucknstuff." - Adam Kurtz (who has something to do with Buck N Stuff).   When I first saw Buck N Stuff, all I knew was that I was seeing something special. It was funny and rocking and just damn good. Simply put, Buck N Stuff are the Buck Owens tribute band we didn't know we needed. Many saviors are that way. Buck N Stuff are saviors of country music. They* like to humbly say that they are "just a country band", but I disagree.  *Actually, the singer/guitarist (is that Adam?) is the only one who really talks on stage. I don't think we allows the bass guy and the drummer guy to talk. Whatever. This is a song from their forthcoming album (April 13) Saviors of Country Music - Live at The American Legion Post 82. They will celebrate the night before (April 12) with a release show at Nashville's American Legion Post 82.  "Invitation to the Blues" is a song written by Roger Miller for Ray Price, and it was later covered by Buck Owens.   

"Waiting" (Radio Edit) by Eraldo Bernocchi and Chihei Hatakeyama

Shifting gears, rapidly... we have the "radio edit" for the lead track from Solitary Universe by Italian composer, producer, and guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi and Japanese sound artist and ambient guitar player Chihei Hatakeyama.  The two create a lush soundscape.  "Radio Edit" in this case refers to the length of the trakc (around 4 minutes down from over six).  Listen to the full track below:

"Winter On the Road" by Bill Bloomer

We close things out with a first listen to Jubilee the brand new album from singer-songwriter Bill Bloomer. The album was just released last Friday. Bloomer has a colorful story - born in Illinois, spent time in Texas, started his music career in Portland, Oregon, spent time (and still does) in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, and is currently based in France.  He recorded this album in Joshua Tree, California and in Austin, Texas. I am happy to add this album and this artist to the E2TG family. 

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