Friday, January 13, 2012

Band of the Week - Year 2 Week 6 (or something) - Makar

Makar, I'm told, is a 15th Century Scottish term for poet. Makar is also this really killer duo from New York City.  We already recommended them based on a couple of tracks I heard from their 2005 debut 99 Cent Dreams.  Now, I've had the chance to hear their long awaited follow up Funeral Genius, and it's time to start shouting from the roof tops.  Actually, I just like shouting from rooftops, but Makar is worth shouting about.

Makar | Funeral Genius | CD Baby

Makar is husband and wife Mark Purnell and Andrea DeAngelis.  They play piano and acoustic guitar driven alt-rock.  It's intelligent, catchy and unique.  In short it's everything, got me into this type of music in the first place.  The bands list of influences reads like a playlist off my MP3 player, and includes Nick Drake - so bonus points there.

Here's a video of a live performance of  the title track from the one:

If you remember from the Ear to the Ground recommends post (and I know you remember everything I write), this is the band that does my anthem of late - Hate My Job.  Go check out that video.

Here's how to hook up with the band:

Facebook  Twitter Website

I'll leave with another track from Funeral Genius:

I Wanna Know What I Don't Know by MakarMusic

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