Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Stumps Mix

A great Monday night at The Basement with Sadler Vaden opening for American Aquarium.

Sadler Vaden has a great gig - playing guitar for Jason Isbell, and he makes some pretty awesome music on his own, too.  Opening for American Aquarium at The Basement in Nashville, Vaden was backed by a fellow Isbell bandmate on keyboards, Steelism's drummer, and the bass player for Sheryl Crow, and they heated up a cold, dreary Monday night.

Headliners, American Aquarium were the artist with most tour dates in 2014 according to Bandsintown app.  I understand they are expected to play even more dates in 2015.  They have a new album, Wolves, due out in February, and they treated a sold out Nashville crowd with a healthy dose of their signature high energy Alt-Country/Rock and sad songs.  If this ends up being the last live music I see in 2014, it was a heck of a way to end the year!

This year seems to be winding down.  It has been a year of changes and challenges and growth of the kind I thought I was incapable of experiencing let alone surviving.  I have good feelings about 2015, and I hope you will join me for what is sure to be an interesting year.  There are tons of new albums on the immediate horizon and as always new and old music to be discovered/rediscovered. This is the last proper shuffle of 2014, but I think maybe the year isn't over yet.  There may be a surprise shuffle and maybe even a "Band of the Year" post coming up.  Peace!

"5ive Gears in Reverse" by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

When Elvis says, Get Happy!...

"Trope" by Charles Rosen

Pianist Charles Rosen takes on French composer Pierre Boulez in pretty nifty example of 20th Century "classical" music.  Trope is from Boulez's 3rd Piano Sonata which was first performed in 1958.  Charles Rosen died in 2012 at the age of 85.  Besides his career as a pianist, Rosen was also known for his writings on music.  And with that I've reached the limits of my time to look up stuff on Wikipedia.  I may not know much about this type of music, but I know I like it.

"Ain't That Tough" by Soul Asylum
"Lone Rider" by Soul Asylum

A couple more from the Soul Asylum album Made to be Broken. Made me remember one of the best shows I ever saw.  Soul Asylum, fIREHOSE, and Nashville band Clockhammer at 328 in the early 90s (probably 1991). Good times...

"Brownsville Girl" by Bob Dylan

Only seven songs in the shuffle today, and here is the main reason for that... from Dylan's 1986 album Knocked Out Loaded.  "Brownsville Girl" clocks in at 11+ minutes, and was co-written by playwright Sam Shepard.  What a great 11 minutes of music. 

"Killer Angel" by J.R. Wyatt

Another cool song from The Empty Room Sessions... kind of a nice follow up to the Dylan song and for good measure, since I couldn't find the video for this song, I included a video of Wyatt doing a Dylan cover.

"Torsos of Murdered People" by Neighborhood Texture Jam

I honestly can't remember what lead me to pick the CD of Funeral Mountain when I found it in a used CD store in the early 90s. I'm not sure if I had read about them or if the cover intrigued me, or if I made the purchase based upon the song titles. The latter reason is a bit disturbing but entirely possible... I was young what can I say.  Neighborhood Texture Jam were abrasive, offensive, and pretty darn brilliant.  Definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you can deal with subject matter... I'm not sure what it says about me... don't answer that! But, I loved this album at first listen and 20 some years later, I still dig it just fine.  It isn't punk per se or metal exactly... the album has some pretty catchy tunes that just happen to be about some pretty subversive topics.  (I couldn't find a video for this song, and I haven't heard the song that I included).


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