Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Letters and Trains Mix

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Well, I'm back after a long weekend. I am actually working from home today so my shuffle was not during my commute as usual but I did have a shuffle and it was a good one.

We missed Music City Monday, but we do have a few Nashville artists in the shuffle:

"You're the Kind" by Andrea Stray

We start things off with our final track to feature from Andrea Stray's Into Blue release. Stray is a singer-songwriter who divides her time between San Francisco and right here in Nashville. I'm happy I got the chance to hear and write about this, and I look forward to hearing more from Andrea Stray.

"Trains Go By" by Don Gallardo

Next, we have the first of two tracks from Don Gallardo's awesome new album, Still Here. As we have mentioned, on his latest album, Gallardo - one of my favorite songwriters and artists has teamed up with other great songwriters and singers. This - the final track on the album - was co-written by the always amazing Tim Easton. 

"Burning Letters" by Mark Huff

Another local favorite who recently released an album (Mark Huff divides time between Nashville and Las Vegas). His latest album is called Stars for Eyes. So much great music is being made, and I am happy when I get music to feature from great local artists who happen to also be friends. 

"Ode to the Mews" by Claudio Conti

One of the two non-Nashville artists in this shuffle - this is our first of two tracks from Italian singer-songwriter Claudio Conti - who most recently has been based in the US. His current release is called Garnet Dusk. It is a lovely record and one I am happy to get to write about.

"Long Gone" by Speedbuggy USA

One of the most fun releases of the year is Speedbuggy USA which isn't due out until July 6 - a perfect summer album of high energy country/rock - the band embraces the term cowpunk - but it is clear that their country roots run as deep as their punk sensibilities. 

"I Never Saw Her Again" by Claudio Conti

Our second track from Garnet Dusk. Nick Drake is a name that comes up in discussing Conti's sound and sensibility. I have been on a bit of a Nick Drake binge, and I can hear the influence in this original and lovely music. 

"Desperate Hosea" by Rayvon Pettis

In just over one week, Rayvon Pettis will be taking the stage at The 5 Spot for the first night of my E2TG 7th Anniversary residency. Pettis was my 2017 Artist of the Year, and his album Dying Light - which released late in 2017 is a remarkable achievement. The album was recorded at Cafe Rooster Studios and produced by Matt Haeck.  You do not want to miss his June 7 appearance - where he will be backed by his incredible band, The Big Dumb - who will also play a set of their own.  Clark Paterson opens. 

"Kicking Up the Pavement" by Don Gallardo

We close things out with our second listen from Still Here. One of my favorite songs on the album - co-written by long-time Nashville songwriter Mando Saenz.  A great way to end this first shuffle of this kind of unusual week at E2TG. 


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