Monday, April 2, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - There I Said It Mix

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It's April!  I'm back after a long weekend. Friday I attended Finally Friday at The Nashville Palace hosted by Whit Hubner and broadcast on a local radio station that is not the one where I have a show. A great line-up that included: The Dunwells (who I last saw at a Live on the Green during Americana Week - several years ago), Fats Kaplin and Kristi Rose (who are always awesome), King Corduroy, and Great Peacock.  Saturday, I checked out Kevin Gordon and Stuffy Shmitt at The 5 Spot and then The Josephines (from Bowling Green), Supersuckers, and Drivin N Cryin at The Basement East.  Little Joe is playing guitar with Drivin N Cryin.  Warner Hodges joined both Supersuckers and Drivin N Cryin on several songs. It was raucous and loud and fun as hell.

It's Monday - time to delve into our Music City Monday playlist (which can be found on Spotify). Today's shuffle spans decades and all manner of music from Nashville artists and bands...

"Homecoming Show" by Chris Watts
First up, is one of my favorite local singer-songwriters from his 2016 album The God's Own Truth.  When Watts plays a Homecoming Show it is in Pineville, Louisiana.  A great song about returning home.   
"See About You" by Joe Nolan

A got to hang a bit with Mighty Joe Nolan a week ago. Besides being a talented singer-songwriter, he is a journalist, podcaster, and all-around great guy.  I call him a Renaissance man because he cast his creative net wide and always delivers. He is also active in the local art community. His Pikes Project has been vital in documenting the ever-changing landscape of Nashville. This is from his album Black Turns Blue. 

"Lonely Boy" (Live) by Walk the West

Walk the West have become a favorite of this new Music City Monday shuffle. They were one of the great Nashville rock bands of the 1980s. This is a live bonus track from the reissue of their self-titled major label debut. 

"Three Chords and the Truth" (Live) by The Bunnies

Another 80's rock band is next.  This song is dedicated to many of the great bands from that era. This song is from the album Return to Elliston Square Live at Exit/In 2008 album. This was a release show for the Return to Elliston Square compilation which features music from many of the great 1980s Nashville bands.  The Bunnies were one of the early punk rock bands in Nashville. Featuring Donna Frost who continues to make music here in town. 

"I'm Never Gonna Be a Rock Star" by Tommy Womack

To my way of thinking, Tommy Womack IS a rock star, but I also get where he is coming from. This is a track from his 2007 album There I Said It.  That album also includes a couple of his best known songs, "Alpha Male and the Canine Mystery Blood" and "Nice Day". 

"Little Easy" by Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough

Tommy Womack's frequent and long-time partner in crime, Will Kimbrough is next with a track from his duet album with singer-songwriter Brigitte DeMeyer. This is a lovely song from their 2017 album Mockingbird Soul. 

"The Heart of Love" by Joe, Marc's Brother

Every so often, The 5 Spot paints over the graffiti in the men's room (I can't speak for the other restroom). They always leave just one bit of writing (it's been there for a long as I have been going to The 5 Spot). It is in honor of Joe, Marc's Brother.  Joe is Joe Pisapia (a New York transplant who just recently released an album under his own name.). Marc is Joe's brother Marc Pisapia - who has played with Joe for years including in Joe, Marc's Brother.  This is a track from the 1996 album The Debut of Joe, Marc's Brother. 

"Angeline" by Chris Moyse

Another favorite among the current crop of great songwriters making music locally... Chris Moyse. Moyse is originally from Connecticut. This is a song from his 2017 EP Bad Parts. 

"Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts)" (Live) by BR549
We close things out with a track from Live at the Astrodome by the great BR-549 who are currently on hiatus. This song shares a theme with Tim Carroll's "Punk Rock Honky Tonk Girl", and both songs remind me of someone I saw at a show back in the 1980s.  It was actually a benefit for Elliston Square (the same club referenced in the Return to Elliston Square albums) held at The Cannery. The night featured several local rock bands and the opening performer was the great Marty Stuart who was playing bluegrass flavored music with a band that included Doug Dillard. I have a vivid recollection of a girl in a punk rock outfit who was dancing enthusiastically to Marty Stuart.  

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